It’s so sad.  Yet, so true.  Rose petal confetti can stain your – oh so pretty – wedding dress.  Of course, I’m only taking about real rose petals here. 

After our ceremony, we had our guests toss red and white rose petals as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. <SIGH>  I was absolutely smitten with the idea.  How romantic, right?  When I see the video and pictures I’ll let you know if it WAS a good idea or not.  Decision still pending!  (Everything was such a blur, that I can’t say for sure!)

But if I had been wearing satin or silk, the red stains from the rose petals would’ve been noticeable.  But, since I was wearing something with more tulle, you couldn’t see the stains.  Well, unless you scrutinized my dress from top to bottom.  (And if anyone did, I didn’t notice and really, couldn’t have cared!)

And, we were sooo careful not to put the rose petals in a place where they would retain moisture.  But, it happened anyways.  So, despite how careful you are, there is the possibility that those pretty little petals will leave their not-so-pretty little fingerprints on that dress of yours. 

I would definitely recommend using silk rose petals if you’re planning to do rose petal confetti.  Yeah, your guests will know they’re not real, but they’re not going to care or remember.  And, it beats staining your dress – right before the reception!