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The Davids Bridal gown sale has been extended until Monday, Dec. 21.   Thought I’d share!

No appointments are necessary, but it can get pretty crazy in there!  I’d make an appointment just in case and go super early to miss the crowds!



Birmingham bridal salon, Roma Sposa is having a Year End Sale and is offering up to 80 percent off selected floor samples.  (That’s about 50-60 dresses for your girlies to choose from!)

The sale is all next week.  Be sure to make an appointment as they are an appointment only salon! 

Roma Sposa: 248.723.4300

Have you heard about this?  These two fashionista’s from Harvard Business School created this website service where you can rent couture and designer clothing. It’s la lot like Netflix.  Become a member on Rent the Runway.  Choose your designer piece, they mail it to you, you wear it and mail it back. 

According to a LA Times article, the service rents more than 160 styles and features high-end designer togs from the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, Herve Leger, Proenza Schoulerand, and “Project Runway’s” fourth-season winner, Christian Siriano, whose dresses, which sell for up to $3,000 but can can be rented for about $200.

Talk about fashion being easier on the pocketbook.

Christian Siriano 

This is definitely not a Trick, but a TREAT!  If you reserve Shutterbooth for your wedding by Nov. 1, you’ll get $200 off your rental. 

Hurry!  Hurry!   The deal expires Nov. 1, 2009!


I couldn’t belp but post this one… They’re 8″, 10″ and 12″ tall cylinder vases.  And, they have plenty of these.   Personally, I think they’re a bit pricey, and I would try and chat it down… 

Cylinder Vases – $20 per set Cylinder vases

Original Post: Wedding Centerpieces (Brownstown)
Date: 2009-09-05, 8:09PM EDT
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8″, 10″ and 12″ high cylinder vases. Four inches in diameter. $20 per set. Have 30 sets. Retail for $35.
Beveled 12 X 12 inch mirrors……19@$2.00 each
Heart shaped tea candle holders….50@$2.00 each
or entire lot for $700.00

My Detroit Wedding Note:  This is what I imagine doing with these!  What a breathtaking image, right?

Mrs Lemon Centerpieces

Mrs Lemon Centerpieces litsource

Can’t beat the price of this ring bearer pillow for $5.  And, you can jazz it up with a ribbon, flower, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Ring Bearer Pillow – $5Craigslist ring bearer pillow

Original Post: Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow W/Gem Stones New & So Cute – $5 (Clarkston)
Date: 2009-09-04, 10:38AM EDT
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Interesting find.  This is kind of cool if you have a small wedding party.  Or, if you just want a different kind of champagne glass set.

Blooming Champagne Bouquet 7pc Set – $30

image 1226965402-0

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FOR SALE: Blooming Champagne Bouquet

This is a 7 piece set, included: 6 glasses and a vase to set the champagne flutes in.  This is perfect for a wedding celebration!

Item has never been used, received as a gift. Box was only opened to take a picture of the glasses inside.

Makes a great gift!  Asking $35.00 cash or best offer! 

My Detroit Wedding Note
I say it’s worth $20. 



Wedding tree centerpieces.  I spotted these a couple months ago.  I think they’re cool.   

The Craigslist seller made these herself and painted them platinum.  You could paint them to suit your color scheme.   

For 10 tree centerpieces, she’s asking for $400, which breaks down to $20 per centerpiece.  Once you glam it up with hanging crystals or lights, those could be pretty expensive centerpieces.  While I think $400 is a bit pricey, they might be just what you’re looking for.  And, you know me, I would try and negotiate the price.  That’s a given with Craigslist buys!

Wedding Tree Centerpieces – 10 for $200
image 1208295553-0

Original Post: Wedding Centerpieces – $400 Waterford, Mich
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Date: 2009-06-06, 11:41AM EDT

I have 10 centerpieces for sale which we just used for our wedding 12/27/08. I am an interior designer, I designed these and my husband and brother-in-law made them with much care and time invested. They vary in size but are about 3 ft tall although they are actually branches that we cut from trees so they are all very different and unique. The base is made of an 8″x8″ box made with 2 by 4’s then concrete was poured in to hold the sticks in place. Then we painted the sticks a platinum and the base a clean white. We are asking $400 and would like them to go to a good home as we put a lot of time into creating them, but can’t store them. If you have any questions please email me!

