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The Thank You’s are out!

I can now blog my little heart out! And, I can work on my new and improved My Detroit Wedding format. Can’t wait, bride.2.Be’s! 

A new and improved website will be coming soon!  With the Thank You’s in the mail I can now work on my new site guilt free… what a relief…

My last wedding deposit!


I know I’ve been MIA with this here bloggity blog.  I’ve been painting, painting and PAINTING.  So it goes when you move into a house with dark wood paneling that screams the 70s!

But, I’m off to a bridal shower in Almont and then I’ll get back to my vendor reviews and Detroit wedding love. 


I can’t say enough about Heather Saunders.  She’s simply amazing.  I truly believe in chemistry with your wedding vendors and as soon as I met Heather in her quaint little Royal Oak, Mich., studio I KNEW she was the ONE.  It was like knowing which wedding dress was THE ONE when you tried it on!  She just FIT! 

She is incredibly talented.  Geniune.  Fun.  And we LOVE LOVE LOVE her.    

Here’s the My Detroit Wedding sneak peek she posted on her bloggity blog.  see more on her blog. They’re prettier there too!

More to come soon.  Thank you HS!  We love them!  <sigh>

My Detrot Wedding Sneak Peek
 Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_BK1

Heather Saunders_BK2

Heather Saunders_BK3

Heather Saunders_BK4

Heather Saunders_BK5

Heather Saunders_BK6

Heather Saunders_BK7

Heather Saunders_BK8

Heather Saunders_BK9

Heather Saunders_BK10

Heather Saunders Photography is BAD ASS_11

One month married today.

Life is good.  Life is MORE than good.

Shutterbooth Fun2009.

Vendor reviews, a new Detroit venue overview and more later this week!

I promise.  I promise I’ll do this soon!   I’m going to add a My Vendor Review section to the blog.  I have some really wonderful things to say and some very honest feedback. 

But, I wanted to tell you when choosing a vendor, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  I can’t tell you how important it is to choose a vendor you trust.  You have to have faith in them.  And, for me, it was really important that we had good chemistry with vendors we were going to be working closely with… like our photographer, videographer and Day of Wedding Coordinator

When looking for a vendor or venue, I want to emphasize that some people are going to have good experiences and bad experiences with different vendors.  Even the best have a bad day.   So, don’t let one opinion stop you from looking into a vendor or venue.  Do the homework yourself.  Always go with your gut instinct.  And, rememeber, the best deal out there isn’t always the best choice.  But on the flip side, the best deal might be an up-and-coming vendor trying to establish credibility in the industry… You have to figure all that out yourself!

I can tell you right now,  I LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Heather Saunders Photography, Two Penny Productions, Dorothy Bennick from Masonic, Erika from EcoPosh, Shutterbooth and Michele Nonis.   Details to come on all in individual posts.


Love this one.  Love you ladies.


Anyone one who knows me, knows I’m a blusher.  My body can explode into a full-on, head-to-toe blush at any given moment. 

Ssrly.  When I’m happy, sad, mad, anxious, uncomfortable, ecstatic, nervous, the center of attention, embarrassed, embarrassed for someone else… Blush.  (Or just blotchy)  Really, I’m a walking emotion-con.  And, if I happen to have a cocktail, it’s blush x10 .  I mean, I blush when I’m embarrassed for someone even when its on TV!!  Pretty amazing, huh?  I’ve been cursed.

So, I was REALLY, really worried about this before the wedding. (I’m talking like 9 months before the wedding.)  I was thinking…

Me. Stark White Dress. Blotchy Red Blush. One Hot Mess.

I had even researched if there was any kind of blush prevention therapy or meds out there.  And, there is… whether they work or not, I don’t know.

I decided to forgo any treatment and to just not to worry about it.  During my “blush prevention” search I also happened upon this link.  It basically said the more you worry the worse it’ll get.  And, I know that to be true from experience!  (I think I may be the only woman in Metro Detroit who can turn purple and not be choking or be experiencing a serious medical condition.) 

