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Photographer: Heather Saunders Photography
Royal Oak, Mich.
Grade: A+++++++++++++++++

Heather Saunders is an angel behind the lense.  She has a sense and a way about her that brings the beauty out of you. It makes for breathtaking photos. Most every image she takes is artwork. Really. No lie. No exaggeration.  She is the artist. And she has this innate ability to paint the most beautiful picture of your wedding day. 

When it came to choosing a photographer, I knew I wanted to have chemistry with the person behind the camera. I’m not so comfortable in front of the lense.  I’m just not. So, I wanted to find someone who could make  me feel at ease. I wanted to be natural, relaxed and not even worry that a camera was there. Now, I didn’t have to worry about my husband because he’s the biggest ham any camera has seen. He’s a natural in front of the lense!   (To read my previous posts about my thoughts on wedding photography, click here and here)

Anyway, when I first saw Heather Saunders’ image online, I knew. JUST KNEW. She was the one. I checked out her site and was as smitten as a could get! When I called her and talked to her, she was so very humble as I GUSHED about her work that I knew I would like this lady!  From the moment I met her we gabbed like old school mates.  She’s easy to be around. 

Heather was exactly what I was looking for in a photographer and in a person I wanted to share my day with. (If you think about it, all your vendors share your day – they help MAKE your day. You have to TRUST them.) And, Heather’s photography also was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want formal. Staged. Stiff. Traditional. Typical.  Heather is anything but all that! She’s edgy, sylish, relaxed. It’s amazing what she can do!     

We LOVE our wedding pictures.  LOVE them.  The canvas wraps we ordered are impeccable.  Everything she does is perfection. We couldn’t be happier with her.  And, we’ll NEVER stray from her. EVER. 

You must ring her. Check her out.  See for yourself.  And, tell her I sent you over for a chat!

To see more My Detroit Wedding pictures from Heather Saunders, click here.

Heather Saunders Photography


Videographer: Two Penny Productions
Livonia, Mich.
Grade: A+++++++++++++++++++++

I’ve fallen madly in love with Two Penny Productions. Not only are they most creative videographers you’ll find in the Metro Detroit area, they are truly phenomenal to work with. They’re good people. And, they’re one of the best wedding decisions I made.    

Ok, we’ve all seen wedding videos before.  And so many of them are LAME. Painfully lame. But, from the moment I saw Two Penny’s wedding highlight videos, I knew they were the ones. I didn’t even meet them – I just called and asked where I should send my deposit check. Ssrly. No joke. We didn’t meet them until 10 days before the weeding. Crazy, I know. Just watch their videos and you’ll understand why. 

I love their style, love their creativity and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my video! They captured so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. They have talent.  

And what they did with our video is they made it into a documentary. They had us  meet up with them after the wedding to talk on camera about some of the events surrounding the wedding and then the actual day itself.  And then they made it into this beautifully emotional and FUN documentary. So, when we got our dvd, it had our 2-minute highlight (see below), the 25-minute documentary, the entire ceremony, much of the reception and video bloopers.  It was like something you rent from the video store where you can choose your selection.  Completely impressed. amazed. crazed with excitment.  Wow. 

Our Wedding Highlight



There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to watch your own wedding. It’s magical. People tell you about the ceremony, but actually seeing it is completely different.  It’s like being 6-years-old again and waking up on Christmas morning.  It’s that kind of excitement. Two Penny made our wedding video into digital artwork.  REALLY. Truly amazing. Breathtaking. <sigh> 

And to think I almost didn’t book a videographer… (read about that here and here)  

Honestly, I think a wedding videographer is more important than upgrading the bar. More important than upgrading the meal.  If you don’t have the budget for a videographer, I would seriously consider WHAT can be downsized, nixed, hacked, chopped, WHATEVER, so you can get someone to capture your day. 

And, all I can say is you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Two Penny.  I think they’re the best money can buy. 

Rob, Hyun. I love you.  You are incredibly talented individuals.

