7 months
19 days
And several agonizing seconds

That’s what it took to get our wedding Thank You cards out.  So, dear friends and family who read this here blog, they’re on the way. And, we’re sincerely sorry for the delay.

So, based on the many emails and the one brave reader who posted a comment on my previous My Detroit Wedding Confession Post, I know I’m not alone. Ok, I KNEW I wasn’t alone. Many of us our guilty of breaking bad!  (For example, my brother’s wedding was in September of 2007 and they STILL have to get their thank you’s out. Yes, my mom is mortified.) 

Here’s what I’ve heard, read and gathered – It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by – six months, one year or even two – get those bad boys out! Ok, so you blew Emily Post’s little etiquette rule of getting them out three months after the wedding date.  But that doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful and you don’t have etiquette. It just means you’re a little late.

My mom and the ladies at her work, which from this point forward I’ll refer to as the clucking hens, talk about this kind of stuff all the time. And, you bet your arse they remember who sent thank you’s and who didn’t.  And you can bet your 401K  that your parents and in-laws get the occasional Thank You card question, comment or SIGH. (For the record, I hate the sigh…)  

Believe me I KNOW Thank You’s can be quite the feat to tackle. All that writing and thanking and remembering can be exhausting – especially if you had a large wedding. So, here’s some tips if you’re late in getting those thank yous out:

1. Buck up. Get over the embarassment that yes you’re later than etiquette dictates with your Thank You’s. Remember – It’s NEVER too late to get them.  Would you rather run into Aunt Gin, Uncle Buck or your Gram and not have those out or have them out and be late?  I choose the latter. So does Emily Post!

2. Make your equally grateful husband to take half the Thank You’s.  Sit down together, chat about the wedding and bust those out.  It’s therapeutic. (Kind of. That’s more pep talk for you to get on it!)

3. You don’t have to finish them all in one sitting. Give yourself a reasonable time frame and each finish X amount a day. (You fill in you the number)

4. If you’re exceptionally mortified by the time that’s passed, write “It’s about time” on the envelope, or write something humorous in the card to acknowledge it’s been a stretch from the wedding date to the execution of your Thank You cards. Of course, this depends on your crowd. If they’re a stuffy bunch, this might not fly. In that case, just get em out and hold your head up high.

 5. Drink wine while writing them, it eases the pain of embarassment. (But don’t drink too much or you might have a disaster on your hands)

6. Reward yourself when finished. 

If you’re a Thank You card etiquette offender, write a comment and tell us how long it’s been.  You know my story!