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Have a Happy Halloween!  I can’t wait to peruse the bloggy blogs to see all the Halloween-inspired weddings that come of tonight! 

For now, here’s my favorite Halloween-themed inspiration board. 



This is definitely not a Trick, but a TREAT!  If you reserve Shutterbooth for your wedding by Nov. 1, you’ll get $200 off your rental. 

Hurry!  Hurry!   The deal expires Nov. 1, 2009!


Are you having a Detroit wedding and want to show off the Detroit local flavor?  How cool would it be to have a Saunders Ice Cream cart or station at your Detroit Wedding?   Hot fudge, carmel sauce and cream puffs to boot!  Take a look at these Saunders dessert toppers..

You could go a couple different routes! 

1. Have a Saunders icecream station or cart with an attendant wearing a bowtie and a classic wedge cap!  Or, if you’re going for a more formal feel, ditch the cap and go with a bowtie!

2. A DIY Saunders ice cream buffet with all kinds of ice cream love. 

3.  We’ve heard of passed appetizers… but what about passed ice cream? 

Ah, the possibilites!  

DYI Ice Cream BuffetDIY_ice-cream_parlour_buffet_bigSource

Or look at this novel idea!

A Detroit favorite is making a comeback.  And, it plans to go national. I say, it’s about time.  Chances are if you grew-up in Michigan, you know the name Saunders.  And hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to have a Saunders Hot Fudge Sundae or Cream Puff.  I know I’ve had my share.   

Simpy put, the Saunders candy brand is to Detroit as Godiva is to Belgium or Hershey is to Pennsylvania.  

Saunders Hot fudge Sundae

Detroit Icon Born
Fred Saunders opened up his candy store on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit in June 1875.  Not only did Saunders sell candy, but his store featured hot fudge toppings, ice cream, baked goods and fountain counters.  Legend has it that in 1876, Saunders was the first to serve ice cream soda.

As you can imagine, his store quickly became a Detroit dessert icon!    Over the years, the company expanded its business and opened more than 57 stores throughout Metro Detroit.  He became the leading purveyor of candies in the Detroit area and began selling directly to national supermarket chains.

A Dying Brand
Unfortunately in the late 1970s the brand took a hit and over the next 30 years its stores and toppings became increasingly more difficult to find.  (I still remember when they closed my favorite Saunders ice cream parlor in the late 1990s.  We’d rollerblade miles to get there.)  It had gone through a series of owners and at one point had gone bankrupt.  

Its Resurgence
But, in 2002 Morley Candy company purchased the iconic Saunders brand and began to breathe some life back into it.  In 2007, Morley opened Sanders retail outlets in Livonia, Birmingham, Grosse Pointe,  Wyandotte and in the Palace of Auburn Hills.  It now plans to take the Saunders to the national retail market

Thanks Morley.  And, welcome back Saunders.

Find a parlor near you.

You never know what people do when the black curtain is closed.  Here’s just a few of my Shutterbooth favorites.


The Fillmore marquis daylightIf the name doesn’t ring a bell, then you haven’t been down Woodward Avenue lately.  To us native Detroiters, the Fillmore is better known as the State Theater.  Its 2007 name change was due to concert-giant Live Nation’s expansion of its Fillmore brand name.  According to this article the newly branded Fillmore’s will feature signature “dark, sophisticated” red paint, distinctive chandeliers, and vintage Fillmore and Fillmore East posters throughout. 

Talk about a beautiful Detroit venue.  Even before the paint and the chandeliers, its Renaissance Revival style of architecture with its high ceilings and ornate details gave this venue a rich, almost gothic feel.  Now, with its vintage additions and movie house roots, the Fillmore is the perfect Detroit location for an Old Hollywood Glam or vintage-style wedding.        

Now to the nitty gritty details…

Fillmore Detroit stageVenue Overview:
Located next to the Fox Theater and across from Comerica Park, the Fillmore has a prime Detroit location right on Woodward Avenue.  Built in 1925, the venue was originally constructed as a movie house back in the day when Detroit population was thriving and movies were gaining popularity.   The Fillmore, which is 12 stories tall,  has a  theatre with a n impressive grand lobby and two levels of seating.  The lower level seating can is removed for dancing during concerts and other social events.  (I spent many years dancing in that space back when it was Club X. )

Because The Fillmore is a concert-centric venue, they primarily book weddings and other events in June, July, August and September because they generally have concerts every weekend in Fall and Winter. 

