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Take a looks at the ring bearer pillows my mom made.  She made two, so I’d have a choice!  How cool is that?  I told her she should start her own etsy site! 

Well.  A couple months back, I showed my mom these ring bearer pillows and she shrieked “Don’t You Dare Buy One of Those!”   She said she it would take her five minutes to sew one together.  So, she said she’d take care of it for a fraction of the price.     

I don’t have the mad sewing skills my mom does, but she said it’s such a simple project that anyone could do it!  So, I posted some DIY directions in case you wanted to make your own ring bearer pillow. 

Ms. 12K’s DIY Ring Bearer Tutorial
eHow’s to Make A Ring Bearer Pillow

You can find supplies at Joanns, Michaels and Habermans.

This is the one we used.  My mom even put a lady bug pin on it!

Here’s the other one she made. 

NOTE: I should’ve put our rings on there, but I’m too lazy to retake the pics!


If you’ve been following for awhile, then you know I was considering a backdrop for the bridal party headtable. 

Ssrly.  Never.  Would we ever consider getting a backdrop if not for the current backdrop Greektown Casino Hotel offers, which we think is Fu-Go.  See below.   This is the only place we can put our 24 ft headtable (Bug, didn’t really want a captains table, so that’s out.). 

This is it. We’re not liking it.


The thing was, we booked Greektown Casino Hotel before we even saw the ballroom.  (The hotel wasn’t built yet.)  So, when we did, see the room we realized we wanted something to cover that wall up.  Not to mention, the room was a little monochromatic blah color in need of something drastic.

So, here I was looking for a backdrop on the tiniest sliver of a budget.  I called several companies and got quotes that were WAY out of my piddly price range.  Then, I started calling those places back to see how much it would be if I installed it myself!  Can you imagine me doing this the morning of the wedding?  Ha.  Zilla Monster, where?

Originally, I was looking for a black backdrop, but after talking with my photographer she suggested we get a lighter backdrop with some uplighting.  She’s the expert.  I listened.  Woudn’t ya know?  White backdrops were much less expensive. 

So, I circled back and got quotes.  I was looking for a backdrop that was H16 ft x L24 ft with uplighting for a spectacular, jaw-dropping price.  And, can you believe it?  We found it.

Two words.  Colonial Events.  They’re an events company located in Troy, Mich.  Love them.  Love Todd.  Love that they can help a budget-teer out!  And, they’re putting that bad boy up themselves.  They can transform anything…

Want or need pipe and drape for an affordable, won’t-kill-your-budget price.  Call them.  Talk to Todd and tell them Bridgette sent you.  Go on, check them out.  They do some cool things.

Colonial Events


Oh, the social norms and laws of a culture!  It’s not always about what the happy couple wants, and often times etiquette is the culprit.  Usually, our parents are the first ones to slap the ‘Book of Etiquette’ at us, right?  And someday, we’ll be the same with our children… or will we?

But, if you think about it… Etiquette is a Dictatorship.   It dictates so many of our decisions!  And, if you don’t follow etiquette, people will question the decision with a sour look on their face.  If you do follow etiquette, you’re not always doing what you want to do.   And, what do you say when etiquette does allow for unconventional wedding decisions?  Because etiquette, like the English language, changes over time.  Do you recite the amended passages as a rebuttal?  I say no.  Why should we have to explain ourselves?  But we do because we feel we have to explain why we’re not conforming to their “perceived” norms.

Anyway, check out this post of some etiquette rules from Canadian Bride‘s blog.  Krista and I share some of the same thoughts and surprises when learning more about etiquette.  And, if you need a complete guideline, check out Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette.  

An exerpt from Canadian Bride’s post…

For example, if a guest is in a relationship (even if you don’t know the sigificant other), you are required to invite the date. (That makes sense.) Etiquette also indicates that the host/hostess is not required to offer guests the opportunity to bring a date (“plus one”) when the guest is not in a long-term relationship. (I didn’t realize that rule.) And Wade wanted to offer all our single friends a “plus one”, which would have been nice but it was not practical due to space constraints. We had a very finite capacity for the meal, and we didn’t want to over invite (um, awkward if 5 people eat their meal in a different room!) but we wanted to have as many friends as possible. If we invited “Sam + 1”, we’d have to wait for the RSVP to find out if Sam is bringing someone or if we have an extra seat. (Of course, boy-friends, girl-friends, spouses, significant others, etc. were all invited even if we didn’t know them.)

Check out her post to read more.  It’s a great post!  I’m curious to know if you are/or did follow the strict rules of etiquette?  Talk to me. 

