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So, I heard this on the radio last week as I was stuffing my face with a Twinkie.  (Ok, the last part wasn’t true, but I had been thinking about one…)  Yeah, I heard on Detroit’s AM talk radio station WWJ 950 that a study showed one in five brides gained weight after a year of marriage.   

The study which was conducted by Yakult, a Japanese-based yougurt maker, says that roughly 22 percent of brides put on an average of 21 pounds after the wedding!  Of the 3000 brides surveyed, more than half said they no longer worried about their weight and appearance.  Twenty-two percent felt they no longer felt they needed to impress their significant other.

And get this – 21 percent of the bride’s said they had argued with their partner about the additional weight gain! 

And here’s the biggie – The study revealed that more than a third of the women found it difficult to eat healthily during the first year of their marriage because they no longer had the wedding day or honeymoon to motivate them.  And, a Yakult spokesperson from said that some brides seek comfort in food when the face the post wedding anti climax of having the wedding and honeymoon over. 

Interesting, huh?

I have to tell you, I laughed out loud at my desk when I heard this.  Because, well, I put on some weight after my Big Day.  Nothing too noticeable, since I’m wearing Michigan winter clothes.  But, I did.   It’s cold in Michigan and I can’t run three plus miles with the dog anymore.  (Just for the record, we BOTH get flabbier in the colder months)  Not to mention, eating and drinking becomes an indoor sport.  Ha! Look at me making excuses already!  I’ll let you all know if I can shed the pounds come Spring. 

Check this Slim Fast ad out.  I posted it because I love the picture… But, I don’t think Slim Fast is a long term solution to weight loss.  With that said, I can see how someone on this diet program could gain weight after the wedding if they stopped cold turkey and threw their diet out the window.  My advice would be, if you’re going to lose weight for the wedding, think of it as a life style change you can live with well after the wedding, as opposed to a wedding day goal!



Elizabeth’s Head to Toe
Birmingham, Mich.
Grade: A

Ah, Elizabeth.  LOVE her.  Elizabeth has a quaint little spa right below Red Salon in downtown Birmingham.  There’s been many days where I walked in feeling blah and walked out feeling fabulously relaxed.  Elizabeth can make you feel beautiful from head to toe. (I know… I sound like ad, but it’s the truth.)  Whether you’re looking for a facial, a massage or a pedi – It’s a magical place.  Really it is.  Some of you may know Elizabeth from Touch Spa.  Well, it’s in the same place, different name, and now one single owner who’s following her dream.  (LOVE that about her… and her old partner.  Both of whom are following their own dreams.) 

Choosing Elizabeth for my wedding make-up was a no-brainer.  First, she’s been doing my arch for the last seven years. (I lack all talent when it comes to the brows)  She’s seen my everyday look and I knew she wasn’t going to “paint” me up to look like someone I didn’t believe myself to be.  And that was important for me.  I wanted to be comfortable with my look.   Second, she’s super talented.   And she’s honest.  If it won’t work for you, she’ll tell you.   And lastly, she can do foundation like no one’s business and it lasts all. night. long.  No lie.  No touch-ups for me.  Not once.  Except for the lips.  (When you marry, you seem to smack your lips all over your new hubby!)

Let me tell you, I actually dreaded my hair and make-up trial.  Why?  Because I have never been able to convey what I wanted in a way that the artist was able to capture it.  Well, Elizabeth did me up and I felt BEAUTIFUL.  And, I was worried that I wouldn’t feel beautiful and feel like myself on my wedding day.  Though, I do admit, I did blend in my make-up a bit.  (sorry E)

Oh, and I wanted to mention that for my make-up trial I went with a purple palatte.  But after looking at the pics I decided to go with a smoky charcoal look and Elizabeth nailed it (without a trial run).

Anyway, there are very few wedding vendors that I didn’t comparison shop  because it doesn’t always come down to the best price when it comes to hair, make-up and photography.  Don’t do it ladies!  If you have to splurge, do it on your make-up!  And, really, Elizabeth is quite reasonable.

You can book Elizabeth in the salon or she will travel to you.  So, if you’re looking for someone to capture the beautiful person you can be on your wedding day, check out Elizabeth.  I LOVE her.

Tell her I sent you. 

Elizabeth’s Head to Toe: 248- 203-9933

Images Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

2009. Wedding “Do”
Red Salon – Sara Celina
Birmingham, Mich.
Grade: A+

Honestly – I’ve never really liked any updo I’ve ever had.  Really.  It’s true.  But, I knew I wanted it up for my wedding -Something soft and romantic.  

So, what did I do?  I procrastinated.  I didn’t search and seek out metro Detroit hair stylists and go through a million trials.  I asked my longtime brow girl, the ever-talented Elizabeth from Head to Toe, who I should go to for my wedding “do.”  I told her the style I kind of wanted and she said Sara Celina of Red, which is the salon located right above her spa. 