Two Penny Productions

In the last several months, many of you have asked WHERE in Detroit did you have your Detroit wedding?  And the answer is: Greektown Casino-Hotel.  I know – you’d have to comb the site to figure out where we had our reception.  Well, here’s why… 

When I first began blogging back in Fall 2008, I had written several posts RAVING about how wonderful Greektown Casino-Hotel was and how happy we were with our venue.  These posts had generated a fair amount of business for them. (Ok, A LOT of business for them. One thing I love about this blog is that it’s generated some business for my wonderful and extremely talented vendors! Thank you, dear readers!)

However, because we were no longer having a positive experience with Greektown in the several weeks leading up to the wedding, I had pulled all posts relating to my reception venue down.  Why?  Because the last thing I wanted to do was give bad advice to’s and I didn’t think they were deserving of any more free publicity.

And, those of you who’ve been following know very well, I haven’t publicly written a peep about our experience!  Well, I did that for a couple of reasons.  1) We believe they breached our contract and we were considering taking legal action, (ssrly, we contacted a lawyer! Look for My Where’s the Beef Post!) and 2) I wanted to write objectively and not solely based upon emotion. 

While NOTHING could have ruined our beautiful wedding day, the Greektown experience was quite disastrous.  Now, if you ask our wedding guests, they probably wouldn’t be able to pick up all the points, but some were certainly clear enough.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than dealing with an incompetent and inexperienced vendor in the weeks leading up to your very own wedding!

To be fair to Greektown, I think Greektown’s wedding coordinator was responsible for many of the issues.  She blatantly disregarded many of the details.  She was inexperienced and she proved to be incompetent. I know, harsh, right!?  But, I say it like it is.  (Please note, that particular wedding coordinator no longer works there.)

While I won’t go into the nitty gritty details about our particular situation (at least not in this post), I will tell you Kenny and I sat down with Greektown to go over everything that went wrong – line item by line item.  It was one hell of a list. But, it was important for us to let them know because we truly think Greektown is one of the best locations in Detroit to have the kind of wedding we wanted to have.  Needless to say, the VP was mortified and put several countermeasures in place so those things wouldn’t happen again.

Sorry for the long post.  It feels good to purge. And, I’m happy I waited to post because I think it’s important to remain objective.  Some people have GREAT experiences with a vendor/venue and others don’t.  With that said, it doesn’t mean your experience will be like mine.  It’s important to make your own judgement call.

Anyway, I still plan to post a My Detroit Vendor Review about Greektown Casino-Hotel, so stay tuned for the grade!


Image: Heather Saunders Photography

Pipe & Drape: Colonial Events
Troy, Mich.
Grade: A+

This crew is SOLID.  Like the stalker I am, I called around to other Metro Detroit places that rent pipe and drape and Colonial Events beat out all the prices. 

I didn’t even think of renting pipe and drape for the wedding reception.  Well, not until we actually saw the ballroom set up for a wedding in the same way ours would be set.  The story is – we booked our reception at the Greektown Casino-Hotel before the hotel was complete.  So, we never actually saw the ballroom – we only saw schematics of the ballroom.  It was a jaw dropping deal – and we liked the atmosphere of a casino wedding in the 24-hour buzz of the Greektown corridor, so we booked.  

What the ballroom looks like without a backdrop.

I have to tell you, when we saw the ballroom when it was finished in February 2009, I wasn’t at all impressed – it was blah in comparison to their stunning lobby and plush bistro.  Then, a couple weeks later, Greektown had their first wedding reception and I popped-in to take some pics.  It wasn’t until I saw this (left) picture when I realized that I needed some sort of backdrop to cover the doors and the exit sign.  This look just didn’t go with my intimate and romantic idea I had in my mind for our wedding… 

Well, Greektown’s event coordinator at the time quoted me some prices on a backdrop their in-house A/V crew could put up and said to call then closer to the wedding.  But when I called them a couple months before the wedding to confirm, there was a rather large discrepancy with the price.  

Long story short, I found Colonial Events and we booked white pipe and drape and had four uplights with purple gels for one bad arse out-the-door price.  (TIP: I called my photographer to see which color backdrops and lights would photo best.) 

