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In the last several months, many of you have asked WHERE in Detroit did you have your Detroit wedding?  And the answer is: Greektown Casino-Hotel.  I know – you’d have to comb the site to figure out where we had our reception.  Well, here’s why… 

When I first began blogging back in Fall 2008, I had written several posts RAVING about how wonderful Greektown Casino-Hotel was and how happy we were with our venue.  These posts had generated a fair amount of business for them. (Ok, A LOT of business for them. One thing I love about this blog is that it’s generated some business for my wonderful and extremely talented vendors! Thank you, dear readers!)

However, because we were no longer having a positive experience with Greektown in the several weeks leading up to the wedding, I had pulled all posts relating to my reception venue down.  Why?  Because the last thing I wanted to do was give bad advice to’s and I didn’t think they were deserving of any more free publicity.

And, those of you who’ve been following know very well, I haven’t publicly written a peep about our experience!  Well, I did that for a couple of reasons.  1) We believe they breached our contract and we were considering taking legal action, (ssrly, we contacted a lawyer! Look for My Where’s the Beef Post!) and 2) I wanted to write objectively and not solely based upon emotion. 

While NOTHING could have ruined our beautiful wedding day, the Greektown experience was quite disastrous.  Now, if you ask our wedding guests, they probably wouldn’t be able to pick up all the points, but some were certainly clear enough.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than dealing with an incompetent and inexperienced vendor in the weeks leading up to your very own wedding!

To be fair to Greektown, I think Greektown’s wedding coordinator was responsible for many of the issues.  She blatantly disregarded many of the details.  She was inexperienced and she proved to be incompetent. I know, harsh, right!?  But, I say it like it is.  (Please note, that particular wedding coordinator no longer works there.)

While I won’t go into the nitty gritty details about our particular situation (at least not in this post), I will tell you Kenny and I sat down with Greektown to go over everything that went wrong – line item by line item.  It was one hell of a list. But, it was important for us to let them know because we truly think Greektown is one of the best locations in Detroit to have the kind of wedding we wanted to have.  Needless to say, the VP was mortified and put several countermeasures in place so those things wouldn’t happen again.

Sorry for the long post.  It feels good to purge. And, I’m happy I waited to post because I think it’s important to remain objective.  Some people have GREAT experiences with a vendor/venue and others don’t.  With that said, it doesn’t mean your experience will be like mine.  It’s important to make your own judgement call.

Anyway, I still plan to post a My Detroit Vendor Review about Greektown Casino-Hotel, so stay tuned for the grade!



Anyone one who knows me, knows I’m a blusher.  My body can explode into a full-on, head-to-toe blush at any given moment. 

Ssrly.  When I’m happy, sad, mad, anxious, uncomfortable, ecstatic, nervous, the center of attention, embarrassed, embarrassed for someone else… Blush.  (Or just blotchy)  Really, I’m a walking emotion-con.  And, if I happen to have a cocktail, it’s blush x10 .  I mean, I blush when I’m embarrassed for someone even when its on TV!!  Pretty amazing, huh?  I’ve been cursed.

So, I was REALLY, really worried about this before the wedding. (I’m talking like 9 months before the wedding.)  I was thinking…

Me. Stark White Dress. Blotchy Red Blush. One Hot Mess.

I had even researched if there was any kind of blush prevention therapy or meds out there.  And, there is… whether they work or not, I don’t know.

I decided to forgo any treatment and to just not to worry about it.  During my “blush prevention” search I also happened upon this link.  It basically said the more you worry the worse it’ll get.  And, I know that to be true from experience!  (I think I may be the only woman in Metro Detroit who can turn purple and not be choking or be experiencing a serious medical condition.) 

So, I didn’t worry.  I didn’t even post about it because I didn’t want my friends and family to be looking for it… then I would blush thinking they were thinking about it!   

So you know what happened?  Miraculously, I did not blush when my dad walked me down the aisle.  I felt myself beginning to blush when I was at the alter.  I asked Bug if I was turning red and he whispered, “No, Baby.  You look beautiful.”  And, then I asked him, “Are you sure?”  He smiled and looked into my eyes and said yes.  And. I believed him.

It wasn’t until we were signing the marriage licenses right after the ceremony when I looked in the mirror and saw that my neck and chest were all blotchy! 