When I talked to Sara, I think I may have sounded crazed and told her I hated all the updos I’ve ever had… and even mentioned a bad prom do.  And you know what she said ever so cooly to me?  “Honey, I don’t do prom.  I do Red Carpet.”   That’s when I knew, this woman was bad arse.  

I had COMPLETE faith after my trial, which was a breeze.  

And, I didn’t think it was possible that I would love my hair as much as I did.  She did soft curls with a loose bun at the nape of my neck.  She nailed soft and romantic.  Still in awe of her mad skills.  

If you’re from the Detroit area or you’re planning a Detroit wedding from afar, definitely check out Sara Celina of Red.  She is absolutely amazing!  And she’s cool as hell.  That’s a bonus.

Red Salon: 248.203.1313

Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography
Heather Saunders_BL9 

I was dreading this.  No lie.  I was.  I never seem to be satisfied when someone does me up.  I either look like a poodle or look I should be holding a poodle.  Or, my hair is so big and so lacquered-up that I need to wear a fire extinguisher on my back.  And, I think this happens for two reasons.  1) I don’t know how to tell them what I want. 2) The stylist doesn’t know how to give me what I want. 

If I say something loose and romantic.  I get big, poofy and stiff.  I figured I was cursed since my first homecoming hairdo back in the day.   So, I’ve been a tad bit worried about the hair situation.  BUT!  The fabulous Elizabeth from Touch Salon  found me the PERFECT stylist.  LOVE her.  Sara C. from Red Salon in Birmingham.   She’s going to do my red carpet wedding do.   It’s a cross between the two. 

Cate Blanchett has the sexy, romantic do.
Cate Blanchett

Jessica Alba’s romantic and loose dojessica alba

This past Saturday I had my hair and makeup trial.  So happy with both!  I’m getting my makeup done at  Touch salon in Birmingham… it’s the spa right beneath Red Salon on Old Woodward. 

I LOVE Touch.  And, I love Elizabeth.  She’s the only one I trust to do my wedding makeup.  And I’ll tell you why.  She’s been doing my eyebrows for the last six years.  She sees my everyday makeup, knows my personality, knows I can be a bit quirky, and she’s simply amazing!  She turns my eyebrows into masterpieces.  Well, as masterful as though things can get anyway.  And, she’s cool and she knows what the hell she’s doing. 

Here’s my makeup trial pic.  I had her get rid of the dark liner she put on my bottom lids (I’m pictured without it!).  My mom says I need to have her darken it… what do you think?  I’m usually not a bottom lid liner kinda gal… Looking at the pics I think I need the darker liner on the bottom lids…

Eeek.  I hate taking pics. 



True Story. No joke.  No lie.  Each day, my hair turns a darker shade a creamsicle orange.  And, it’s 5 weeks to the wedding.

As you all know, we moved in June.  What I think I didn’t  tell you is that our water is no longer city water but it comes from a well.

This means, not only does the water leave a wretched orange stain on the toilet bowl – which needs to be cleaned several times monthly – but it’s turning my blonde hair a creamy orange color. 


At the rate this thing is progressing, I’ll look like a push-up pop on the wedding day.  White dress, orange head.  It’ what every girl dreams of!

Story is, I got my hair did on Aug 1.  I’m naturally blonde, but like many of you all, I get a little help from highlights to brighten me up.  Well, it was the first time I got my hair did since we moved into the new house…  I was completely happy with it for… oh, say, four days.  BUT, then it started to take on an orange color.  It literally looks like I have red highlights in some places. 

At first, I thought my girl did something weird to my hair, but then I thought of how orange the water turned last week when we ran out of water softner… and how the towels turned kind of orangish.  Then, I was like.  Oh, $H!T.  After doing some research and talking to a color specialist… the iron and other minerals in well water actually damage your hair.  The iron is what makes blondes take on a creasicle orange color.  So, no matter if we have softerner or other water treatments, my stylist said that as long as I’m a blonde and I shower with well water, I’ll be battling the ronald mcdonald look. 

The good thing is, they make a product that reverses this nonsense!  It’s called Malibu and I’m going first thing tommorrow to get a treatment the local salon.  And, you better believe I’ll be buying some preventive shampoo and conditioner for well water while I’m there…  

Ssrly.  Who woulda thought?

Me donning my new do.  Doesn’t it look like red highlights?


My arms are a force to be recockoned with.  Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s hard to tone these puppies.   My mom says that they’ve been in the family throughout the generations and I should be happy I don’t have tree trunks for legs too!  (Though, I think your legs are hot, mom!) 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m insecure.  I’m not afraid to wear tanks or sleeveless tops…  I just admire women with toned arms.  I want them, and  I d0n’t just want them for the wedding day… I want them indefinitely. 