Ssrly, it completely, COMPLETELY changed the atmosphere of the room.  It was so intimate and romantic.  They helped make a blah room breathtaking. 

LOVE THEM.  They were easy to work with and we had NO issues at all with them!  Check out a previous post I wrote about them.  While our backdrop was fairly simple, they do all kinds of creative and beautiful pipe and drape solutions. 

 Colonial Events: 248-589-3544 

Here’s the ballroom WITH a backdrop.  Big difference, right?Courtesy of Heather Saunders

Florist: Michele Nonis
Warren, Mich.
Grade: A

You know, I think this woman is wonderful.  She truly cares about the integrity of her work.  And, she has confidence in her ability.  It’s easy to have faith in her – And, that is so incredibly important when you’re choosing your wedding vendors. Having faith in the people you choose to make your wedding everything you imagine it to be.  If you try and micro manage you’ll drive yourself Mad Hatter mad!  Michele will tell you that too!

Michele Nonis is very competitve with her pricing – I mean a jaw-dropping good deal.  I met with four florists and called around to others, so I know how good we got it.  She’s able to charge these lower prices because she works out of her home and doesn’t have the overhead of a storefront – and I think she likes to be able to give people what they want for an affordable price. 

A week before the wedding, I found out that our recepetion venue didn’t have votives other than these (when they had told us they had two other kinds), and Michele was able to take care of that in a snap of a finger.  No worries.  So easy. 

I have to tell you, I loved all the flowers.  Absolutely loved them.  The bouquets were BEAUTIFUL.  Really, they were breathtaking.  In all honesty, since I’m brutally honest – the boutineers weren’t my favorite of the bunch, but they were still classy.  (Sorry MN.)  

Now that I got that one little criticism out of the way, I want to tell you when I walked into the ballroom, it was as beautiful and romantic as I hoped it would be.  She had decorated the headtable beautifully with flower petals and votives of various sizes with floating candles.  It literally made my heart skip a beat when we walked in.  It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

And the flowers on each the guest tables were stunning!  Loved the colors, loved the flowers, the candles, EVERYTHING. 

Michele took the image I had in my head and she brought it to life.  And, many of our guests commented on how intimate and romantic the room was.  It was perfect.  Thanks Michele!

So, if you’re looking for a extremely talented florist who charges a reasonable price, give Michele a call.  She is amazing.  And wonderful to work with too! 

Contact: Michele Nonis at 586.776.1201

This is definitely not a Trick, but a TREAT!  If you reserve Shutterbooth for your wedding by Nov. 1, you’ll get $200 off your rental. 

Hurry!  Hurry!   The deal expires Nov. 1, 2009!


You never know what people do when the black curtain is closed.  Here’s just a few of my Shutterbooth favorites.


The Fillmore marquis daylightIf the name doesn’t ring a bell, then you haven’t been down Woodward Avenue lately.  To us native Detroiters, the Fillmore is better known as the State Theater.  Its 2007 name change was due to concert-giant Live Nation’s expansion of its Fillmore brand name.  According to this article the newly branded Fillmore’s will feature signature “dark, sophisticated” red paint, distinctive chandeliers, and vintage Fillmore and Fillmore East posters throughout. 

Talk about a beautiful Detroit venue.  Even before the paint and the chandeliers, its Renaissance Revival style of architecture with its high ceilings and ornate details gave this venue a rich, almost gothic feel.  Now, with its vintage additions and movie house roots, the Fillmore is the perfect Detroit location for an Old Hollywood Glam or vintage-style wedding.        

Now to the nitty gritty details…

Fillmore Detroit stageVenue Overview:
Located next to the Fox Theater and across from Comerica Park, the Fillmore has a prime Detroit location right on Woodward Avenue.  Built in 1925, the venue was originally constructed as a movie house back in the day when Detroit population was thriving and movies were gaining popularity.   The Fillmore, which is 12 stories tall,  has a  theatre with a n impressive grand lobby and two levels of seating.  The lower level seating can is removed for dancing during concerts and other social events.  (I spent many years dancing in that space back when it was Club X. )

Because The Fillmore is a concert-centric venue, they primarily book weddings and other events in June, July, August and September because they generally have concerts every weekend in Fall and Winter. 