So, I didn’t worry.  I didn’t even post about it because I didn’t want my friends and family to be looking for it… then I would blush thinking they were thinking about it!   

So you know what happened?  Miraculously, I did not blush when my dad walked me down the aisle.  I felt myself beginning to blush when I was at the alter.  I asked Bug if I was turning red and he whispered, “No, Baby.  You look beautiful.”  And, then I asked him, “Are you sure?”  He smiled and looked into my eyes and said yes.  And. I believed him.

It wasn’t until we were signing the marriage licenses right after the ceremony when I looked in the mirror and saw that my neck and chest were all blotchy! 

It was his little white lie because he knew if he told me the truth that I would’ve turned purple. (And, it wouldn’t have been pretty.)

And, that’s just one reason why I love him so much.  Because, he knows me so well.

After that, there was no more blushing…

My advice is if your worried about something – ANYTHING – that may happen on your wedding day.  Don’t think about it.  Think about what the day is about and focus on that.  And, if something does goes wrong… if you blush, trip or fidget… it doesn’t really matter.  It’s the BEST DAY of YOUR LIFE! 

This is me… blushing after the ceremony. Splotchy red on the chest and arms and even on my back!  But, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
Bridge Wedding 012

MY DETROIT WEDDING NOTE: That’s rose petal confetti in my bosom if you’re wondering.

I believe in True Love.  I believe it’s possible to fall in love with the same person over and over again. 

I believe you need to have good times and bad times.   I believe you have to fail at some things to understand how to suceed at other things.

I believe in taking the time to dance with your partner in your living room on a week night for no reason at all.  

I believe in having time away from one another.  I believe in making time for each other, even when it seems impossible.

I believe in tears of joy.  And, I believe in lifelong love.  I don’t believe it to be easy.  But I believe it’s possible if you both believe it to be possible. 

I believe getting married to an incredible man has turned me into a teary-eyed, joyous wreck.

Me.  As I get ready to walk down the aisle to marry my guy.Bridge Wedding 001

Many of you have asked if I was sad the wedding planning and the wedding itself was over.  Honestly.  No.  Not yet, at least.  I can’t imagine that I will, either. 

Ssrly.  I’m ecstatic that the planning is over.  Too many crazy things were swirling around in my already crazy head.  Details, paper, printing, ink, going back and forth with my reception vendor.  I felt like I didn’t have time for friends and family.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE this wedding planning business.  Really.  I love WRITING about it too.  But, I think I’d be a much cooler cucumber if it wasn’t my own… you know?

I felt like the wedding planning was a spider that had spun its pretty little web around me.    

Now, the actual Wedding Day.  It.  Was.  It was like being able to touch a rainbow, or sit on a cloud or actually see love.   

And you know what?  I can’t imagine not having hired a videographer.  (Thanks Mom!  Read this…She made me…)  Because, I get to see snippets of the day and feel it all over again.  And, it makes me.  Happy.  And, it makes me run over and kiss my husband and hug the dog and call my mom and tell her I love her. 

Life is so. Good. 

I don’t have any wedding pics yet. 
So I posted this.  I’m working on collecting them online.  Soon.
 sb10066537z-001, Angelo Cavalli /Photodisc Source

NOTE: Videographer pricing has changed since my original 2008 post.  Just sayin’!

Here’s a little sneek peek of our Detroit Wedding video.  Two Penny Productions.  They’re amazing!!  Their work is breathtaking.  This little video snippet took my breath away!

This was waiting for my husband and I when we came back from the honeymoon. 

Who would have thought we’d see something so quickly after the wedding?  Nice little gift, isn’t it!

Thank you Rob and Hyun. 

Two Penny Productions: Bridgette and Kenny

UPDATE: I can’t stop watching this.  And, I literally throw my head down on my keyboard and cry remembering how beautiful the day was! 

Yesterday, we married.  It was the most beautiful and spiritual experience. 