They can comfortably accomodate a 380-person sit-down dinner with a dance floor.  

And, If you’re interested, you can also have your ceremony onsite at the Fillmore – and you’d have your pick of a couple different locations, like the lobby or a balcony on the second floor,  They can accomodate about 100.

fillmore detroit chandelierFood and Bar 
They have an outside cater for food, so you would have to work with them separately to discuss menu and pricing. 

Bar – They offer three different 5-hour packages.  Beer and wine = $15pp.  Full open bar with well and some call = $20pp.  Premium bar = $25pp.

What is included
Staff, parking, tables and chairs, floor length linens (your choice of 50 colors), custom lighting*

They offer an upgrade in linens and chairs.  You can upgrade to chivari chairs with your choice of gold or mahagony with either a white, black or ivory pad for $4 per chair.

* The Fillmore staff sits down with each couple and a technical manager to to chose the color of lighting thoughout the venue.  (They can customize the lighting of the chandeliers.)

Reception (includes ceremony if you choose) – $6000 room charge (This does not include any catering costs)

Ceremony only charge –  $5500.  Rehearsal dinner is included.  Price is negotiable, but because they have a 4-hour work minimum in place for their staff, it’s difficult to negotiate.  You could always have your cocktail reception here as well…

Wedding Fillmore July 18 2009-04Pros: Gorgeous Detroit location. Unique wedding venue.  Allow ceremonies.  Great surrounding location. Custom lighting.  Choice of linens.  Linens and chair upgrades in house.  And, there are so many different things you can do with this venue.  Parking is included.

Cons: PRICE.  Have to work with an outside caterer. Timeframe in which they book weddings is limited.  Website is difficult to find and offers no rental information.

Jennifer Burkemeier at 313-961-5451 ext 12

View more pictures of a Real Detroit Wedding at the Fillmore here!


I LOVE these pictures.  LOVE them.  Detroit-based photographer Amanda Williams did a Trash the Dress session with several Detroit brides.  Go.  Check it out.

These brides look bad ass, don’t they?  

I want my own phone booth.

Those shoes are outrageous!

All Images: Amanda Williams Photography

One month married today.

Life is good.  Life is MORE than good.

Shutterbooth Fun2009.

Vendor reviews, a new Detroit venue overview and more later this week!

I promise.  I promise I’ll do this soon!   I’m going to add a My Vendor Review section to the blog.  I have some really wonderful things to say and some very honest feedback. 

But, I wanted to tell you when choosing a vendor, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  I can’t tell you how important it is to choose a vendor you trust.  You have to have faith in them.  And, for me, it was really important that we had good chemistry with vendors we were going to be working closely with… like our photographer, videographer and Day of Wedding Coordinator

When looking for a vendor or venue, I want to emphasize that some people are going to have good experiences and bad experiences with different vendors.  Even the best have a bad day.   So, don’t let one opinion stop you from looking into a vendor or venue.  Do the homework yourself.  Always go with your gut instinct.  And, rememeber, the best deal out there isn’t always the best choice.  But on the flip side, the best deal might be an up-and-coming vendor trying to establish credibility in the industry… You have to figure all that out yourself!

I can tell you right now,  I LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Heather Saunders Photography, Two Penny Productions, Dorothy Bennick from Masonic, Erika from EcoPosh, Shutterbooth and Michele Nonis.   Details to come on all in individual posts.


Love this one.  Love you ladies.


I really wanted a romantic and intimate feel to our wedding.  Which meant, I wanted lots and lots of candles…  

For colors… We kept it simple and opted for a black and white scheme with deep burgandy, purple and fuchsia accents.  I knew what I wanted from the very beginning, I just couldn’t find a picture of what I wanted.  I was hoping… I was really hoping it would turn out the way I had imagined in my mind.