They can comfortably accomodate a 380-person sit-down dinner with a dance floor.  

And, If you’re interested, you can also have your ceremony onsite at the Fillmore – and you’d have your pick of a couple different locations, like the lobby or a balcony on the second floor,  They can accomodate about 100.

fillmore detroit chandelierFood and Bar 
They have an outside cater for food, so you would have to work with them separately to discuss menu and pricing. 

Bar – They offer three different 5-hour packages.  Beer and wine = $15pp.  Full open bar with well and some call = $20pp.  Premium bar = $25pp.

What is included
Staff, parking, tables and chairs, floor length linens (your choice of 50 colors), custom lighting*

They offer an upgrade in linens and chairs.  You can upgrade to chivari chairs with your choice of gold or mahagony with either a white, black or ivory pad for $4 per chair.

* The Fillmore staff sits down with each couple and a technical manager to to chose the color of lighting thoughout the venue.  (They can customize the lighting of the chandeliers.)

Reception (includes ceremony if you choose) – $6000 room charge (This does not include any catering costs)

Ceremony only charge –  $5500.  Rehearsal dinner is included.  Price is negotiable, but because they have a 4-hour work minimum in place for their staff, it’s difficult to negotiate.  You could always have your cocktail reception here as well…

Wedding Fillmore July 18 2009-04Pros: Gorgeous Detroit location. Unique wedding venue.  Allow ceremonies.  Great surrounding location. Custom lighting.  Choice of linens.  Linens and chair upgrades in house.  And, there are so many different things you can do with this venue.  Parking is included.

Cons: PRICE.  Have to work with an outside caterer. Timeframe in which they book weddings is limited.  Website is difficult to find and offers no rental information.

Jennifer Burkemeier at 313-961-5451 ext 12

View more pictures of a Real Detroit Wedding at the Fillmore here!


I LOVE these pictures.  LOVE them.  Detroit-based photographer Amanda Williams did a Trash the Dress session with several Detroit brides.  Go.  Check it out.

These brides look bad ass, don’t they?  

I want my own phone booth.

Those shoes are outrageous!

All Images: Amanda Williams Photography

I promise.  I promise I’ll do this soon!   I’m going to add a My Vendor Review section to the blog.  I have some really wonderful things to say and some very honest feedback. 

But, I wanted to tell you when choosing a vendor, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  I can’t tell you how important it is to choose a vendor you trust.  You have to have faith in them.  And, for me, it was really important that we had good chemistry with vendors we were going to be working closely with… like our photographer, videographer and Day of Wedding Coordinator

When looking for a vendor or venue, I want to emphasize that some people are going to have good experiences and bad experiences with different vendors.  Even the best have a bad day.   So, don’t let one opinion stop you from looking into a vendor or venue.  Do the homework yourself.  Always go with your gut instinct.  And, rememeber, the best deal out there isn’t always the best choice.  But on the flip side, the best deal might be an up-and-coming vendor trying to establish credibility in the industry… You have to figure all that out yourself!

I can tell you right now,  I LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Heather Saunders Photography, Two Penny Productions, Dorothy Bennick from Masonic, Erika from EcoPosh, Shutterbooth and Michele Nonis.   Details to come on all in individual posts.


<sigh>  Adam of Two Penny has married… (a gorgeous gal, no less!)

Please watch.  I love the editing.  I love the song.  I love everything.    

It has this older, nostalgic feel to it.  It makes me wish I was there.  Watch.  I promise you’ll like. Or sigh.  Or smile. Or something…

Congratulations Adam & Andrea.  Cheers to a beautiful day and a beautiful start to a marriage!

