Take a looks at the ring bearer pillows my mom made.  She made two, so I’d have a choice!  How cool is that?  I told her she should start her own etsy site! 

Well.  A couple months back, I showed my mom these ring bearer pillows and she shrieked “Don’t You Dare Buy One of Those!”   She said she it would take her five minutes to sew one together.  So, she said she’d take care of it for a fraction of the price.     

I don’t have the mad sewing skills my mom does, but she said it’s such a simple project that anyone could do it!  So, I posted some DIY directions in case you wanted to make your own ring bearer pillow. 

Ms. 12K’s DIY Ring Bearer Tutorial
eHow’s to Make A Ring Bearer Pillow

You can find supplies at Joanns, Michaels and Habermans.

This is the one we used.  My mom even put a lady bug pin on it!

Here’s the other one she made. 

NOTE: I should’ve put our rings on there, but I’m too lazy to retake the pics!