Anyway, if you just don’t know and what a guide, get the book!

Having a two hour lull between the ceremony and reception?  (The two locations are less than five miles apart.)  Mind you, there’s the People Mover, casino’s and plenty to do and see during the two hour break.  OR… To have an hour and a half of cocktails and hors d’œuvres?  So, on the invites, we would put Cocktails and Hors d’œuvres 6 p.m. Dinner 7:30 p.m. 

This is why I ask.  We want time to take pictures.  We have a kick arse photographer and want to take some fun and creative shots before we go to the reception.

And, I know, if we start the reception at 6 p.m. with cocktails and hor’deurves and say dinner will be at 7p.m – We’ll be late.   

And, I really don’t want to take pics before the ceremony.  I want that special moment for us to see each other be the moment I step foot down the aisle.

So, what do you think?!  I need your advice and your suggestions on what to do with this timeline!

I’m in LOVE with rose petal confetti and I’m happy to report that Masonic Temple allows it.  Apparently, some ceremony locations do not.  (So, before you go all out, be sure to touch base with your ceremony site contact.) 

Lookie what just came in!  These little bags are for the rose petal confetti guests will toss after the ceremony!  I ordered these gusseted glassine favor bags from Emmas Paperie.  I ordered 60 for $6 (that includes shipping).   Not bad, eh?

My mom has this sticker machine and we’re going to make a wedding monogram sticker to put on the bags. 

I’m going for this look.  I just love it!


It’s registry crunch time.  The shower invites are going out this week. 

Eeeek, this was harder than we thought!  There’s so many choices. 

And, get this, Bug hates Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So, no.  We’re not registered there.   Macy’s, Target and Home Depot.   Mom says she won’t put Home Depot gift certificates on the invite, so we registered for Home Depot gift certificates!  Ha!  How do you like that loop hole?  How can we ask guests to buy a paint color?  Or trim?  Or tile?   How funny would it be if a guest wrapped up some dry wall!  Hilarious. 

Mom- just for the record… We did put some items other than gift cards on the Home Depot registry… but not many.  Sorry.

Anyway, the shower if fast approaching and my mom is going all out.  I will give you full details when it’s over.  (Thank goodness they’ll have alcohol available.  That’s always a bonus for the shower guests.)

Bug and I thought this registering process would be quick.  We thought we’d get our little registering “guns” and blast the place up.  We each got our own guns so we could divide and conquer.  But, no smoking guns here.  We could actually spend hours upon hours deciding what we really want.  <Yawn> Yes, I’m still tired.  The mental anguish of choosing one over the other is particularly draining.

Ssrly, we’re so concerned about the price of everything.  We want our guests to believe us to be reasonable people… Why, you ask?  Well, because we are!  But, things are so pricy these days.  Really.  It’s crazy.

And, I have some beef… WHY is all the everyday dinnerware I like not available for purchase in a 4 or 5-piece set?  It’s all sold separately.  I must’ve asked the salesperson twice if a particular dinnerware was sold in a set and she said no.  And, the reason being that some people would like to mix and match.  Yeah, I get that.  But, still, I find it ludricrous that our guests would have to buy one piece at a time.  So, it’s possible that we don’t get an entire set.  Not liking this.  It’s not guest-purchase friendly.

We still have to finish registering at all three places.  I propose that when a couple comes into register, they also give you a bottle of wine and two glasses when they hand over the little registering gun.  How dangerous would that be?  Dangerous and fun.  I like it.  But, I suppose we can do that online too, right?

UPDATE: While perusing online, with a cup of coffee in hand, I found that you CAN buy the dinnerware in a set.  Interestingly enough, you have to buy the set online as oppossed to in the store.  And, you CANNOT add the set to the registry.  Simply put, it’s stupid like that.

Can I just say, I love me some Mikasa.

I’ve been struggling with table numbers.   Not that I’m having issues with counting (that’s only after having a bottle of wine), but really, I had no inspiration… until now. 

Check this out.  Thanks to Erica from 07/25/09 Wed…  Go see.  Come back.

What do you think?  I could take some snapshots of casino numbers, since our little soire is taking place at Greektown Casino-Hotel.   Slot machine, Roulette… Need your feedback, pretty please.

Hey, hey!  Look what Detroit Katie shared with me.   Katie came across these hand-painted toasting flutes on Etsy.  The glasses are 9 inches tall with black stem and base.  And, they feature a delicate, detailed damask design .

Do you like?  I do.  These are marvelous!  Thanks Katie for passing along the find.