I awoke early on my wedding day.  I watched the sunrise over the Detroit River.  I smiled.  I cried tears of joy.  I was happy.  Content.  Never more sure of anything.  

Not nervous.  Not queasy.  Not worried.  Thought of nothing other than the man I would see at the end of a beautiful red-carpeted aisle.

Before friends, family and God, we vowed to love each other till death do us part.  It was the most beautiful moment of my life.  And, not surprisingly, I fell in love with the man all over again.

Although the day flew by in a heart beat, we savored every moment.

Dear Grandma P and Grandma L-

Today, my heart aches for you both.   Today, I miss you so much it hurts.  I know it’s selfish, but I want you here.  I want you to meet the good man I’m going to marry tomorrow.   He would charm you both with his smile and his easy demeanor.  You would like him.   And, you would see that I’m going to marry an incredibly good man.  But I’m sure you already know that…

Thinking of you both,

It’s less than two weeks out.  And, you know what I’ve been doing? I spent the last two beautiful and gorgeous days on the boat… I read a book, got some sun and haven’t worried about a thing.

The week before last, I decided that nothing – NOTHING – wedding related is going to bother me.  And, it hasn’t.  I’m happy, sane and relaxed.     

Last month was by far the most stressful month to date.  And, I’m not having none of that anymore.  Granted, every weekend was action-packed with an event or two or three!  But, it’s time to really enjoy things and slow down the pace.  I don’t want to miss a moment.  I don’t want to wonder where the days went.  I want to savor them.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be busy.  We’ve got vendor meetings and all kinds of appointments.  But the decisions are already made.  And, I have FAITH in my vendors.  I don’t need every little detail squared away.  I trust their judgement.  Not my details to worry about anymore!

And really, will I notice every little detail come the day of… NO.  Do I care if things are perfect?  NO.  And, what I’m NOT going to do is look for imperfections.  That would be such a waste of the day. 

All I want is to enjoy the day.  Celebrate with friends and family.  And, I want to celebrate with my husband. 

Here are the details I care most about:

We marry. 
We love.
We dance.
We celebrate.
We laugh.

That’s it.  So simple.  So easy.  I hope all you’s are enjoying the final count down…

What a cool pic, huh?
wedding celebration


 In one month, we marry!

Can you believe it, September brides/grooms?  It’s coming so fast, isn’t it?



True Story. No joke.  No lie.  Each day, my hair turns a darker shade a creamsicle orange.  And, it’s 5 weeks to the wedding.

As you all know, we moved in June.  What I think I didn’t  tell you is that our water is no longer city water but it comes from a well.

This means, not only does the water leave a wretched orange stain on the toilet bowl – which needs to be cleaned several times monthly – but it’s turning my blonde hair a creamy orange color. 


At the rate this thing is progressing, I’ll look like a push-up pop on the wedding day.  White dress, orange head.  It’ what every girl dreams of!

Story is, I got my hair did on Aug 1.  I’m naturally blonde, but like many of you all, I get a little help from highlights to brighten me up.  Well, it was the first time I got my hair did since we moved into the new house…  I was completely happy with it for… oh, say, four days.  BUT, then it started to take on an orange color.  It literally looks like I have red highlights in some places. 

At first, I thought my girl did something weird to my hair, but then I thought of how orange the water turned last week when we ran out of water softner… and how the towels turned kind of orangish.  Then, I was like.  Oh, $H!T.  After doing some research and talking to a color specialist… the iron and other minerals in well water actually damage your hair.  The iron is what makes blondes take on a creasicle orange color.  So, no matter if we have softerner or other water treatments, my stylist said that as long as I’m a blonde and I shower with well water, I’ll be battling the ronald mcdonald look. 

The good thing is, they make a product that reverses this nonsense!  It’s called Malibu and I’m going first thing tommorrow to get a treatment the local salon.  And, you better believe I’ll be buying some preventive shampoo and conditioner for well water while I’m there…  

Ssrly.  Who woulda thought?