It was his little white lie because he knew if he told me the truth that I would’ve turned purple. (And, it wouldn’t have been pretty.)

And, that’s just one reason why I love him so much.  Because, he knows me so well.

After that, there was no more blushing…

My advice is if your worried about something – ANYTHING – that may happen on your wedding day.  Don’t think about it.  Think about what the day is about and focus on that.  And, if something does goes wrong… if you blush, trip or fidget… it doesn’t really matter.  It’s the BEST DAY of YOUR LIFE! 

This is me… blushing after the ceremony. Splotchy red on the chest and arms and even on my back!  But, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
Bridge Wedding 012

MY DETROIT WEDDING NOTE: That’s rose petal confetti in my bosom if you’re wondering.

It’s less than two weeks out.  And, you know what I’ve been doing? I spent the last two beautiful and gorgeous days on the boat… I read a book, got some sun and haven’t worried about a thing.

The week before last, I decided that nothing – NOTHING – wedding related is going to bother me.  And, it hasn’t.  I’m happy, sane and relaxed.     

Last month was by far the most stressful month to date.  And, I’m not having none of that anymore.  Granted, every weekend was action-packed with an event or two or three!  But, it’s time to really enjoy things and slow down the pace.  I don’t want to miss a moment.  I don’t want to wonder where the days went.  I want to savor them.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be busy.  We’ve got vendor meetings and all kinds of appointments.  But the decisions are already made.  And, I have FAITH in my vendors.  I don’t need every little detail squared away.  I trust their judgement.  Not my details to worry about anymore!

And really, will I notice every little detail come the day of… NO.  Do I care if things are perfect?  NO.  And, what I’m NOT going to do is look for imperfections.  That would be such a waste of the day. 

All I want is to enjoy the day.  Celebrate with friends and family.  And, I want to celebrate with my husband. 

Here are the details I care most about:

We marry. 
We love.
We dance.
We celebrate.
We laugh.

That’s it.  So simple.  So easy.  I hope all you’s are enjoying the final count down…

What a cool pic, huh?
wedding celebration


I’ll be honest with you all, we’re having a little vendor issue.  So,  I won’t go into detail and I won’t divulge said vendor’s name.  Not yet, at least.  That’ll be after the wedding, folks. 

Basically, it has to do with a not so seamless passing of the baton interally, and what feels like the old bait and switch act.  They reeled us in with all these wonderful extras, and now we supposedly heard them wrong.  

Me.  I asked a million questions.  Bug.  He asked a million and one questions.  So, we’re not crazy and we didn’t hear them wrong.   We don’t want the world, here, people.  We want what was promised to us when we made our decision to go with this vendor. 

I’ve decided not to deal with the issue and passed the buck to my fiance.  I’m going to remain as cool as a cucumber (a cucumber martini, that is).  And, for me, that means not worrying about it and having faith that Bug’ll work it out. 

When it comes to customer service, it’s never good to over promise and under deliver.   That makes for bad customer relations, don’t ya think?

dropping the baton

So, I found myself crying at my desk today.  Yes.  I was at work.  No. I wasn’t bawling, sobbing or thrashing about.  Just tears. 

As a general rule.  I don’t EVER cry at work.  That’s not to say I haven’t cried in the parking lot here or there.  And, sometimes I felt the sniffles coming on and fought them.  Yeah. Crying in the workplace is a big, fat NO-NO.

But, there I was.  Looking out my window, wiping away tears.  Feeling hurt. Anger. And well, let’s be honest, self pity! 

So, I’m frustrated with a vendor.  And a friend can’t make it to the shower.  And, I can’t find something to wear to the shower.  And I miss my girls from outta town.  And, the list of stupid, (in the scheme of things) insignificant things go on.  But, is that enough to cry about?  Ssrly? 

NO.   And, after re-reading that I had cried about that stuff makes me feel selfish and, well.  I feel like a MORON. 

I have it so good.  Sometime you need to write how you feel to see that it’s not as bad as you think.  

Thanks for reading.  You all keep me sane.

Pent. Up.  Stressed.  Frustrated. Over. Whelmed.  Didn’t want to make another decision to save my life, you better not ask me, cause my head will spin a hundred million times and I then I will kill you. 