Damask Hand-painted Toasting Flutes

Esty damask toasting flutes

I’d love to get my hands on these.  And, come to think of it, some Dom too.   I love champagne and I love stemware.  (sigh) 

Welcome to the world of Juliska.  Get this.  Juliska glass is mouth-blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Being handmade, no two pieces of Juliska are identical. Each will have its own character – small bubbles, slight color and size variations. 

I want.  Don’t you? 

Juliska GlasswareJuliska1Source

More, or less, this is our black and white look.  Ok, nix those big, white candelabras and insert modest centerpieces with deep red, purple and fushia flowers.  Ditch the satin.  Oh, and tie a black sash around a more rounded chair, and it’s almost it!  Not sure if that’s confetti on the table or flower petals, but nix that too!  We’re doing black linens, white charger plates, black napkins, and white envelopes in a menu-folded napkin.  If you can find a better pic, please send to me!

I was perusing the pics I previously posted on this here blog and thought – what was I thinking?  I guess what I saw in my head was not what I actually saw in the picture.  But, this is better.  Do you agree?


I love my dad.  And, I’m proud to have him walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.  And, I know he feels the same.

Well, Saturday my dad called me up with some concerns.  On Friday, my parents went to a wedding on the East side.  And, after the father walked the bride down the aisle, the pastor asked “who gives away this woman?”   He did not like that.  At. All.  He said, what kind of father could give his daughter away! 

He wants to be sure that our reverand asks “who gives this woman’s hand in marriage?” – Because he’s not giving away nothin!     Ha!  How funny. 

So, I’ll be sure to tell the Reverand to ask who gives my hand in marriage, so my dad doesn’t make a scene!  He would too.  And, if he did, I wouldn’t even mind. 

Me and dad.  Isn’t he cute?IMG_2886

I don’t want any personalized, lovey-dovey, heartsy-fartsy champagne glasses near the headtable on our wedding day!  That’s just a personal preference and I completely understand if you feel differently.  That’s what an honest wedding is about, right?

Actually – I’m not so much wanting anything store-bought.  I’m thinking something vintage we find at a garage or estate sale.  And, if we can’t find something for a garage sale price, we’ll use the champagne glasses we received as a wedding favor at our friends wedding last year.  No need to break the bank.  And, with my record of breaking steamware, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Anyway, I was perusing the web for some vintage or funky glasses and came across these.  Me likes.


 Champage glasses



We’re borrowing this beautiful idea our Reverand shared with us that his daughter used at her wedding. 

When she sent out the invitations, she invited her married guests to bring a framed picture of themselves on their wedding day to the reception.  They had a table set-up where the guests could put their pictures. 

She believed her wedding was not just about their love and new marriage, but that a wedding is about the celebration of love and marriage in general.  And, she wanted her guests to be part of this celebration.

Isn’t this a brilliant idea? 

We LOVE this.  Both of our parents have been together for more than 35 years.  And we wanted to acknowledge this –  This will help us do that!  I’d like to find some way for each couple to denote how long they’ve been married.

Really, what a beautiful idea… Oh, wedding planning can really make you think about things.  Good stuff. 

I can’t wait to show you all pictures of how this turns out!


Cool.  Different.  I like them.  Came across 5eizen on Grey Likes Wedding

Check these out.  You can find 5eizen on esty

5eizenElle Bloom Series - White and Black Ring Pillow

Elle Bloom Series - Creamy Ivory Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow Elle Bloom Series - Pink and Sage Green Ring Pillow

Kate Series I - Black and Gray Ring Pillow

I am officially obsessed with the show ticket invite.   And, I particularly love the one I posted below. 

BUG and I are getting married at the Masonic Temple and our names will be on the marquis.  (Cool, huh?)  And, our reception is at Greektown Casino-Hotel.   The ticket invite just makes sense.  And, now, I am obsessed with getting my hands on this for a reasonable price. 

I’ll let you know what I come up with for prices.  We all know that invites can put a dent in the budget.  And, they’re just INVITES.  People throw them away.  (And, here I am obsessed with them…)

Holy Snikes!  I had a good idea today.  It’s about the invitations.  And, this ideas pulls our theme together.  It’s already been done before, so it’s not as though I’ll be renouned as the next Martha Stewart of inviations.  But, I LOVE it.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea!  Don’t you feel good when you’re in love with an idea?

As always, whenever I have a brainchild. I call my mom -BUT when I told her she was rather disappointed with the idea.  She sounded like Eyore on the phone and I couldn’t believe that she, too, wasn’t basking in the glorious idea.