Me donning my new do.  Doesn’t it look like red highlights?


So, I found myself crying at my desk today.  Yes.  I was at work.  No. I wasn’t bawling, sobbing or thrashing about.  Just tears. 

As a general rule.  I don’t EVER cry at work.  That’s not to say I haven’t cried in the parking lot here or there.  And, sometimes I felt the sniffles coming on and fought them.  Yeah. Crying in the workplace is a big, fat NO-NO.

But, there I was.  Looking out my window, wiping away tears.  Feeling hurt. Anger. And well, let’s be honest, self pity! 

So, I’m frustrated with a vendor.  And a friend can’t make it to the shower.  And, I can’t find something to wear to the shower.  And I miss my girls from outta town.  And, the list of stupid, (in the scheme of things) insignificant things go on.  But, is that enough to cry about?  Ssrly? 

NO.   And, after re-reading that I had cried about that stuff makes me feel selfish and, well.  I feel like a MORON. 

I have it so good.  Sometime you need to write how you feel to see that it’s not as bad as you think.  

Thanks for reading.  You all keep me sane.

Pent. Up.  Stressed.  Frustrated. Over. Whelmed.  Didn’t want to make another decision to save my life, you better not ask me, cause my head will spin a hundred million times and I then I will kill you. 

That’s been me… for say… oh about two weeks. 

It was ugly.  I was a force to be reckoned with.  My wrath could envelope a room.   

But.  It disapatted.  We went to a party Saturday night.  We drank.  We laughed.  We partied.  We stayed the night.  And, the next morning, while tired and needing some bacon, I felt good.  The freaked out chick who showed-up the night before, did not come home with us the next day. (As far as I’m concerned, Kenny drowned that alter ego in the pond.  All we know, is we both do not want it to come back to life.)

What drove me mad, you ask?  Well, I think it was a combination of work and wedding.  Work’s been super busy and making final decisions for the wedding and executing invitations and everything else piled-up on my plate.  And, I think what was really killing me was… get this… having to make decisions that would make everyone happy.  Then it got  to the point, where Kenny would ask me if I wanted rice or potatoes and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Then, late last week I got so sad.  Because, I just wanted to feel excited.  I wanted to feel joy.  And, I felt like I stopped enjoying everything. 

But, today.  I’m excited!  I’m getting married next month.  It’s crazy!  My shower is this weekend.  I get to share a nice meal with friends and family – one of my favorite things to do – and I’m getting married next month!

So, my task at hand… will be to ward off the Zilla Monster and remember what all these crazy plans are about. 

It’s about… Me. Him. Love. Marriage. Happiness. Joy. Friends. Family. Celebration.  

I was heading in this direction.

I wouldn’t mess with her.  Would you?

We got five back today.  All accepts!

You know the funny things about these l’il guys… these rsvps make the wedding seem real.   After a year of planning, we’re not just talking the talk.  We’re walking the walk.

Holy Snikes.  

Holy Snikes! 

And so is he!

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m going outta my mind.  These wedding invitations have driven me into disturbia.

Poor Bug.  Please give him a knowing look and hand him a beer when you see him. 

On a sane note, these invitations will go out tomorrow.  There is an end to the madness!  I’ll tell you my lessons learned (and my so called trials and tribulations) when they’re off my hands! 


Well, I’ve been working on invitations for the last couple weeks.  And, I planned to adhere the masterpeice (the main invitation my friend Michelle brought to life) on a piece of gorgeous black linen cardstock.

So… in preparation to bust-a-move on  these invites… I pre-cut the black linen cardstock during my lunch break last week Tuesday. Well tonight, while I was at Kinkos talking to them about the print job, I realized that I had cut the background piece about a 1/4 inch short.  So.  Basically.  The invitation and the background are exactly the same length.  If I could have reared my own ugly head and cut its throat, I would have!   

What a waste of time cutting those things.  A waste of money on paper.  If I had voiced the obsenities going through my head I woulda been thrown in jail.  

