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Bridal Salon: Brides by Demetrios
Troy, Mich.
Customer Service Grade: A-
Alterations Grade: B-
Customer Service and Selection: A-

All in all – I had a good experience at Brides by Demetrios.  They had a broad selection.  Their salespeople didn’t try and doll me up like a cupcake with then trendy gowns – and they listened to what I liked and disliked and had me try on a ton of dresses that fit with my tastes, not their own.   (Check out my original post about them in October 2008).  My salesperson was easy going and helpful. 

They were among the salons that had some negative customer service reviews, but I didn’t have that experience.  They are a busier salon because they’re open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  I think it’s important to think about the time you go and try not to go at a peak time because we all know it can get crazy when several brides are trying on gowns at any salon.  So, make an appointment!  

They are reasonably priced and often have sales.  And, I asked what kind of discount I could get if I paid for my dress and veil in full at the time I purchased.  They gave me a 20 percent discount.  I thought it was a deal!

 Alterations: B-
Demetrios also had some bad reviews when it came to alterations.  My thinking was – you only really hear about the bad reviews as opposed to the good reviews.  And, if there was any issue with alterations, the salon could resolve the issue and get me a new dress if need be, right quick.  I didn’t want to take the chance and go some where else and not have the salon liable.  Since I was having some more complex alterations, I stuck with them.

 Price – I had heard alterations were pricey at Demetrios.  And, yes.  They were.  Alterations were almost half the cost of my dress!  I almost died!  But at that point when it’s so close to the wedding, you don’t care.  I just decided to drink a Bloody Mary afterwards and not worry about it. 

My one complaint about my dress alterations was that the seamstress didn’t want to take in my dress as much as I wanted.  And for me that was unnerving.  I know me.  I am a realistic individual and had NO intention of looking like I had been stuffed in my dress and had it sewed on the day of.  I just knew the longer I wore my dress, the looser it became, so I wanted her to take it in to account for that.  Understandably, she was worried that I would pop a seam.  But as I suspected, on my wedding day, I found my dress to be looser and less form fitting that I wanted. 

Also, I wasn’t entirely happy with the overall alterations.  I wanted it to fit and feel better than it did.

Here’s a pic of my dress on the model.  Overall – I was happy with my experience at Demetrios and I’d definitely add them to your bridal salon hit list.

Demetrios: 248-637-0620

Original Gown: Demetrois by Brides


I can’t tell you HOW many ladies talk about second guessing their dress.  Really, you buy your dress so far in advance, what if when it comes in, you put it on and you think… “What was I thinking?” 

I’ve had anxiety about this myself… The dress I tried on was about 14 sizes too big.  But when they cinched it into place, I knew it was “THE DRESS.”  Tears welled-up in my eyes. Tears-welled up in my mom’s eyes. It’s a funny thing. It’s an instinct. 

But after I ordered it in my size and I tried it on,  it didnt fit the way I had expected.  I was kind of disappointed.  I figured, we’d alter it and it’d be fine.  Not fabulous.  Just… fine. 

BUT!  Yesterday during my second dress fitting – after the seamstress took it in here, there, and well, EVERYWHERE – the dress took the shape I had imagined when I first tried it on.  That’s when I realized, there is no better dress out there for me.  This is the most perfect dress.  I LOVE it.   And, then I thought, what a waste it was to have second thought the dress. 

For those of you who have been second guessting your dress, my advice would be to stop thinking about it.  The only thing I can compare wedding dress shopping to is house hunting.  What if you find what you THINK is the perfect house.  So, you bid on it and then, you get it, it’s yours.  You’re perfectly content until months later when you find what you think is your DREAM house on the market and it’s listed for an affordable price?   Same thing happens with a dress, right? 

Seriously.  It’s a never ending cycle.  This could go round and round and round.  

But, if you allow yourself to continue to peruse, you can bet your a$$ that something will come up that pulls on those heart strings of yours.  And then you’ll second guess your decision on the dress that’s already ordered.  Ssrly, I considered going dress shopping again and I’m so glad I didn’t.

I say, STOP looking.  Stop.  Not even a peek. 

Go with your gut.  I’m glad I did.


I think this is such a genius idea and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard it before.  Being that there are some beautiful bridesmaids dresses out there, check them out in either white or ivory.  Talk about a deal.  It never occured to me that a bridesmaid dress was an undercover bridal dress!  Check this post out from Vintage Glam.  They suggest Watters & Watters and I second the notion.  They’ve got some stellar, jaw-dropping gowns…

This One Could Rival My Dress

For the last few days… I’ve had my dress on my mind.   And, for the first time since I saw it, I’ve  been having doubts.   I want an old hollywood glam dress and I’ve been unsure if the one – I already bought and paid for- was The One.  And, to make matter’s worse,  I’ve been having strange dreams about my gown not being finished on my wedding day.  So, needless to say, I’ve been worried.   

Well, I ordered my dress back in October, so I was expecting to hear from Demetrios later next month.  Coincidentally, just as I was thinking about my dress, I got a call telling me it’s in and has been for the last couple days!   I scheduled an appointment the very next day…  I even had them pull the one I was thinking might be the better gown.