Well, a second later she grumbled that she liked the idea and that I take all the fun out of this wedding fiasco.  <Bridgette has no response… slowly starting to think the idea may be STUPID>

The she says, “You booger!” (as in gooey mucas) “That’s what I’m doing for your shower invitations!” <HUFF, PUFF – btw… this is my mom>

Then she says that I’m ruining all the bridal shower surprises she has for me!

I think this is WONDERFUL.  Finally, we’re on the same page.  After months of different visions… we’re thinking the same things.

And, just for the record, mom, I don’t mind having similar themes for the bridal shower and wedding invites.  They won’t look exactly the same!

Anyway, I’m HAPPY.  Cause, I’m CHOOT CHOOT, Chuggins along.  (Wow, so 90s… I might just bust out Quad city DJ’s “Come on Ride the Train!”) 

What do you think of something like this?


I love these!   And, I can’t wait to taste one!  Mmm.  So pretty and so delicious-looking. 

I really wanted to incorporate lady bugs into our wedding day. ( I call my guy Bug –  Short for Love Bug.)  And, I also know that if I don’t do it right, I’ll be crossing a fine line into the land of the tacky.  So, it needs to be subtle…  When I came across John and Kira’s artisean choclates last December, I knew that I had to have these!  

So, I put my order in earlier this week and I should get them the week of the wedding.  Lakes Cakes is going to hide these little bugs underneath the flowers on my cake.   So, you’ll have to have a keen eye to spot them.   I’ll just be happy knowing they’re there!

John and Kira’s Boutique Love Bugs
John and Kiras Love Bug chocolates

The cake – it’ll be stark white with red, purple and fuchsia-colored flowers
Martha Stewart Cake Old Time Favorite

What comes first?  The bride’s initial or the groom’s initial?  I’ve seen and heard of it BOTH ways! 

I had some serious anxiety over this, because if we went with the groom’s name first, our monogram would be KGB.  Ok, I know it’s not obscene – I can think of some really bad ones (like TIT and PMS)… but still, we didn’t think of us when looking at the monogram,.. we thought of the Russian secret service.

So, I did a little research on monogram ettiquette:

Initials: Monogram ettiquette dictates that the bride’s initial always comes first.   Then the joint last name, followed by the groom’s initial.  So, for us, it’ll be BGK. 

Usage: Also, you should not use your married monogram until after the “I Do” part.  For example, you shouldn’t use your monogram on your wedding invitations, save the dates or even at your ceremony.  But you can use them at the reception.  And, it’s considered bad luck to use them before you’re actually married.    I’ve read, if you’d like to use your monogram before the actual marriage, to use the initials of your first names.

Check out more monogram rules here and here and here.

And, because today’s rules are flexible, you can really do what you’re comfortable doing.  Though, you might have some ettiquette police, like your great aunt Gin, in the crowd scowling.   

Wedding Monograms

Classic design 5 for wedding monograms and logos.

Contemporary design 2 for wedding monograms and logos. 

Classic design 1 for wedding monograms and logos.


Look at these Michigan-made bad boys…  These unscented candles glow from the inside out.  Of course, my mom came across these at Bullfrog Light Company in Charlevoix, Mich.,  They have gorgeous Unity candles.  Check them out.  What we like most about them is they’re handcrafted right here in Michigan.

We choose the white, custom monogrammed candle, which was a little pricey for a unity candle – but we caught the sale that was going on earlier this week!  Keep an eye out, they have sales and deals on items all the time!  I also picked-up two 7-inch tapered candles and the unity candle stand.  Not only will it serve its purpose at the ceremony, but we’ll also put it on the headtable for some additi0nal candle light.

Should be a beautiful addition to our candlelit ceremony and reception, don’t ya think?

Bullfrog Light CompanyBullfrog custom monogrammed candles


Speaking of chargers… Does anyone know where I can get white chargers?  Or do you think I should just stick with the FREE (key word = FREE) white plates my reception venue will put down. 

Here’s the look I’m trying to achieve, but with white chargers.  I love the menu napkin.  Think the venue’s white plate will be big enough?  Ssrly, I don’t need a this much space on the plate, but I don’t want it to look sloppy either.  What do you think?  I need your sound advice…

Inspiration: Detroit Knottie Meglett
DryzgaImage: The Shooting Gallery

For those who don’t already know this, I just want to give you all a heads-up.  Stephanie from Stephanie’s Wedding Creations has a special on chargers right now.  I hope you’re sitting down… because she’s offering chargers at .40 cents each!  What a deal!  She has gold, silver, blue and black.