When we first walked in the room, I remember thinking it was so beautiful. Really.  Breathtakingly beautful.  But, after that moment when you take it all in, it’s not about the room.  It’s about the people… and then your swept away in all the joy of the evening.   

Well, I’ve been pining to see some pictures of the ballroom before the reception began…  And my DOC Erika had these to share…  Thank you Erika!  See more here

My Black & White Wedding by Candelight

GR_Headtable shot


It’s so sad.  Yet, so true.  Rose petal confetti can stain your – oh so pretty – wedding dress.  Of course, I’m only taking about real rose petals here. 

After our ceremony, we had our guests toss red and white rose petals as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. <SIGH>  I was absolutely smitten with the idea.  How romantic, right?  When I see the video and pictures I’ll let you know if it WAS a good idea or not.  Decision still pending!  (Everything was such a blur, that I can’t say for sure!)

But if I had been wearing satin or silk, the red stains from the rose petals would’ve been noticeable.  But, since I was wearing something with more tulle, you couldn’t see the stains.  Well, unless you scrutinized my dress from top to bottom.  (And if anyone did, I didn’t notice and really, couldn’t have cared!)

And, we were sooo careful not to put the rose petals in a place where they would retain moisture.  But, it happened anyways.  So, despite how careful you are, there is the possibility that those pretty little petals will leave their not-so-pretty little fingerprints on that dress of yours. 

I would definitely recommend using silk rose petals if you’re planning to do rose petal confetti.  Yeah, your guests will know they’re not real, but they’re not going to care or remember.  And, it beats staining your dress – right before the reception!


Anyone one who knows me, knows I’m a blusher.  My body can explode into a full-on, head-to-toe blush at any given moment. 

Ssrly.  When I’m happy, sad, mad, anxious, uncomfortable, ecstatic, nervous, the center of attention, embarrassed, embarrassed for someone else… Blush.  (Or just blotchy)  Really, I’m a walking emotion-con.  And, if I happen to have a cocktail, it’s blush x10 .  I mean, I blush when I’m embarrassed for someone even when its on TV!!  Pretty amazing, huh?  I’ve been cursed.

So, I was REALLY, really worried about this before the wedding. (I’m talking like 9 months before the wedding.)  I was thinking…

Me. Stark White Dress. Blotchy Red Blush. One Hot Mess.

I had even researched if there was any kind of blush prevention therapy or meds out there.  And, there is… whether they work or not, I don’t know.

I decided to forgo any treatment and to just not to worry about it.  During my “blush prevention” search I also happened upon this link.  It basically said the more you worry the worse it’ll get.  And, I know that to be true from experience!  (I think I may be the only woman in Metro Detroit who can turn purple and not be choking or be experiencing a serious medical condition.) 

So, I didn’t worry.  I didn’t even post about it because I didn’t want my friends and family to be looking for it… then I would blush thinking they were thinking about it!   

So you know what happened?  Miraculously, I did not blush when my dad walked me down the aisle.  I felt myself beginning to blush when I was at the alter.  I asked Bug if I was turning red and he whispered, “No, Baby.  You look beautiful.”  And, then I asked him, “Are you sure?”  He smiled and looked into my eyes and said yes.  And. I believed him.

It wasn’t until we were signing the marriage licenses right after the ceremony when I looked in the mirror and saw that my neck and chest were all blotchy! 

It was his little white lie because he knew if he told me the truth that I would’ve turned purple. (And, it wouldn’t have been pretty.)

And, that’s just one reason why I love him so much.  Because, he knows me so well.

After that, there was no more blushing…

My advice is if your worried about something – ANYTHING – that may happen on your wedding day.  Don’t think about it.  Think about what the day is about and focus on that.  And, if something does goes wrong… if you blush, trip or fidget… it doesn’t really matter.  It’s the BEST DAY of YOUR LIFE! 

This is me… blushing after the ceremony. Splotchy red on the chest and arms and even on my back!  But, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
Bridge Wedding 012

MY DETROIT WEDDING NOTE: That’s rose petal confetti in my bosom if you’re wondering.

<sigh>  Adam of Two Penny has married… (a gorgeous gal, no less!)