So, of course I had my mom meet me there… Well, when I put my brand new fitted gown on, it didn’t look like I had envisioned it.  The sample gown I orginially tried on was a size 16, so we had to cinch that bad boy into place.  And this made-to-order gown didn’t hit where I thought it would.  Disappointed.  I took it off to try the other one on. 

When I put that one on, it definitely was NOT the one!  I liked that it was a little more hollywood glam-esk, but NOPE not the one.  Then, I tried on my gown again and Kaleen (Demetrios’ fabulous assistant) cinched a little here, a little there, and va-va-va-voom it was PERFECT!!! 

My mom said the dress reminded her of a barbie doll she had when she was a kid… Vintage Barbie in the Spot Light!  While, the dress is different from this, and I’m going for a stark white as opposed to a sultry black, I see the similarities.  If this isn’t old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what is!  Thanks Barbie!

(Source: Ok, so my dress doesn't look exactly like this... I'm more simple than all the glitter and the tutu puff on the bottom... But you get my point, right?



Old Hollywood Glam –  I love that wedding theme.  It’s a perfect fit for a Detroit Casino reception!  Check out this AMAZING wedding gown a fellow soon-2-be Detroit Bride has chosen as The One!  I love it!  Miss L and I are both having our wedding receptions at the fabulous new Greektown Casino and Hotel one day apart!   And, we have very similar themes, but very different color schemes!  I can’t wait to steal a peek come mid-September!   Her and her beau were engaged on Christmas Day 2008!  Congrats.  And, I love the dress!  It’s so Audrey Hepburn, don’t ya think?

Pronovias Haiti

Source: Pronovias Haiti

Dress: Pronovias Haiti

I am taken aback at how stunning this bride is!  Allow me to introduce, Detroit Bride Alessia. She was married to her longtime beau in a suburb of Detroit on New Year’s Eve 2008.  Talk about ringing in the New Year!

Isn’t her dress breathtaking?  When I saw the pictures after her Big Day, I was amazed at how incredibly beautiful she was in this tailor-made gown.   

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML inspired gown!

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML-inspired gown!

So, Michigan brides, I have to tell you her secret.  Alessia had her  designer-inspired, French lace dress made by Patty Weir of Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak, Mich.  I really haven’t seen anything like it!  It’s simply gorgeous.

So, if you’ve found the dress of your dreams, but it has an outrageously out-of-reach price… Call Patty.  She just might be able to make you the dress of your dreams for an incredibly practical price.

Patty at Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak

I don’t think I ever mentioned that I bought my dress!   I actually found it at Brides by Demetrios in Troy,  back in October.   It was my first and last day of dress shopping… (I really didn’t like dress shopping… there’s sooo many to choose from and there’s some really ugly – I’m talking UGLY ones out there.)  After hitting four or five salons, Demetrios was the last appointment of the day.  Everything I had tried on earlier was just ok.  And I was thinking, is this how it’s going to be?   Are my expectations too high?

Every weekend, Brides by Demetrios will have some sort of sale.  Don't be afraid to ask what kind of deal you can get!

Every weekend, Brides by Demetrios will have some sort of sale. Don't be afraid to ask what kind of deal you can get! The dress on the far right is the same as the dress below.

But, at Demetrios, I found several dresses that took my breath away.  And every time I tried on the next I was like, this could be it!  But, the moment I put on The One and the assistant cinched it into place, I just knew!  I literally sashayed out of the dressing room and my mom immediately teared up!  There was no doubt about it…. Funny, the dress was something that looked AWFUL on the rack.

Brides by Demetrios in Troy, Mich: I know from reading the Knot Detroit Message boards that Demetrios in Troy is hit or miss for service.  I personally had a fantastic experience!  Jackie took care of me and was wonderful and honest.   She also recommended dresses to me that I would have otherwise poo-pooed!    I suggest making an appointment with Jackie and going on any other day than Saturday.  Unlike many other Metro Detroit Bridal salons, they’re open on Sundays.  If Saturday is your only option, make a 4 p.m. appointment – there should be less chaos later in the day!  Purchasing Tip: You can always get a deal at Brides by Demetrios.  Like asking for 20 percent off the gown and veil if you pay in full.  Every weekend they have different deals.  And, if you register with them at a bridal show, you’ll get some sort of discounted coupon.

Because my wonderful fiance reads my blog, I will not be posting THE dress, but here’s the other two I was  considering…

Brides by Demetrios style 900 .  I love the trumpet style dresses.  And, never in a million years would I have considered lace, but it's so gorgeous.

Brides by Demetrios style 900 . I love the trumpet style dresses. And, never in a million years would I have considered lace, but it's so gorgeous.

Question:  How come they pose the bride model in such a way it detracts from the dress?  I don’t get it!  And, why do some bride models have outrageous hair and make-up?  I know fashion is fashion, but still… Come on!

Brides by Demetrios style 125. I would ditch the jacket and the hair! This image doesn't give the dress justice... And, the bride model's kinda scary!

Brides by Demetrios style 125. I would ditch the jacket and the hair! This image doesn't give the dress justice... And, the bride model's kinda scary!