UPDATE: They will offer white chargers in August.

This is sharp, isn’t it?


Silver Chargers.  I like these.  I liked them enough to wonder how I could incorporate them, but I already have a plan and the silver charger just won’t go.

Anyways, as always, I thought I’d pass the find along to you.  If you get these, tell me, so I can be happy for you.  And, I want to see pictures too!

250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
image 1136816240-1
image 1136816240-0
image 1136816240-3

Original Post: 250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
Reply to:

For sale, 250 antique silver charger plates. The hall wanted to charge $4 per plate to rent theirs, so I bought my own. Willing to pass along for $1.30 per plate. These are silver textured resin. They have a bit of a square design to the texture which is very faint. Plates are 13″ across and black on the backside. I bought these brand new and paid well over $500 for them plus shipping. Only used one time. All have been hand washed and are ready for pick up. $300 takes all.

Last photo is a picture of the chargers with one of my plate settings just as an example. White plates not included.

Thanks for looking!


If you’re looking for silk rose petals, here they are.  10,000 of them!  And, I’d definitely ask for less.  I’m shameless, but bartering and Craigslist are synonymous.  

Think about it, silk is less expensive and if you’re using it as confetti, it won’t stain your wedding gown.  (Yes, real rose petals can stain!) 

10,000 Silk Rose Petals – Cantonimage 1121943620-0

Orginal Post: 10,000 silk rose petals – dark red – $100 (Canton)
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-04-14, 12:45PM EDT

10,000 silk rose petals – dark red/burgandy – Asking only $100!

I bought these rose petals for my wedding; however, we changed our colors! Petals are still sealed in bags – NEVER USED!

I also have the original receipt confirming the 10,000 rose petals!

I found THE BEST priced chargers.  While I’m not using chargers, I thought I’d share the find with some of you budget-minded brides.  (I asked for another while I was checking out linens.)

Miss Rita from Candlelite Linens and More rents chargers for .80 cents each.  If you rent linens from her, she’ll give them to you for .50 cents per charger.  I say DAMN!

She offers them in both gold and silver acrylic.

Nope.  Never ever considered a headtable backdrop until I looked at this pic.  This is where our headtable will be.  And, no, we don’t like the exit sign and doors.  Seriously, is it a big deal?  No.  But, will I look back and say I wish I would’ve spent the money to fix it.  Maybe. 

So, now I wonder how much does simple white drape cost?  And who can do this for us?  And, if it’s too expensive, can we do something ourselves? (I’m envisioning curtain rods and white drapes! Ha. )  We didn’t anticipate not liking the backdrop this much!   What do you think?  Worth the price of drape?  Help!

Oh, and this pic of the room doesn’t do it justice.  The ballroom is beautiful!

sorry for the censored chunk…backdrop

We want something simple like this white draping. 

For months, I’ve been looking for black and white reception images that were similar to what we were thinking.  And finally, after much stalking here they are. 

We were struggling between black table runners or a 60″ square black overlay over the 72″ round.  And after seeing the room and the bold earth tones – we booked Greektown Hotel Casino while it was still undergoing construction- the tables definitely need a more bold look to pull off our black/white theme.   We’re using a deep red (or even burgandy) and a deep purple as accent colors for a dramatic look.  We’ll carry this out with the flowers/centerpieces.  (Mom might be making the overlays to cut cost… and we’ll craigslist those bad boys later.)

I love this look – though I prefer all white chair covers and black sashes.

Finally, here’s an example of the purple and red flowers against black.  We’re using roses and lisianthus’. 

Chair sash tie – Twisted to look like a tuxedo bowtie.  ( I don’t know what’s this is called, do you?)

Another one I came across.  Custom lighting is cool.

At my wedding, custom lighting means dimming the lights!   


I’m liking these so much.  I’m thinking we can put them somewhere?  Hmm, we’re doing this picture-themed/inspired lounge that will have pics of our grandparents (who’re no longer with us), family, friends, our dog…  It’s located directly across from the ballroom and it overlooks Detroit.   Maybe there.  Who would hang these bad boys up?  That’s a good question.  

You can get your hands on various sizes of paper lanterns on Luna Bazaar – it so happens to be a “Good Thing.”  It’s Martha Stewarts vendor of choice.  They start out at about $2.75 each.   Buy in bulk and they’re even cheaper… 



Look at this.  I like the purple lighting and the pink and green flowers.  So my style.


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