On the drive home all I could think of was:

GRRR… Snarl… SNAP.   

And, that wasn’t the half of it.   I’ll tell you about my print debacle tomorrow.  Too bitter about the paper to divulge tonight.

Grrr.  Snarl.  Snap.

I’m tired.  I’m bitter.  It’s ugly.


It’s amazing what we can adjust to as human beings.  I have adjusted to live with the skanky skunk smell.  And no,  I never thought skunks were skanks until one pulled a prank…

Ok, done being cute with the words.

IMG_3418Good ole Diesel, picured left, chased a skunk and was sprayed by said skunk – right between the eyes – last week Monday.  Not only did the skunk skank the dog.  But, the incredibly accurate creature skanked the house.  Yes.  Windows were open, the sulfurus oil penetrated the house and in came the stench.  And, it’s rather UNPLEASANT.  We think we know what it smells like until it’s fresh outta its skunkfurous glands.  (Which, I might add are strategically placed on either side of its arse.) 

However, I must say.  You learn to adjust.  And, soon, the skanky smell welcomes you when you come home.  It actually envelopes you as you walk in the door after a hard days work.  It’s been more than a week since the incident, and the smell… well… let’s just say it’s made itself at home.  And, just for the record, we are trying various remedies.  If you have one, do tell.

So, that is my life in my new home.   With the lake, comes life.  And life takes all forms.  On a happier note, I’m happy to announce I have my very own groundhog.  He’s got his own burrow right under our back porch.  Perhaps, I can captalize on that in the future… Say, around Feb. 2?

If you remember, my camera was stolen back in April.  I was out.  It was late.  My camera was in my purse.  I was playing roulette.  Ah hem… I was under the influence of alcohol (to the extent that I had a nasty hangover the next day.)  Yeah, I was the perfect target.  Put my purse on the chair, back to my purse.  BAM. Purse is gone.  Phone, wallet, keys, camera and LIPSTICK.  I had several tubes of lipstick in there!  The loss was devastating!  

Well, Bug got me a camera!  So, I can post my little heart out on this here blog with my own pics. 

So happy.  Thanks Bug!

Tonight, we’re going to Kid Rock.  And you know, he’s a homegrown Michigander –  He gives Detroit so much love.  Leave it to The Kid to have a Detroit block party.

And, he’s introducing his new Michigan-brewed beer that he’s calling American Badass Beer.  The official launch is Labor Day weekend, but he thought he’d test it out on Detroit this weekend. 

So, literally, Kenny and I are going to have a Badass good time tonight in Detroit! 


I am so lucky.  Ssrly, so lucky.

My parents are moving down the street from us.  The put an offer on a house and it was accepted. 

Now, I know some of you out there would just DIE if your parents moved so close to you.  But, I feel like a lottery winner.  There’s nothing more important than family.  I really look forward to being able to drop by rather than having to make plans.  I like the idea of having family so close when we have babies.  I like the idea of having family so close for all the good things in life! 

And, now, we’ll be surrounded by Bug’s family and my family. 

Like I said.  I’m so lucky.

I’m a scaredy-cat.  I thought I heard something in the attic last night and this morning, and I immediately assumed it was a serial killer. 

No.  I’m not a girlie girl.  Yes, I’ve watched too many episodes of Forensic Files. 

Anyway, this morning I got spooked, so I ran outta the house.  And, then when I was at work, I got myself in such a state of panic because I couldn’t remember if I let the dog back in.  (We don’t have a fence)  Well, soon-to-be sister-in-law was nice enough to check to make sure Diesel was in the house (he was!), and then after work, soon-to-be brother-in-law checked the attic. (THANK YOU BOTH!) 

I was expecting him to find a cigarette butt of a serial killer, but he found nothing.  No signs of life.

So, all I have to say now is, Meow.   


You know you’re on vacation when you crack open a Corona at 1 p.m.   Bug is on vaca too.  And, as I took my first swig of beer, he’s still sound asleep. 