That’s been me… for say… oh about two weeks. 

It was ugly.  I was a force to be reckoned with.  My wrath could envelope a room.   

But.  It disapatted.  We went to a party Saturday night.  We drank.  We laughed.  We partied.  We stayed the night.  And, the next morning, while tired and needing some bacon, I felt good.  The freaked out chick who showed-up the night before, did not come home with us the next day. (As far as I’m concerned, Kenny drowned that alter ego in the pond.  All we know, is we both do not want it to come back to life.)

What drove me mad, you ask?  Well, I think it was a combination of work and wedding.  Work’s been super busy and making final decisions for the wedding and executing invitations and everything else piled-up on my plate.  And, I think what was really killing me was… get this… having to make decisions that would make everyone happy.  Then it got  to the point, where Kenny would ask me if I wanted rice or potatoes and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Then, late last week I got so sad.  Because, I just wanted to feel excited.  I wanted to feel joy.  And, I felt like I stopped enjoying everything. 

But, today.  I’m excited!  I’m getting married next month.  It’s crazy!  My shower is this weekend.  I get to share a nice meal with friends and family – one of my favorite things to do – and I’m getting married next month!

So, my task at hand… will be to ward off the Zilla Monster and remember what all these crazy plans are about. 

It’s about… Me. Him. Love. Marriage. Happiness. Joy. Friends. Family. Celebration.  

I was heading in this direction.

I wouldn’t mess with her.  Would you?

So, our save the dates have brought some univited guests out of the woodwork and poor fiancee is telling them that it’s in the mail!  

<Bridgette is red faced>

<Lots of huffing and puffing>


<Guilt… Not guilt that they’re not invited, but guilt that I had visions of running them down with the car>


For those of you who have already gone through determining the guest list and defining who’s on the list and who’s not, this invitation thing is the HARDEST part of the wedding planning process.  Our venue isn’t large enough to invite everyone we know.  And, why should we invite our acquaintances?  To us, our wedding is about having our close friends and family supporting us and celebrating our new marriage.     

And, I don’t want to be guilted-in to inviting people to the wedding.  That’s not what a wedding is about. 

Can you tell I’m steaming?

I know this is long overdue, but thanks to you all, we sent out the save the dates with the space.  Seriously, no one noticed.  And, this saved me some CASH! 

Since the space issue, I’ve since relaxed with this whole entire wedding b’ness.  And you know what, I’ve been to my friend’s houses since those were sent out, and I don’t even notice the stupid space.

Thanks for keeping me sane.  I owe you all a drink!


So… over the last couple weeks, some local have told me some of their “issues.” 

Seriously, get this… 

1. Made From Scratch – One bride’s mom wants to make her wedding gown.  Yes,  at first this sounds sweet.  But, no, mom’s s NEVER made a wedding gown before.  She’s never made anything similar to a gown!  So, as you can imagine, the bride’s not too keen on the offer.  Ssrly, what do you do in this situation?  This could cause some serious stress.  Especially since the wedding is five short months away!  Lady, I feel for you!  Just say no and get on with it!

2. One Size Fits All – Another bride’s maid of honor went into the bridal salon to pick-up her wedding day garb… and, the skirt happened to be four – yes FOUR sizes too small.  Because the wedding was a month away, the bridal salon told the woman that they wouldn’t have enough time to reorder so she would just have to lose weight.  Huh?  Seriously?  And this sales woman still lives?  Turns out, they switched the skirts of two of the bridesmaids, who live in different states and they just didn’t say anything about the mix-up.  Talk about BAD customer service.

3. Recessionista Step Mom – One bride’s step mom had promised the bride and groom a gift of money to help with the Big Day.  When casually mentioned the gift, step mom was appalled and pretended the gift convo didn’t happen.  Recessionista mom rescinded the offer and the bride is left appalled.  My questions is, if step mom couldn’t swing it, why didn’t she just say so?  Why pretend to be offended by the question?

What’s your story?

So, I took a month off from wedding planning.  I was becoming so consumed with the wedding that I was about to go out of my mind!  The house was in shambles!  I wasn’t interested in cooking or cleaning (not that I’m EVER interested in cleaning)… just planning.  Whether it was perusing the blogs or researching whatever –  I wasn’t my normal self. 