My Detroit Wedding Note: This is what I envision doing with the centerpieces

For those who don’t already know this, I just want to give you all a heads-up.  Stephanie from Stephanie’s Wedding Creations has a special on chargers right now.  I hope you’re sitting down… because she’s offering chargers at .40 cents each!  What a deal!  She has gold, silver, blue and black.

UPDATE: They will offer white chargers in August.

This is sharp, isn’t it?


Back-to-back Craigslist finds.  That’s rare…  Anyways, take a look at this gorgeous necklace.  I bet it can be yours for $35.  

Wedding Neckace! Beautiful! – $50 (downriver)
image 1135373514-0
image 1135373514-1

Original Post: Wedding Neckace! Beautiful! – $50 (downriver)
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Only worn once this necklace is perfect for a bride!

$50 OBO cash only

Please text or call 734-556-0444

Silver Chargers.  I like these.  I liked them enough to wonder how I could incorporate them, but I already have a plan and the silver charger just won’t go.

Anyways, as always, I thought I’d pass the find along to you.  If you get these, tell me, so I can be happy for you.  And, I want to see pictures too!

250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
image 1136816240-1
image 1136816240-0
image 1136816240-3

Original Post: 250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
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For sale, 250 antique silver charger plates. The hall wanted to charge $4 per plate to rent theirs, so I bought my own. Willing to pass along for $1.30 per plate. These are silver textured resin. They have a bit of a square design to the texture which is very faint. Plates are 13″ across and black on the backside. I bought these brand new and paid well over $500 for them plus shipping. Only used one time. All have been hand washed and are ready for pick up. $300 takes all.

Last photo is a picture of the chargers with one of my plate settings just as an example. White plates not included.

Thanks for looking!


And, I’m not talking about food here.  Yesterday, I visited various stores like Michaels, Joann Fabrics  and Meijer  to get some items for my cupcake lolli-pups experiment.  (Yeah, I tried to do these in the shape of dogbones and puppy paws and butterflies and lady bug for Spring.  Let’s just say the next batch will come out better… will take pics to show you this weekend .)

Anyway, there are tons of cutes baskets and other Easter garb that is heavily discounted.   Hello!?  An Easter basket is an incognito flower girl basket.  And let me tell ya, there’s some super cute stuff out there! 

And, if you head to the department stores, you can get Easter dresses, aka flower girl dresses, for a huge discount too! 

Giddy-up, and get to it!


So, I did happen to snag that vintage clutch that was featured on eBay.  The one that Vintage Glam posted on their blog… And, the same one that was similar to the one that I would have given an upper right molar for… (well if I was drunk…)  See this post for a refresher. 

But, I’ll be honest.  It needs a little love.  Ok.  It might need a lot of LOVE, but it came exactly as described by the seller.   And, my mom will give it the much needed love my Vintage Clutch needs.  Some white silk lining, since its clear!  And, perhaps some more vintage rhinestones. 

Mom- You’re the only one I trust.  And, you know I’m not as crafty as I am creative… Let’s see if we can dust this clutch off and give it some LOVE! 

By the way, I opened it up and took a whiff and it smells vintage all right!   Soon, I will clutch it with love and satisfaction.  Right now, I clutch it with love and faith!

My soon.2.b Refurbished Vintage Clutch (Go Mom!)  Paid about $425 less than the one below.

Vintage Lucite Clutch

 The Refurbished Clutch I Yearned For But Didn’t Want to Fork Over the Dough – $475.The Sloan Clutch

See the resemblance?  I do.  Yes, I certainly do!  Seriously, it’s the same clutch.  It just needs a few tweaks. 

Thanks to all the ladies who gave me a heads-up!

If you’re looking for silk rose petals, here they are.  10,000 of them!  And, I’d definitely ask for less.  I’m shameless, but bartering and Craigslist are synonymous.  