As always, I’ve been scrounging around for the latest deals!  Here’s the latest on wedding dresses!

Maria’s Bridal – Rochester, Mich.
Located in downtown Rochester, Maria’s Bridal is a small family-owned bridal salon with a large collection of gowns.  They pride themselves on customer service – I had a fantastic experience – they’re honest and open!  They feature several designer collections and are the exclusive distributor (in Michigan) of Couture Bridal by Elma Reis and Yolanda Couture.  Be sure to make an appointment!

From now November 1, until December 31, 2008, they are having a huge holiday bridal gown sale:

  • 10 percent off new bridal gowns under $2500.
  • 15 percent off bridal gowns over $2500.
  • 95 percent of their more than 400 sample gowns are on sale.  They start at $250.
  • 75 percent off select veils and tiaras.
  • Sale on off-the-rack more than 300 bridesmaid dresses, starting at $25.

Contact: (248) 637-0620

Roma Sposa – Birmingham, Mich.
Roma Sposa is a small upscale boutique located in downtown Birmingham.  They carriy premiere American, Canadian, French, Italian and Puerto Rican deisgners, most of which can’t be found in other bridal salons.  Be sure to make an appointment.  They also have many designer trunk shows


  • Evening Wear Sale Thanksgiving weekend – Nov. 28-29
  • Bridal gown sale: Either the first or second weekend in December. 

TIP: They said you can always get a sample gown for a discounted price.  There doesnt need to be a sale to get a deal on these!

Contact: (248) 723-4300

Demetrios Bride – Troy Mich.
Demetrios is located in Troy, right on the border of Birmingham.  I absolutely loved the customer service here and how honest and helpful they were.  They have the widest and most versatile collections I’ve seen. 

On Nov. 7-9, they are having their biggest trunk show of the year, where they will showcase 2009 dresses.  You can get 15 – 20 percent bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and all bridal accessories.   Be sure to make an appointment!

TIP:  Basically, every weekend they offer some sort of sale.  Don’t hesitate to ask what they are!  Also, they give out 20 percent off coupons (on your entire purchase) at bridal shows in which they participate.

Contact: (248) 637-0620

A cupcake (As seen on

Exhibit A: A cupcake (As seen on

I refuse to look like an iced cupcake on my wedding day.  And, for me, a lot of wedding gowns out there made me feel more like a frosted baked good than a bride.  No joke, after trying on several dresses, I started craving cake!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I ventured out around Metro Detroit shopping for a wedding dress.  I really didn’t know what to expect with my first dress shopping experience… All I knew was to wear neutral-colored skivvies.  My mom had us on a tight schedule.  We were to visit three bridal salons and eat lunch in about eight hours.  How hard can that be?  Well, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be quite the challenge!

What I wish I knew:
I’m not one of those brides who stalked out bridal gown websites and I didn’t peruse bridal magazines either.  I wanted to be there to see it, touch it, feel it and try it on.  The only problem with that approach is that I had no idea what style of dress I wanted.  What silhouette did I want – trumpet, mermaid, A-line or ballgown?  Did I want couture or traditional?  I’m not fashionista, but I wish I knew what they were talking about.  How did I not know this info is an important factor when finding a dress? 

The pickups on this dress makes the bride model look like a cupcake. (Demetrios, Spring 2008)

Exhibit B: The pickups on this dress makes the bride model look like a cupcake. (Demetrios, Spring 2008)

This is what I knew:
This is what I knew when I walked into the first store: I wanted something white, something strapless, something that wasn’t too poofy, too ordain or too detailed.  Oh, and I wanted to be able to walk in it.  What I told them is that I didn’t want to look like a cupcake.  (But you see, they really didn’t get this because some women want the cupcake look.  That’s the great thing about style – it’s a matter of personal taste.  And I prefer to eat cupcakes rather than look like them.)

What I found out:
Pickups and ruching can make a dress look like frosting.  Pickups are actually lifted gatherings of fabric that give the dress that textured look.  Some are subtle, while others are not.  Ruching is what gives the dress that bunched or scrunched look.  I think this look can be stunning!  I think a ruched trumpet or mermaid dress is 40s glam!  But, if ruching is overdone it looks like meringue pie.  In my opinion, pickups and ruching needs to be perfectly balanced or you could be mistaken for dessert.

There’s definitely a wedding dress for everyone.  It’s unbelievable how much is out there.  One thing is certainly true – you do know when you try on “the one.”

Click here to learn about bridal gown terminology.

Did you know:

  • 90 percent of wedding dressed are strapless?
  • You can de-poof a dress by having the seamstress remove layers of crinolin?
  • You can alter a sabrina neckline (straight neckline) into a sweetheart or scooped neckline?
  • You can have some pickups removed – either you can custom order the gown or have the seamstress do it in house.  This may be tricky though because it depends on where the pickups are in the dress and what kind of material it is
  • You should wear slip skirts with A-line and ballgown dress to keep the skirt from going between your legs.  But you don’t need them for trumpet or mermaid dresses?
  • You should order your dress 9-10 months in advance and allow two months for alterations?
  • That wedding dress manufacturers are closed from Christmas to February 1?   

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