But, I claimed ME back.  And, it feels good to have clean laundry, a clean house, and to cook and bake again.  Oh, and read, write, workout and the list goes on!  I’m even planning to paint the bedroom.  (woo hoo)    It’s feel good just to be me.  Not, me as in bride.2.b. 

I’ve gotta tell you, during my wedding planning vaca, I met my new tv boyfriend.  Bobby Flay.  Yes, I heart him.  I told Bug about my new boyfriend and I think he’s ok with Bobby, so long as I keep downloading recipes!  (I know Bobby’s probably secretly happy about the news!) 

Anyways, now that I regrouped there’s still lots to be done.  We’re scouting rehearsal dinner locations this weekend in the D.  Can’t wait to report about that and give Detroit some proper love. 

Bobby Flay and his power tool.

Last night, I had a dream about the wedding.  It was a week before the wedding and we hadn’t sent the invitations out yet!  I had completely forgot… Seriously, is that even possible to do?  I was frantic and thought I’d have to send out a wedding evite.  Which, is not such a bad idea – but with a week to spare, that would not be good. 

I’ve had other weird dreams too.  Like my dress wasn’t altered, or my hair wasn’t done or I forgot my makeup. 

Oh, and I had one where we hadn’t confirmed with the officiant, so he didn’t show!   

Do you all have weird wedding dreams?

Gone shopping and felt so completely discouraged about the state of your backside?  Or any other body part for that matter?

That’s what happened to me last night.  But, as I was beating myself up and stomping around the mall, my innerself was telling me how fortunate I am.  I have my health, a wonderful fiance, a loving family… and here I am feeling bad about myself because of my own skewed self image.  Boo hoo for that girl, right?

My lazy butt is not allowed to wallow or sulk.  So, I couldn’t fit into the size I’m used to wearing.  Well, I haven’t been diligent about my diet (meaning my food intake… diet’s in general are evil) and often times I over indulge.  (i.e. the cake monster incident) And, instead of being active, I’m doing something brainless like watching tv or perusing the net.  So, I can either accept my new lifestyle and not feel bad about myself, because that’s no way to live.  Or I can be more active and not eat that second cupcake or cookie.  Am I right?

For serious.  Sometimes I drive myself mad.

You ever have days like that?  Where you have to bring yourself back to reality…

Next time I go down that road, I will follow these directions


I hate excuses.  I don’t want to hear why you won’t or can’t do something.  I want to hear possible solutions.  I don’t expect the world.  I expect honesty. 

What’s more – I want a thoughtful response.  Not a defensive one. 

I don’t like tension. I don’t like feeling angry, bitter or disappointed.  I just want to hear it like it is.  Who doesn’t?   

That’s all.

Back to the bridesmaid dresses – I think it’s important to mention that of the five ladies standing up in my wedding, only one (ONE!!) lives here in Michigan.  One lives on the West coast near San Fran, the other on the East coast in Brooklyn, one in Ohio and the other in Windsor, Ontario! (And, Windsor is really just across the Detroit River, so not too far…) 

So, it’s not as though we can all get together and try them on how they look!  I know I’m not the only bride to have this challenge and I know everything will work out in the end! 

I don’t know about you, but my upcoming nuptials have not supressed my appetite.  What gives ladies?  I don’t need to be ultra buff or insanely ripped.  I just want to fit comfortably in my clothes again… But I suppose that would call for a workout regiment and a healthier diet.  Sheesh.

I was so good about eating healthy until I turned 30!  And all of a sudden , I couldn’t say NO.   Now, cookies and cupcakes call my name… especially cupcakes piled high with creamy and delicious frosting.  And, I find french fries to be particularly satisfying… Mmmm French Fries.  (Seriously, what’s wrong with me?)  It’s an everyday occurence, this battle.  My mom says it’s deeply-rooted in my genes!  (To hell with genes!)

Ok, what I don’t want is to be one of those people who just gets really healthy for the wedding.  I want it to be a lifestyle!   But these intense cravings for everything chocolate, sweet and salty is not helping.  Just a little rant before I reluctantly head to the gym! 