Adam & his beautiful wife, Andrea

Want to see something beautiful? Want to see a pair of wedding shoes that will make you green with envy, yet sigh with happiness?  Want to see the most stunning and vibrant wedding pic’s ever?  This is just a glimpse.  You have to see more…

I had to take pause (from basking in my own wedding glory) to share another Detroit wedding with you… Heather Saunders photographed this wedding in July 2009.  Heather’s simply amazing, isn’t she? Ah. I. Love. Her.

Augustina and Michael’s wedding was the first at the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit (most of you know it as the State Theatre) on Woodward Avenue, across from Comerica Park.  

The colors are rich.  The venue ornate.  The bride is breathtaking. The details are just so.  If this doesn’t say old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what does.

Oh, and recognize those shoes

Go see more.
Images courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding3

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding1

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding2

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding4
Curious to know more about the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit?  Look out for my Fillmore Venue Overview post in the coming days! 

Here’s a little sneek peek of our Detroit Wedding video.  Two Penny Productions.  They’re amazing!!  Their work is breathtaking.  This little video snippet took my breath away!

This was waiting for my husband and I when we came back from the honeymoon. 

Who would have thought we’d see something so quickly after the wedding?  Nice little gift, isn’t it!

Thank you Rob and Hyun. 

Two Penny Productions: Bridgette and Kenny

UPDATE: I can’t stop watching this.  And, I literally throw my head down on my keyboard and cry remembering how beautiful the day was! 

Sounds naughty, doesn’t it?  But, it’s not really.  It’s just a follow-up to the limo bus post.

Well, we decided to stick with the limo bus.  And, really, the issue was that we were told we’d have limo transportation and then in the the 11th hour we were told we would not.  Yeah, our jaws hit the floor.  But, thankfully, our vendor is standing by their original word and are providing us with limo transportation.  And, for that, we’re happy, thankful and relieved!

Can you imagine that we were already feeling a bit raw with the struggle to resolve the issue in the first place.  And, by the time I feasted my eyes on the limo bus, it was NOT what we had originally discussed.  I was told… Black. Stretch. Limo.  Then I see… Black. Bulky. Bus.  In my mind, I was thinking this sexy, stretch limo would pull up, and wisk me away to get married.  The bus… it’s not your ideal sexy. 

But, after thinking about it, the limo bus makes more sense.  Is it sexy?  Not so much.  Is it functional.  Hell yeah.  We won’t be crammed in a limo.  The chances of me busting a seam in the dress are significantly lowered.  So yeah.  Better choice.  Didn’t see it at first.  But, after trying on the dress and getting some genuine feedback, it makes sense.  Thanks for your emails and KDMB posts. 

Grateful, we are. 

Sexy.  Little.  Bus.

Glorified Shuttle bus with leather seats to boot

We’re nearing the final stretch!  The wedding is just three short weeks away.  And, the next two weeks are crazy busy with vendor meetings.  Surprisingly, it’s not crazy.  Just feel good busy.

Tonight, we visited the Masonic Temple, our historical ceremony site for our Detroit Wedding.  If you haven’t seen the place, it’s absolutely GORGEOUS.   I think we had forgotten how beautiful it is… it’s been almost a year since we signed the contract.   But, walking in, it took my breath away.  And Dorothy, Masonic’s event coordinator, is top notch.  There is something so very genuine about her and she instills this faith in you that your experience – from start to finish – will be a great experience.  And, believe me, she’s no nonsense.  At the very beginning, we knew what was possible and what was not. 

Anyway, we went over the final ceremony details, timeline, setup – Everything.   She told us what worked, what didn’t work so well and also brought-up some questions we should ask our other vendors, like our photographer and videographer.  We think she’s awesome. 

And, I’m relieved to say we finally nailed down our music.  We had no clue what our ceremony music would be, other than the song I’m walking down the aisle to… But, we we sat down with our organist Ava who went through tons of sheet music.  We choose some meaningful music.  I teared-up when I heard my down the aisle.  Everything ties into our heritage somehow.  I can’t wait to share with you after the wedding.  For now, it’s a secret!