Think about it, silk is less expensive and if you’re using it as confetti, it won’t stain your wedding gown.  (Yes, real rose petals can stain!) 

10,000 Silk Rose Petals – Cantonimage 1121943620-0

Orginal Post: 10,000 silk rose petals – dark red – $100 (Canton)
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Date: 2009-04-14, 12:45PM EDT

10,000 silk rose petals – dark red/burgandy – Asking only $100!

I bought these rose petals for my wedding; however, we changed our colors! Petals are still sealed in bags – NEVER USED!

I also have the original receipt confirming the 10,000 rose petals!

Came across this find… If you’re looking for a candy table, this might be a good start.  Though, I think the price could definitely be negotiated! 

Wedding candy table – $175

Original Post
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Date: 2009-03-25, 3:04PM EDT

Included in this sale are 15 glass jars used only once at my wedding to create a candy table. Also included are clear plastic scoops- 8 small scopps (3 oz), and 3 large (5 oz). The candy table was the talk of the wedding, all of the guests loved it! If you would like pictures of the individual jars or scoops, please email me. The supplies to create the candy table cost around $400. If you would like information about where I bought the colored candym let me know!

I found THE BEST priced chargers.  While I’m not using chargers, I thought I’d share the find with some of you budget-minded brides.  (I asked for another while I was checking out linens.)

Miss Rita from Candlelite Linens and More rents chargers for .80 cents each.  If you rent linens from her, she’ll give them to you for .50 cents per charger.  I say DAMN!

She offers them in both gold and silver acrylic.

I love these.  Just found them on Craiglist Detroit.  They’re vintage glam, don’t you think?  Check out those hanging crystals.  You can pick-up all seven for $70.  And – as usual – I bet you can barter and walk away with them all for less.

I know I need to branch out and feature something other than centerpieces from Craigslist… but nothing’s struck my fancy yet.  Though I did see both silver and gold chargers the other day. 

Wrought Iron Candle Centerpieces

Original Post 
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Date: 2009-03-08, 12:23AM EST

I have 7 wrought iron candle centerpieces that I bought to use for my wedding centerpieces, but did not use due to change of mind. They are all new.

They have elegant crystals hanging from them and glass cone-shaped inserts to hold the candles. They can hold up to 3 tealights or taper candles. The centerpiece stands at about 18″ tall with the glass candle holder in place. They make beautiful centerpieces for weddings or other formal occasions.

There are 7 total and they can be purchased for $12 each or $70 for all 7.

Pickup is required at our apartment in Rochester. Cash or money order only. I am willing to ship them if payment is received with additional shipping charge before the package is sent out.

I think this is such a genius idea and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard it before.  Being that there are some beautiful bridesmaids dresses out there, check them out in either white or ivory.  Talk about a deal.  It never occured to me that a bridesmaid dress was an undercover bridal dress!  Check this post out from Vintage Glam.  They suggest Watters & Watters and I second the notion.  They’ve got some stellar, jaw-dropping gowns…

This One Could Rival My Dress

Destination: Far, far away.  

But, what I will share is my travel agent.  Seriously, some people out there just do things half-a$$ed.   Bug and I chatted with two other travel agents.  One of whom I’ve worked with for several years and the other who he worked with for years. (not anymore)  Yeah, we got the general stuff back.  But, it was like any other vaca we’ve been on.  Basically, it wasn’t anything special.  Then, couple Bob and Sara suggested Tami from Paradise Getaways.  (thanks you two)

I’ve gotta tell ya, she’s awesome!  She came back with a much better price, but with all the honeymoon extras. (Romance awaits!)  I think she did a little more perusing for deals and stuff than the other two.  We got all the bells and whistles!  So happy. 

So, if you’re really are set on some place but the price is too high or you want “extras,” give Tami a jingle, I think she’s got a magic keyboard over there… Oh, and she’s great for recommendations on where to go too!

Paradise Getaways, LLC
877-686-0397 Toll Free
269-327-0510 Local

Seriously, I’ve been perusing Craigslist for the last few weeks and nothing seemed blog worthy until as of late!  Here’s another little goodie of a deal… And, I bet you can barter this one!