<Gulp> I’m ashamed to admit this. <Blush> But, I think I was a little Zilla Monster-ish the other day during my fourth ( fourth mind you) florist meeting.  And let me tell you, I felt horrible the next day, and well, guilty and embaressed.  While other factors played into why I turned into a Zilla, there are no excuses.  Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it should also be enjoyable!  What I feel most embarressed about is that I made my mom feel bad and in front of the florist, no less. <Crimson Blush>   And, while we have polar opposite tastes, she has been extremely supportive and helpful with the wedding planning.  She’s been incredibly resourceful and patient and wonderful!  And, she’s been by biggest champion every day for the last 31 years!  


Zilla Monster Siting: If you see an incredibly irriatable bride2be, please administer her a dose of reality!

And, get this, when I called her and emailed her the next morning, guilt-ridden, this is what she said:  

“Hey…don’t fret too much… you’ll get your stress level under control.  You just have to figure out a way to make decisions, hire people you trust to do the work and let the rest fall into place.  That way you can enjoy your special day.  Because, you know things will go wrong!!!  You have to have faith in your vendors!  I love you Baby!  Remember my Motto???  Let’s Just Try to Enjoy the Ride!”

And, she’s right n having faith in the people/vendors you choose for your wedding.   And up to this point, I’ve had such conviction with my vendor choices.  I need to get back to that, and trust that one of these fantastic florists will bring my vision to life.  And, if it’s not PERFECT, it’s not the end of the world. 

Thanks mom!  You’re pretty amazing.  I love you!

Not on her wedding day, they don’t!  

I’m personally not worried about this – And not because I think I’m ALL THAT – I just can’t recall ever going to a wedding where someone did trump the bride… Believe me, I’ve heard of girls who tried to!  Crazy, isn’t it?

But, who knows what your circumstances might be?  There are some crazies out there who like to try and trump the bride. (Yes, I call them CRAZIES.)  And, well, others are related to local or all-out celebrities.  If that were the case, what would you do in that situation?   

Here’s a great answer from… I love this Answer!

Question: One of my cousins is a local newscaster, and I’m afraid she’s going to upstage me and my fiancé at the wedding. Will it seem rude if I don’t invite her? This is my day, after all.

Answer: C’mon, now. You’re considering withholding an invitation to a family member because you’re worried that you won’t be the star of the show? Take a deep breath and listen up: At a wedding, no one—no matter how famous—can take the spotlight away from the bride and groom. All eyes will be focused on the two of you. At the same time, having a little celebrity glamour adds a fun buzz factor.

Good answer, isn’t it?  Do any of you have any ridiculous “bride upstaging stories?  If so, leave a comment!

It’s interesting what people will say and do when you and the significant other announce you’re getting married.  I won’t go into all the nitty gritty details, but I have to tell you, it’s tiring.  How can you possibly begin to please everyone?  It’s an emotional brain drain.  Up until earlier this month, I was really enjoying planning the wedding.  I love researching potential locations and getting the best deal possible.  Kenny and I really want our wedding to be a party.  Nothing too formal, nothing too religious, but something that everyone at any age would enjoy.  But then something happened that really took the wind out of my sails.  To be honest, I wanted to cancel everything and just head off to some beach with the beau and have a small, quiet ceremony.  (Now, I understand why some people actually do that.)  But, we’re not doing that.  Mostly because Kenny won’t let me.  And, I suppose I’d regret that choice in the future…

The point of this blog post is that a person only has so many “happy” life-changing events in their lifetime.   I’ll state the obvious here: A wedding is one of those events.  And for me, I don’t want to look back and have regrets or wish I’d done something differently.   There is a bigger picture here…  Friends and family are what’s important.  One thing I know about me is that I have an awfully dry sense of humor.  Sometimes so dry, it chokes.  Yeah, I have to work on that.  But, what I also know about myself is that I can’t harbor anger or bitterness for any length of time.  If someone hurts my feelings intentionally or unintentionally I can’t dwell on it.  I can’t be angry about it for too long because it’ll take me down.  This wedding planning is a good lesson in “getting the poison out.”  That’s what the Japanese call it when they purge the negative feelings they have inside.  It’s a perfect phrase, because anger is like a poison that’ll eat away at you… And if you allow it, it’ll turn into something ugly.  Life’s just too short for all that nonsense. 

So, from this point forward, I’m looking to get the wind back in the sails.  Let’s see what kind of deals are to be had out there!

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