Visiting the Masonic tonight reminded me what we choose it.  It’s such a special place.  If you’ve seen the Ceremony Site Guide, then you know we looked at a million (well, it seemed like a million) places before we set our sights on the Masonic.   

I can’t tell you how happy I am about the wedding.  Everything is falling into place.  And, soon, everything I’ll be handing over the reigns to my amazing and fabulous DOC Erika from Ecoposh

The Masonic Temple: This is where we say ‘I Do’masonic-temple

Hi.  Question for you…

If you were promised a black, stretch limo… would this be what you imagined?  In my humble and shall we say, observant opinion… It looks more like a glorified shuttle bus.

 What do you think?  Please.  Tell me.  Am I crazy?

Glorified Shuttle bus with leather seats to boot

PLEASE NOTE: This is not related to any area transportation or limo vendor.  And, yes.  This is related to the Bait & Switch post.

If you’ve been following for awhile, then you know I was considering a backdrop for the bridal party headtable. 

Ssrly.  Never.  Would we ever consider getting a backdrop if not for the current backdrop Greektown Casino Hotel offers, which we think is Fu-Go.  See below.   This is the only place we can put our 24 ft headtable (Bug, didn’t really want a captains table, so that’s out.). 

This is it. We’re not liking it.


The thing was, we booked Greektown Casino Hotel before we even saw the ballroom.  (The hotel wasn’t built yet.)  So, when we did, see the room we realized we wanted something to cover that wall up.  Not to mention, the room was a little monochromatic blah color in need of something drastic.

So, here I was looking for a backdrop on the tiniest sliver of a budget.  I called several companies and got quotes that were WAY out of my piddly price range.  Then, I started calling those places back to see how much it would be if I installed it myself!  Can you imagine me doing this the morning of the wedding?  Ha.  Zilla Monster, where?

Originally, I was looking for a black backdrop, but after talking with my photographer she suggested we get a lighter backdrop with some uplighting.  She’s the expert.  I listened.  Woudn’t ya know?  White backdrops were much less expensive. 

So, I circled back and got quotes.  I was looking for a backdrop that was H16 ft x L24 ft with uplighting for a spectacular, jaw-dropping price.  And, can you believe it?  We found it.

Two words.  Colonial Events.  They’re an events company located in Troy, Mich.  Love them.  Love Todd.  Love that they can help a budget-teer out!  And, they’re putting that bad boy up themselves.  They can transform anything…

Want or need pipe and drape for an affordable, won’t-kill-your-budget price.  Call them.  Talk to Todd and tell them Bridgette sent you.  Go on, check them out.  They do some cool things.

Colonial Events


I’ll be honest with you all, we’re having a little vendor issue.  So,  I won’t go into detail and I won’t divulge said vendor’s name.  Not yet, at least.  That’ll be after the wedding, folks. 

Basically, it has to do with a not so seamless passing of the baton interally, and what feels like the old bait and switch act.  They reeled us in with all these wonderful extras, and now we supposedly heard them wrong.  

Me.  I asked a million questions.  Bug.  He asked a million and one questions.  So, we’re not crazy and we didn’t hear them wrong.   We don’t want the world, here, people.  We want what was promised to us when we made our decision to go with this vendor. 

I’ve decided not to deal with the issue and passed the buck to my fiance.  I’m going to remain as cool as a cucumber (a cucumber martini, that is).  And, for me, that means not worrying about it and having faith that Bug’ll work it out. 

When it comes to customer service, it’s never good to over promise and under deliver.   That makes for bad customer relations, don’t ya think?

dropping the baton

Hey Metro Detroiters – I got a shout out from a fellow Detroit for band recommendations. 

So, if you know of any great ones, leave a comment.

Since we’re using a dj, I’ve got nothing!  Though, I do love the Killer Flamingos.  They play 80s and 90s pop and classics.  LOVE them.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  What’ve you got?

This is AMAZING.


Check this out!  Personalized Flip Books.  How fun are these?  We’ve heard of photobooths, but not so much about Flip Books!

