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I can’t say enough about Heather Saunders.  She’s simply amazing.  I truly believe in chemistry with your wedding vendors and as soon as I met Heather in her quaint little Royal Oak, Mich., studio I KNEW she was the ONE.  It was like knowing which wedding dress was THE ONE when you tried it on!  She just FIT! 

She is incredibly talented.  Geniune.  Fun.  And we LOVE LOVE LOVE her.    

Here’s the My Detroit Wedding sneak peek she posted on her bloggity blog.  see more on her blog. They’re prettier there too!

More to come soon.  Thank you HS!  We love them!  <sigh>

My Detrot Wedding Sneak Peek
 Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_BK1

Heather Saunders_BK2

Heather Saunders_BK3

Heather Saunders_BK4

Heather Saunders_BK5

Heather Saunders_BK6

Heather Saunders_BK7

Heather Saunders_BK8

Heather Saunders_BK9

Heather Saunders_BK10

Heather Saunders Photography is BAD ASS_11


Love this one.  Love you ladies.


I believe in True Love.  I believe it’s possible to fall in love with the same person over and over again. 

I believe you need to have good times and bad times.   I believe you have to fail at some things to understand how to suceed at other things.

I believe in taking the time to dance with your partner in your living room on a week night for no reason at all.  

I believe in having time away from one another.  I believe in making time for each other, even when it seems impossible.

I believe in tears of joy.  And, I believe in lifelong love.  I don’t believe it to be easy.  But I believe it’s possible if you both believe it to be possible. 

I believe getting married to an incredible man has turned me into a teary-eyed, joyous wreck.

Me.  As I get ready to walk down the aisle to marry my guy.Bridge Wedding 001

Here’s a little sneek peek of our Detroit Wedding video.  Two Penny Productions.  They’re amazing!!  Their work is breathtaking.  This little video snippet took my breath away!

This was waiting for my husband and I when we came back from the honeymoon. 

Who would have thought we’d see something so quickly after the wedding?  Nice little gift, isn’t it!

Thank you Rob and Hyun. 

Two Penny Productions: Bridgette and Kenny

UPDATE: I can’t stop watching this.  And, I literally throw my head down on my keyboard and cry remembering how beautiful the day was! 

Not sure where August went, but September here you are!

It should be a beautiful month!  There’s so many us of September brides out there!  Can you believe it’s finally here?

Pearls Events_September bridesSource

Introducing… Amy and Steve

Amy and Steve met, fell in love, and then got engaged in downtown Detroit.   The engagement included an elaborate scheme that had Amy thinking she was having dinner with Tiger’s head coach Jim Leyland.  So, it only made sense when planning their wedding to have it Detroit.  They are both huge supporters of downtown and wanted their friends and family to share in the love and pride they have for a city some people have a not-so-favorable opinion of… They think it’s a big mission accomplished! 

Amy and Steve had their ceremony at the amazingly beautiful Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greektown.  After they said I DO, the couple went back to the place where it all began… an old time Detroit favorite…  Garden Bowl , America’s oldest active bowling alley, which is located inside the Majestic Cafe on Woodward Avenue for some fun shots. 

Before heading to the Roostertail for the reception, Amy and Steve stopped by at their favorite local watering hole, Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub at Woodward and Congress, for some local Michigan MIcrobrews. 

Amy and Steve incorporated the Detroit skyline into their save the dates, wedding invitations and menus which was inspired by the view from the room at the Roostertail.  Giving proper recognition to Detroit’s historical music scene, Amy and Steve asked that only Motown music be played during cocktails and dinner and the bridal party entered the room to Sam Roberts Band’s “Detroit ‘67.”


Real Detroit Wedding: Amy & Steve
Detroit, Michigan

All images belong to The Shooting Gallery.  Amazing, aren’t they?

Here’s a little taste of the next Real Detroit Wedding.  I can’t wait to post this wedding.  I’m loving these images by the Shooting Gallery.   They’re Fun. Happy. Beautiful.   

This wedding will introduce you to some old time Detroit favorites.

Stay. Tuned.  More to come.


This one is called ‘Worth the Wait.’  The bride never settled.  One day she met the guy.  Within a year they were married.  When you know, you know.  And, Julie definitely knows Shannon was worth the wait.  

She hunts, he hunts.  She fishes, he fishes.  She shoots guns, he shoots guns.  She golfs, he golfs.  She golfs better, so I hear!  They’re a perfect pair. 

I know this wedding was a true celebration, because I was lucky enough to be there.   Good people, lots of laughs, dancing, beer pong – YES, BEER PONG, props and all.  And, the groom sang to his bride.  Cool surprise.  Yes, this was a party.

And, more importantly, it was a truly joyful celebration.  Enjoy.

They were married at Clarkston United Methodist Church and had their reception at Bay Point Golf Club in Bloomfield Hills.  All images are courtesy of John F. Martin Photography.

Julie & Shannon
May 2, 2009
Clarkston/Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Julie Getting ReadySuper  BrideBoys1
CeremonyCeremony2Ceremony3Unity Candledetails1reception1Shannon singingparty.jpg1

I am taken aback at how stunning this bride is!  Allow me to introduce, Detroit Bride Alessia. She was married to her longtime beau in a suburb of Detroit on New Year’s Eve 2008.  Talk about ringing in the New Year!

Isn’t her dress breathtaking?  When I saw the pictures after her Big Day, I was amazed at how incredibly beautiful she was in this tailor-made gown.   

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML inspired gown!

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML-inspired gown!

So, Michigan brides, I have to tell you her secret.  Alessia had her  designer-inspired, French lace dress made by Patty Weir of Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak, Mich.  I really haven’t seen anything like it!  It’s simply gorgeous.

So, if you’ve found the dress of your dreams, but it has an outrageously out-of-reach price… Call Patty.  She just might be able to make you the dress of your dreams for an incredibly practical price.

Patty at Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak

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