Eeek.  I have to apologize.  Life has been so busy lately and I’ve gotten a ton of emails from you all asking questions or asking where I’ve been!  So Sorry!  I’m getting back on my blogging track and have some changes planned for my post-wedding blog future!! 

First, I have to tell you – Honestly, I have NO IDEA where time has gone. There seems like there’s a million things I want to do and I don’t have time for anything but work!  Work as in my day job and work as in fixing-up and maintaining my humble abode.  So, I’ve stayed away from this blog diggity and my social media obession (Facebook) for the last few weeks.  It’s been a nice break, but now I’m ready to get to it!

What I’m going to do is finish up my Detroit vendor reviews and some other personal posts about my wedding.  Then, comes Change. 

The next phase of this here blog will focus on Metro Detroit wedding venues, vendors and other little helpful nuggets of info I can dig up for you Metro Married To Be’s!  I love the hunt for for a good deal, talented vendors and cool places to have a Metro Detroit Wedding.  (Me wants to beef up the Detroit Venue Guide and expand to Metro Detroit) 

AND – I’d like to highlight real Metro Detroit brides.  So, send me your pics!  I’ll have submission guidelines and all that jazz to ensure good quality images. 

Also – if you have any information you’d like to share, please submit it  to mydetroitwedding at