Please watch.  I love the editing.  I love the song.  I love everything.    

It has this older, nostalgic feel to it.  It makes me wish I was there.  Watch.  I promise you’ll like. Or sigh.  Or smile. Or something…

Congratulations Adam & Andrea.  Cheers to a beautiful day and a beautiful start to a marriage!

Adam & his beautiful wife, Andrea

You have to… You just HAVE to see these DYI table numbers fellow blogger Taryn of Mr. Jones & Me created.  (Ok, late to the game seeing these… But I was busy getting married!)

Many of us hold our pets near and dear to our hearts.  And, unless we want pure chaos to ensue at the wedding, we can’t invite our favorite, furry l’il critters.  (Or, can we?)

BUT, you can get your Creative on and do something like this!  Love it?  I do. I think these are the cat’s MEOW!

And, truly wondering if this kitty is feeling the bliss of the kitty cat nip?

Go  see  more by Mr. Jones & Me 

Take a looks at the ring bearer pillows my mom made.  She made two, so I’d have a choice!  How cool is that?  I told her she should start her own etsy site! 

Well.  A couple months back, I showed my mom these ring bearer pillows and she shrieked “Don’t You Dare Buy One of Those!”   She said she it would take her five minutes to sew one together.  So, she said she’d take care of it for a fraction of the price.     

I don’t have the mad sewing skills my mom does, but she said it’s such a simple project that anyone could do it!  So, I posted some DIY directions in case you wanted to make your own ring bearer pillow. 

Ms. 12K’s DIY Ring Bearer Tutorial
eHow’s to Make A Ring Bearer Pillow

You can find supplies at Joanns, Michaels and Habermans.

This is the one we used.  My mom even put a lady bug pin on it!

Here’s the other one she made. 

NOTE: I should’ve put our rings on there, but I’m too lazy to retake the pics!

If you’re looking to do your own invitations, programs, seating chart, table numbers, etc., and you want to take them up a notch, you should consider purchasing a graphic.   Ssrly, no one will know you did it yourself.  Now, you’ll need some computer skills, but we’re not talking mad skills here.  If you can work in PowerPoint or another similar program, then you’ll be FINE. 

With my wedding, I was going for a more vintage, Old Hollywood feel for my invites and overall feel.  So, I was looking for a graphic that would bring this out.  My friend Michelle and I found this on graphic on Dreamstime.  Because I was using them for the invites, I purchased the larger and higher res image for about $15.00.

Dreamstime Graphic_scroll

You can crop the graphic and use different components.  I used and abused this cropped version.  

Let me tell you, I got my money’s worth from this thing!  I used it on my DYI invitations, programs, wedding favors, seating chart, table number and monogram.  I even had Shutterbooth incorporate in on our photo strip!         

If you’re not savy in one of these programs and have some time, take a free PowerPoint class at the community center… or take the Microsoft tutorial.  (And, if all else fails, email me with your questions.  I’m a PowerPoint maniac.)   

Here’s some pics of how we incorporated the Dreamstime graphic into the wedding.

Invitation and Ceremony program.



Seating chart and table numbers.Seating Chart Table number

Shutterbooth logo and wedding favorsShutterbooth Logo

NOTE: Admittedly, I take terrible pics.

Want to see something beautiful? Want to see a pair of wedding shoes that will make you green with envy, yet sigh with happiness?  Want to see the most stunning and vibrant wedding pic’s ever?  This is just a glimpse.  You have to see more…

I had to take pause (from basking in my own wedding glory) to share another Detroit wedding with you… Heather Saunders photographed this wedding in July 2009.  Heather’s simply amazing, isn’t she? Ah. I. Love. Her.

Augustina and Michael’s wedding was the first at the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit (most of you know it as the State Theatre) on Woodward Avenue, across from Comerica Park.  

The colors are rich.  The venue ornate.  The bride is breathtaking. The details are just so.  If this doesn’t say old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what does.

Oh, and recognize those shoes

Go see more.
Images courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding3

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding1

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding2

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding4
Curious to know more about the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit?  Look out for my Fillmore Venue Overview post in the coming days! 

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