25 Candelabras – $12 ea. (Grand Blanc)

One version with 3 tapered candles holder

The other version with 5 tapered candle holders

Original Post
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Date: 2009-02-23, 8:16AM EST

14 beautiful high polished silver tone candleabras that hold 5 standard taper candles and 11 same style that hold 3 standard taper candles for sale. They were used one time as centerpieces at a formal wedding. They are stunning! They were purchased for 25.00 each but will sell for 12.00 each. Buyer pays shipping or pick them up.

Look at these damask table runners.. they can be all yours for $100.  She’ll even ship them to you.  She’s got 13 of these babies!

Black White/Ivory Damask Table Runners -$12 (Lexington, Port Huron)

Actual Post
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Date: 2009-02-25, 2:17PM EST

These were made for my wedding reception 12″ x 72″ with a zig-zag hem (see photo) rectangle shape with OUT the tasseled ends. It is a medium weight canvas material with black bold Essence Onyx print. Everyone LOVED these!! This sale is for an *individual runner but I will sell the whole lot of 13 for $100 plus shipping.

Ok, I know, too many Craig’slist posts lately… but,  I likes this…. Look at this elegant black and white damask cake card holder…  With a little wheeling and dealing, I bet you can get it for $20.

Cake Card Holder

Elegant Black and White Wedding Cake Card Holder – $30 (Mason)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-06, 11:39AM EST

Description: Three tier black and white wedding cake shaped card holder. Homemade for wedding on October 18, still looks brand new. Make offer. For sale on Ebay for $50-$100, will take $30/best offer.

Looking for a romantic card holder for the reception.  You’d have to drive to Imlay City for this, but it’s FREE.  I’m sure it needs a good scrub, but if you’re on a budget, you won’t mind sprucing-up this diamond in the rough!

Bird Cage

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-08, 9:09AM EST
Description: Very nice bird cage or card holder. 

My Detroit Wedding Note: I only wonder if this thing smells like birds?

Ohhh, great find for DIY centerpieces.  The possibilities are endless!  Depending on the time of year and your theme, you can fill these bad boys with lemons, limes, cranberries, sand, gems, flowers, candles, floating candles or whatever you can think of!  Great deal! 

(15) – 12″ Hurricane Vases- Wedding! – $150 (oakland/macomb county)

Description:  Fifteen(15) -12″ Hurricane Vases, they have a 7″ opening at the top. that I used for my recent wedding. They are all in perfect condition and were only used one time. I had put a pillar candle w/gemstones inside (not included) and it was very elegant!! They could also be used for flower arrangments. They are all boxed up & ready to go.

They retail for about $15-18 each, selling all 15 of them for $150 total.

So, my mom keeps sending me Craigslist postings of things we DON’T need but she thinks it’s a great deal!  I thought I’d post the “worthy” items on this here blog for you all!  Don’t worry, I won’t post junk!  I thought these silver candelabras might make cool Vintage-esk centerpieces. 

Wedding candelabras – $250 (Macomb County)

Silver Candelabras

Description: I have 13 silver candelabras.  That are approximately 20″ tall before you add the candles.  They are real silver, but are still boxed so they should not need any polishing before the wedding.  I paid $50 a peice for them, but will sacrifice them for $250 for all 13.  I have only actually used one of them, so the other 12 have never been used. 

As you know…this is not the most fun thing to do… but in this economic climate, you can’t afford NOT to negotiate.  With some of my vendors, I was a harsh negotiator, and with others I wasn’t.  I look back now and wish I would’ve had the talk.   

Just the other night my mom and I were chatting about negotiating and I think she said it best.  Here goes, in my mom’s wise words:

“To have the type of wedding you want – with all the extras – at the price you can live with requires negotiation and compromise.  You may want a cocktail hour with and an open bar and hors d’oeuvres, a champagne toast, a lavish sit-down dinner, a sweets table, a premuim bar, upgraded linens… and the list could keep on going.   All at a price you already have in mind.  (ME:  This is sooooo true, isn’t ladies!)