So, I’ve taken to lifting weights. (Not my favorite activity)  Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a meathead and I don’t grunt.  I see progress.  It’s slow.  But, there’s potential.    

We all have an image of what we want to look like and feel like on our wedding day.  We all have hang-ups.  Will it kill me if I don’t have guns by September?  No.  It’s not going to make or break the day.  Ssrly, that would be STUPID!  

But, that’s my current hang-up.   What’s yours?

If you have any suggestions how to firm these flabs in fabs, let me know!


Ok, I’ve had enough with this thing.  The story is, this blemish (aka – zit from hell) first appeared in early January.  It was the day of our engagement pic session, which also was the first day of press days for the Detroit Auto Show. 

Well, feeding of stress and it’s own natural progression, this thing grew into a sizeable un-attraction.  My co-workers and I even referred to it as ‘The Jenny.’  (You’ll get it if you live in the Mitten State)   Anway, after about 10 days, The Jenny healed but left a sizeable blemish (I think it’s a scar because I messed with it) on my face that looks like a freckle. 

First question:  What gives?  It’s been more than three months!  When will this bad boy be gone for good? 

Second question: Because I think stress brought it on, now I worry that I’ll get one on or right before my wedding day.  Sheesh, it sounds like I could get one just worrying about getting one!  Is there anything I can do or use to combat a future zit from hell?  (I’m thinking no.) 

When will it be gone for good?  I was hoping yesterday.

Dear Sweet Tooth,

Please go away.  I can’t stand resisting all the sweet good things in life.  And you know I feel bad after I workout and then snack on two (or three) cupcakes.  You know… I can’t just have one. 

So please go.  This is just plain cruel.  You’re more than welcome to come back in October-ish.


Mean… mean… mean…Source

Hmmm…. Deep cleansing oil – and it looks and smells like olive oil?!?  At first I was apprehensive.  Who wouldn’t be?  But the women at my work assured me that DCH Deep Cleansing oil was an amazing – AMAZING – face cleanser that left your skin feeling refreshingly clean and moisturized. 

So, I’ll let you in on a little personal secret.  Until I came across DHC, I was never consistent with washing my make-up at night.  I mean, I used everything, but nothing got me into the habit until this miraculous skin cleanser.  Now, I can’t go to bed without it!  Thanks D ladies! 

Deep Cleansing Oil

Just an FYI for those of you who have never heard of DHC skin care products… DHC is Japan’s #1 direct mail skin care company.  They have some great products.  Check them out!


The best gym for the money. And guys get kicked out for grunting!

Getting too big for your britches? Literally? Yeah, since going back to work this past Monday after two weeks off, the seams of my pants were none too happy.  Actually, I think they were screaming for reinforcements! 

No worries!  It’s that time of year anyway.  We all know that with the New Year comes resolutions.  And a lot of those resolutions have to do with physical fitness.  Whether it’s to shed some unwanted pounds, tone-up or to be more active in general, getting to gym becomes a priority (at least for a couple months!)

If you’re looking to join a gym, there are some pretty great deals out there… and there’s quite a few gyms to choose from.   My personal favorite is Lifetime Fitness, but it’s the least favorite for the pocket book.  

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gym, check out Planet Fitness.  I joined last year and only pay $10 per month.  No, they don’t offer the pool, classes or a racquetball court, but really, all I need is the cardio machines and the weight machines.   Their slogan is the “Judgement Free Zone” and what I like about this gym is that they don’t allow meatheads to drop weights and grunt and all that stuff us ladies hate!  

Since I was feeling ambitious earlier this week, I called a couple other gyms to see if they had any New Year deals.   But still, none as good as the everyday Planet Fitness price. These are all single prices, no couples or day care is in the price range price:

Bally’sMonthly fees range depending on what you’re looking for.  They do have a pool, classes and racquetball.  Start-up fee = $49 and monthly fees range from $38 – $60.

LA Fitness Monthly fee ranges depending if you want racquetball.  They have daycare, a pool, classes (yoga, pillattes, etc.)  and racquetball.  Start-up fee is around $149.  Monthly fee ranges from $49.99-59.00.  At the Bloomfield Twp location they have a deal starting at $29.99 because it’s still a new facility.   I almost broke and signed-up!

Lifetime Fitness – This one really ranges.  If you work at a “corporation” they’ll give you $50 off the enrollment fee.  Pool, classes and racquetball are included in the standard membership.  Enrollment fee is usually around $100 and the administrative fee is $75.  Monthly fee is $59.99.

Now it’s just a matter of getting to the gym!

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