Today Bug is a Slug.  Slug-like syptoms result from drinking too much Miller Lite into the wee hours of the night.    

Anyway, last Friday I wrote a list of all the wedding stuff I’d like to get accomplished during my mandatory week off.  (Yes, it’s a mandatory week off.  I’m grateful because I’m too chinsy with my paid time off to have taken a week off no where near the wedding!)  So, uh, I haven’t crossed ONE thing off the list because I’ve been painting my arse off.  I must stop.  Please tell me to stop.  Tell me I have to do wedding stuff. 

The Slug and I still have to finish registering, pick out tuxes, get our rings, choose music.  And, I still have a lot of printing to do.  Luckily, I have my friend MD helping with the invites and table numbers.  All I’s gots to say is I can’t wait to show you.  Cool stuff. 

Toodles for now.  I’ve got paint on my hands, which is now all over the keyboard and my beer bottle.  I have to get to this wedding stuff very soon.  If I don’t, I’ll surely turn into a Zilla Monster the month of the wedding.  And, that would be no good.


I know I’ve been away.  I’ve actually been on a new workout plan.  It’s called the Miyagi workout from the movie The Karate Kid

For the last four days, I’ve been working my abs, arms and thighs with Miyagi’s “paint” workout.  Remember when Miyagi tells Daniel to paint the fence?  I’ve been painting my Great Room.  Muding holes, sanding and painting.  Painting the ceiling was a great ab workout.  Ssrly, I may have to repaint every ceiling in the house.  I’ll have washboard abs by the wedding!  No joke.  I asked Bug to bouce a quarter off them earlier.  He was impressed.

Speaking of Bug, currently he’s busy cleaning up my mess.  Which is why I’m blogging right now.  I just tripped over something and spilt paint all over our white carpet.  I wish I could say it was white paint, but it’s like a tawny brownish  color.   Not good. 

Anyway, I plan to blog wedding love later. 

Uh, Oh.  I gotta go.

Three months from today, we marry. 

Whether it’s sunny or overcast, raining or not – it will be a perfect day.

I’ve been itching to post since Monday.  But this move is relentless.  First, we had to clean the house we moved out of, since we’re renting it and the tenant moved in this past Monday.  (I washed walls, closets, cupboards.  That place is spotless.)

Now, I’m cleaning the new house.  I mean, scrubbing walls, toilets, floors, blah, blah, blah.  My poor little paws are all torn up from cleaning without gloves.  And, my nails have gone to hell.

My, oh, my.  So much to do, and work is getting in the way.   But, I’m hoping to post a Real Wedding tonight.  It’s as Detroit as Detroit gets.  Love it.  You’ll love it too.  

Maybe I’ll chew on some coffee beans and burn the midnight oil working on this here bloggy blog.   

Stay tuned…

I signed my first mortgage yesterday.  And, at 31 years old, I feel all grown-up.  Funny, I never really thought I would.  But I do.  Hmmm, I wonder how long this feeling will last?

Anyway, I’m not the kind of person who says “I feel blessed.”  I’m not particularly religious, so I don’t feel right saying it.  But, yesterday, during the closing, I did and I still do today. 

I didn’t know what to expect at the closing.  I just knew that I’d have to sign my name a million times on a million different documents.  And, I did. 

And, of course, we met the sellers – They were the most gracious people.  The house was an estate that was shared by six people.  The woman who had lived in the house for 20-some-off years passed away three years ago and the house went to to her children. 

And, you could just see it in the seller’s eyes that her mom loved that house.  (Sometime it’s amazing what you can see in people’s eyes, isn’t it?)  They said that when their father died, their mom decided to move to the lake because that’s something she always wanted to do.  And, she spent a year looking for the perfect house.  She found it and spent the rest of her life there.  

I promised them that we would love the house, too.  I already do.  I can’t wait to show you all a picture.  Tomorrow. 

It’s strange how right everything feels.  That’s why I feel so blessed.  Life is good.

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