But, you have to be realistic about what will be included in your package.  You have to think: What can be subsituted, replaced, downgraded or eliminated?  Maybe it’s something you haven’t even considered?  If you’re a willing and reasonable negotiator who is willing to compromise, you will get everything you want… but just maybe didn’t consider before. 

You want hors d’oeuvres passed by a white-gloved server?  Maybe you could subsitute it with less expensive appetizers?  Or eliminate the servers and have the apps displayed on a table with a nice linen cloth and votives.  Skip that sweets table and keep a premium bar.  You see where I’m going with this?  Negotiate and be willing to compromise!”

I couldn’t have said it better!  Go mom.  I want to add that you don’t have to stick to a package.  Talk with your contact and see what can be changed to drop the price.  I guarentee you that if you make some changes, that price will drop. 

And this goes for all your vendors.  Negotiate and compromise and see what you can get.  Good luck!

I’ve been perusing the sales via web and I’m about to emerge into the land of the living.  Yes.  I’m going to venture out to the stores this Black Friday – and most likely – the entire weekend!

While I have about 295 days till my wedding, I can get great and discounted jewelry for the bridesmaids and other things for my September wedding.  I also may hold off till after Christmas to get some steals too.  I have a sneaking suspicion, there will be some incredible deals after Dec. 25!

Anyway, for the do-it-yourselfer’s (DIY) out there, you may want to check out these websites and print-up the coupons before you venture out this weekend…

Michaels – They have tons of votives, candles, invitations and other wedding favors.  If you don’t get the local paper, you can always print out the coupons online.  You do have to register, but it takes about three minutes.   You can get 25 percent off your entire purchase, including sales items.  Also, you can print one coupon off for 50 percent off one regular priced item. 

Jo-Ann Fabric – Ok, I didn’t find any online coupons, but they still have a ton of online sales.  If you happen to get the local paper, be sure to snag the coupons for various itesm – including 40 percent off on regular priced items.

Target – There are a ton of sales at Target and I’ve gotta tell you, they have some great DIY invitations, as well as baskets.  Check them out! 

Kohls – Now this place has some steals.  If you know what kind of jewelry you’re looking for your BM’s you may want to check out Kohls.  The great thing about these corporate stores is if you can always return the murchandise if you: A) Find better jewelry later B) Find a better deal after Christmas or C) Change your mind.  But, I’m telling you, this would be a great place to check out some things for BM gifts or favors.  They also have a great variety of frames and homegoods.

Macy’s – Macy’s has all kinds of coupons and sales going on.  You can go online and print up coupons if you didn’t get their mailers of if you didn’t get the local paper.  You may be able to find your brides and grooms toasting glasses or you could possibly find discounted BM jewelry.  It’s worth perusing the store. 

Any other great deals or steals out there?  Let me know!

helloCheck out this deal.  A fellow bride-to-be alerted me of this fabulous sale in Sterling Heights, Mich.    She just bought a tiara and a veil for $40.  What a steal!

Hello Beautiful, a special occasion accessory store at 15 mile and VanDyke, is going out of business.  They have hundreds of headpieces and veils and more than 200 shoe styles to choose from.  Everything is 75 percent off. 

The also have an add posted on Craigslist saying the sale is going on this weekend, so I’m not sure if the store is open during the week… I tried calling, but I believe their number is disconnected…

Hello Beautiful (Formerlly known as Bridal Veils and Shoes) 
5830 Van Dyke
Sterling Heights, Mich.
(877) 795-4705 (I think their number is out of order)

As always, I’ve been scrounging around for the latest deals!  Here’s the latest on wedding dresses!

Maria’s Bridal – Rochester, Mich.
Located in downtown Rochester, Maria’s Bridal is a small family-owned bridal salon with a large collection of gowns.  They pride themselves on customer service – I had a fantastic experience – they’re honest and open!  They feature several designer collections and are the exclusive distributor (in Michigan) of Couture Bridal by Elma Reis and Yolanda Couture.  Be sure to make an appointment!

From now November 1, until December 31, 2008, they are having a huge holiday bridal gown sale:

  • 10 percent off new bridal gowns under $2500.
  • 15 percent off bridal gowns over $2500.
  • 95 percent of their more than 400 sample gowns are on sale.  They start at $250.
  • 75 percent off select veils and tiaras.
  • Sale on off-the-rack more than 300 bridesmaid dresses, starting at $25.