As it turns out, BUG’s (for those of you who don’t know, that’s what I call my fiance) mom’s best friend Kathy is part owner of Fun With Flip Books.  And, she said she’d LOVE to do something for the wedding.  Whether it’s for the rehearsal dinner or setting-up shop at the wedding… So, it got me thinking, how novel would this be?  

I think this is pretty cool.  Especially, if guests could get their own personalized flip book.   It’s like a photobooth in that it’s a mobile photo studio that is set up at the wedding (or any event for that matter).  Basically, it’s a 10×10 video studio, your guests do their thing (whatever that might be) and in about two minutes, VOILA, they get their own personalized flip book.    And, Fun With Flip Books even brings costumes and props for your guests to play.

Here’s the low down.  Fun With Flip Books produces about 40 flipbooks an hour and the book itself is small enough for guests to put in their purse or pocket. 

Pricing: For a 3-hour event it’s $1050.  For every additional hour after it’s $200.  The price includes – personalized flip book covers, on-site technicians, table reminder cards, funny and tasteful props and complete setup and teardown.

Check it out.

Contact: Kathy at 248. 909.5915

I came across the most beautiful wedding on Grey Likes Weddings.  It’s so incredibly stylish and colorful.  And, the photography is AMAZING.  I now will be stalking out Stephanie Williams’ photography blog.  She captures such stunning images. 

I love pink and purple together, don’t you?   

Look at these… you’ll want to see more.  

Via Stephanie Williams Bloghaley10haley17haley11


Jessica Johnston, I heart you.  You capture beautiful images.  I happen to think this one is breathtaking.  I’m a fan. 

Jessica Johnston Photography 

Michele Nonis is an incredible Metro Detroit florist.  I felt compelled to write about Ms. Nonis because you can’t find her in the yellow pages and she doesn’t have a website.  All of her business is generated by word of mouth. 

Interestingly enough, when you do meet with her to discuss your wedding, she doesn’t have a portfolio of her work.  But, her work has been featured in several wedding magazines and she’s done hundreds of wedding throughout the years.   And, not only is she a talented florist who’s not afraid to tell you her opinion, she’s has jaw-dropping good prices.  I’m still wowed.  WOW! 

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for a wonderful florist, Michele should be on the list of florists to check out.  She works out of her Warren, Mich., home and delivers flowers all over Metro Detroit.   Like me, some of you are probably wondering how she does it by herself?  And, can she take on multiple weddings in one weekend?  And, what if she gets sick… will she come through?  No worries.   She has assistants who help her and ensure timely deliveries.  

Contact: Michele Nonis at 586.776.1201

Here’s some of her recent work.  If you’d like to submit your Michele Nonis wedding images, please do!  I need some good pics of centerpieces…

Amanda from Vintage Glam BlogImage Credit: Jessica Johnston

Detroit Knottie Meglet22Dryzga

DryzgaAren’t the pics beautiful?  Image Credits: The Shooting Gallery

Detroit Bride Melissa Gravesflowers-4

cake-3Note: Unbeknownst to the bride, the hall provided the fake green and white flowers on the table.  Source: Melissa Graves

Back in January I went on a hunt for a local florist who could provide an amazingly beautiful product for an incredible price.  Some of you might recall this post, where I vowed to find a florist who could provide me with everything I wanted for half the flower budget than the industry standard… which is $1450.  

So, I was looking for the following – plus set-up and deliver – for $750:  15 flower centerpieces * loose flowers for headtable * 1 bridal bouquet 1 toss bouquet* 8 boutonnieres * 3 junior boutonnieres * 2 coursages for mom’s * 2 ceremony flower arrangements * unity candle flower arrangement * rose petals to fill 2  flower girl baskets * cake flowers * and blooms for the bridesmaids hair! 

Well, I did find the perfect florist… and though we’re paying just a wee bit more than $750, I couldn’t be happier with our decision.  Don’t get me wrong.  You CAN get everything I mentioned for $750, but we’re choosing to go with the person we better connected with.  (Makes sense to me!)