Contact: (248) 637-0620

Roma Sposa – Birmingham, Mich.
Roma Sposa is a small upscale boutique located in downtown Birmingham.  They carriy premiere American, Canadian, French, Italian and Puerto Rican deisgners, most of which can’t be found in other bridal salons.  Be sure to make an appointment.  They also have many designer trunk shows


  • Evening Wear Sale Thanksgiving weekend – Nov. 28-29
  • Bridal gown sale: Either the first or second weekend in December. 

TIP: They said you can always get a sample gown for a discounted price.  There doesnt need to be a sale to get a deal on these!

Contact: (248) 723-4300

Demetrios Bride – Troy Mich.
Demetrios is located in Troy, right on the border of Birmingham.  I absolutely loved the customer service here and how honest and helpful they were.  They have the widest and most versatile collections I’ve seen. 

On Nov. 7-9, they are having their biggest trunk show of the year, where they will showcase 2009 dresses.  You can get 15 – 20 percent bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and all bridal accessories.   Be sure to make an appointment!

TIP:  Basically, every weekend they offer some sort of sale.  Don’t hesitate to ask what they are!  Also, they give out 20 percent off coupons (on your entire purchase) at bridal shows in which they participate.

Contact: (248) 637-0620

Planning a wedding in a town beat down by the fledgling domestic auto industry, in a region where tens of thousands of people have or will lose their jobs, and in a state where the housing market continues to deteriorate, can be positively frightening.


I’ve lived in suburban Detroit my entire life.  Several members of my family have worked in the automotive industry all of their lives.  And – Kenny and I currently work in the auto industry.  If you live in the Metro Detroit area, it’s impossible to be unaffected by what’s going on at the automakers – especially, GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Not to mention the suppliers that supply parts and components to those companies.  Really, if you’re in the business of selling anything to any automotive company, you’re feeling the pain – From auto suppliers and paper supply vendors to local restaurants and hotel chains.  Throw in the Wall Street credit crunch and the collapse of global markets and you have a widespread economic crisis.  (Once again, I’m stating the obvious here!)


So, how do you plan a wedding in an economic downturn?  I’ll be honest, earlier this month I became really concerned with my wedding plans.  Some contracts were already signed and deposit checks cashed.  Would the fiancé and I both fare the changing automotive landscape?  How could we possibly accept money from our parents with their 401K’s plummeting?  How could we continue to plan and spend money on one day when I’d like to start shoving money in the mattress in case one of us loses our shirt? 


Panicking is not going to get you anywhere… But, rethinking your budget will ease the pain.  So, I took a deep breath and I called Kenny.  He was all for trimming the budget and renegotiating with some vendors, if that even was a possibility.  Well, it is.  I called-up one vendor and negotiated particulars, which helped save some dough.  And, if I want to further drive down the cost, I can make a proposal to their management.  I’m also working on sharing our ceremony location with another couple – which would shave off a nice chunk of change.  (Basically, we’d have an earlier ceremony time.)  


I started scrounging around (even more than I had) for the best possible deals.  And, there’s a lot out there… You can find great deals on the Knot Detroit Message Board, Craig’s List, eBay and from vendors who work out of their homes.  I’m even thinking about nixing flower arrangements for the tables and going with candles and rose petals…


I’m also cutting cost at home by clipping coupons, spending more frugally on groceries and other household needs and I’m no longer dining out with the gals.  (We’re dining in!)  And, one thing I did was open a new credit card that gives you 3 percent cash back rewards on all purchases.  I’ve been throwing all the wedding expenses on the card and earning cash rewards.  I’ve already earned $200.  The catch is you have to pay it off immediately – which I do.  (Already been through that credit card debt thing and I’m not goin’ back!)


The most important factor Kenny and I have is time.  We have time to investigate vendors and really think about what it is we want to do.  Not to mention, there’s a lot of time to figure out how to do things yourself that you would generally job out.  More to come on those crafty skills…    

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