I want to give you the rundown on my top finds for incredibly talented and reasonably priced Metro Detroit florists.  I was looking for someone who either worked out of their home or owned a local small business.  I wasn’t at all interested in booking a national or regional florist chain.  Why?  Because the overhead alone would so blow our budget.  And, besides, we wanted someone local and typically, those who work out of their home charge less.  I did a shout out on the Knot Detroit Message board and the ladies gave me three fabulous recommendations:

1. Michele Nonis – Michele is awesome.  She works out of her home in Warren, Mich.  She knows what’s she’s doing and has incredible confidence in her work.  She’s not afraid to tell you her opinion – even if it differs from yours – and she’s cool as a cucumber.  All her business is generated by word-of-mouth.  And, this woman is booked solid.  To us, that alone speaks volumes.  After she mapped out my vision and we listed everything out, she busted out her calculator and told us the cost.  It was a jaw-dropping surprise.  It was unbelievably reasonable.  Wow.  She’s crazy good.  So, we booked her.  I’ll share pics of her work soon.   
Contact: 586-776-1201

2. Lynn Jovic of Clever Bumble Bee Creations – Lynn is wonderful and will work with any budget!  She definitely could’ve met our $750 budget.  The wonderful thing about Lynn is that she’s flexible and will help you find creative ways to have beautiful floral arrangements that will fit your budget!  If you’re thinking of DIY flowers but don’t want the hassle, Lynn can do it for just a wee bit more than the DIY price!  Click here to check out Lynn’s work. 
Contact: 586-215-6676

3. Katie of Courtyard Flowers – Katie, the owner of Courtyard Flowers in Mt. Clemens, Mich.  is absolutely amazing.  What I really liked about her is that she understood your vision without you really having to explain it to her.  And, for the flower illiterate, such as myself, this quality of hers is a godsend.   She knows her stuff.  Unfortunately, she was out of my price range.  BUT, my price range was $750-1100.  You can definitely  get I wanted for under $2K.  Ssrly, I pouted when my budget-minded innerself said no.    
Contact: 586-468-7730

Anyways, there you have it.  Sorry it took me four months to post.  I’m such the slacker.  Good luck and I hope this helps with your wedding plans!

One of my favorite pics ever.

 See More of Ashley and Andrew: Via Snippet & InkSource

We got a little blog love from our photographer Heather Saunders!  Check out her blog to see some more of our Detroit engagement pics…  Heather makes it so easy when you don’t like the camera.  Thanks, Lady!

First, I came across the image and then I read the story.  I love it.  Sometimes I wish it were the two of us getting married in the middle of the woods.  In this case, it was the two of them and a photographer.  cool.

Read their story
Candle lit wedding 1 by Tim Boehm Photography.

Candle lit wedding 3 by Tim Boehm Photography.

Source: Tim Boehm Photography

I can’t tell you how many Detroit ceremony sites we stalked-out this past fall!   Just take a look at the Ceremony Site Guide.  We went to most all of them! 

But after all that searching, we finally decided on The Masonic Temple in Detroit.   (Click here for a full venue profile and costs.)  Isn’t it stunning? 

Originally, we wanted to get married outside – so, this is definitely something completely different that what we were looking for.  And – we’re doing a candlelit ceremony. 

I love how midieval it looks.  See the stage?  I’m thinking of lining it with large candles and votivies.  Ideally, I’d love to have candles down the aisle, but I don’t my dress to go up in flames.  I want to make an entrance, but not like that!  See this post…

Any ideas on how I can incorporate more candles?  I’d love some feedback!

Our Ceremony Site: The Masonic Temple Chapelmasonic-templeSource

Fit For a King – Here’s the Groom’s room!

Fiance loves this room!  Really, I think it’s probably the number one reason he wanted it here so bad!  Ok, maybe not…

Another Bride…

Source: Amber Lights Blog

I love this image of the guests tossing white rose petals and the look of it on the red carpet!

This is how we want to do it…   And we have just the place, too!  Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it romantic? 

I need to figure out how to do this inexpensively.  More details to come.


Source: The Everyday Bride

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