After weeks and months of vendor stalking, here’s my top vendor picks…

Abby Rose Photography – She is awesome.  Very edgy.  Very cool.  I love her use of color and the angles of her shots.  Her photography is breathtaking.  She was unavailable, but she did suggest Heather Saunders to me. 
Contact: 734-846-2852

Amanda Williams Photograghy – Her photography is stunning.  And, she has crazy-reasonable prices.  Seriously, I think I shed a tear when I found out she was booked for my wedding date.  (This is like a 13 months out!)  Check her out!  You might wanna book before you get engaged!  
Contact: 313-228-0898

Heather Saunders Photography – Incredible. When I first saw her photography, I was blown away!  I had to have her as my photographer.  Initially, I didn’t look at her site on the Knot, because her prices were a little more what I wanted to spend, but her photography is artwork.   And she WILL be so worth it.  Meeting with her cinched the deal.  She’s really passionate about her work and she’s just great to be around – she makes you feel comfortable.  (Which was really important for me since I hate taking pictures)  Heather also photograph’s for Hour Detroit.  And her work is featured in several bridal magazines.  She is AWESOME!
Contact: 248-229-6810

John F. Martin Photography – Check him out.  You can get a great deal and he does great work!  (Keep in mind, his packages begin at $1500 for half a day and go to $2850 for a full day.) A fellow bride-2-B is getting the following deal:  For $3,000, he’s providing up to 10 hours of shooting (minimum of eight hours), two photographers, the proof book, CDs with all images (high res and no logos), a photo booth for guests at the reception, a slideshow of the ceremony pics during the reception (this includes equipment) and online availability of all photos within 2-4 days after the wedding. The Kicker: He’s tossing in the Trash the Dress photo session for free. 
Contact: 586-362-5717  (Please reference Julie Morey)

Kristen Taylor Photogaphy – Her website is awesome.   Her work is very creative and has that edgy approach I really like. 
Contact: 248-593-6449

Mike Greer Photography – My brother actually used him for his wedding photography in September of 2007.  He’s very creative and very edgy.  He’s very impressive and he very passionate about his work.   
Contact: 248-888-7992

Sam Sarkis Photography – The images on Sam’s website are a mix between traditional and edgy.  He actually has four other photographers who shoot weddings for him.  When I met with him he showed me his work, which leans on the more traditional side. (Not my style)  But, I did take a look at his associate Kathy’s wedding album.  Now she has some cool images. I seriously considered her. 
Contact: 248-538-9411

Wally Spice Photography – Wally is great. She and her daughter make up the Wally Spice duo.  She is very urban and captures some great Detroit city wedding images.  I was really impressed with her and she’s really easy to talk with on the phone.  Not as creative as a Heather, but still hits it outta the park.  She recently formed a partnership with Mike Staff Productions.  So, you could get a great deal on a dj, photographer and videographer.  Defintely worth checking out.
Contact: 248-547-9380

All the above photographers have two photographers shoot the wedding.  Be sure you’re able to get your hands on all the images that were taken at the wedding.  And, it’s important you ask the photographer if your wedding album is included in the price.  If you want to drive down the cost, ask if you can eliminate the engagement photo session… 

More wedding photographers in the Detroit Metro Area.  If you have a recommedation, leave a comment!


Videographers (most bang for your buck):
11-4 ProductionsOk, don’t judge a book my its cover.  Their website is not cool, but if you’re looking for a reasonably priced videographer, I’d check them out.  I think they’ll do a great job capturing your big day and you’ll be happy for what you pay for…  If you want a big hollywood production video, this is not your vendor.
Contact: 248-522-6019

Castle Video Productions – This by far is the best deal out there! This finished product is amazing and you can’t beat the price.  This is a woman-run show and she really has this videography thing nailed down.  It’s no where near lame.  It’s elegant, eloquent and you feel like you’re there.  You get a superior quality product for a reasonable price.    However, she books 18-24 months in advance.  I almost spiraled into a depression when I found out she was booked.  She did recommend Tri-foot Productions and Two Penny Productions.  
Contact: 810-522-1173

Days to Remember – A small family-owned business run by a husband and wife team.  They promise not to be cheesy!  They’re very reasonably priced and they put out a great product.  Defintely worth checking out.
Contact: 248-563 -4275

Imagine Video – Have a tight budget?  You can book this vendor for less than $1,000. 
Contact: 586-994-6600

Mike Staff Productions – I put them on here because I think they’re so great to work with.  If you want a video that’s more like a hollywood production, give them a call.  While they’re more expensive, you’ll definitely get what you pay for.  
Contact: 248-547-6935 

Two Penny Productions – All I will say is you HAVE  to visit their site and check out their videos.  They have a fantastic website.  The second I navigated onto their site, I didn’t care about any other call backs.   Until I saw their work, I always connotated a videographer with the word lame.  But I must say, these people are really good at what they do.  And, you work with them with crafting a theme.  I was sold right away, but their price was more than what we wanted to pay.  But, after talking with them, we negotiated an awesome deal.  (It’s a really, really good price!)  So, we booked them!
Contact: 248- 345-8863

Tri-Foot Productions – Another great deal in the making.  Check them out.  Their getting a lot of buzz on the Detroit message board.  If I wasn’t able to negotiate with Two Penny, I would’ve booked Tri-Foot.  Now this is an up-and-coming videographer.  Their reasonably priced and you get a great video.
Contact: 313-850-8093

Click here for more Metro Detroit videographers.  If you had a great experience, leave a comment!


Linen Vendors

The Linen Closet LLC: Anita is super cool.  And, she’ll come to your venue and do table mock-ups.  She’ll rent, deliver and install chair sashes for $1 per chair.  15″ wide table runners for $5 each.   Thought those prices were pretty good.  
Contact: 586.719.2263

Eco-Posh Events:  I talked with Erika and she’s great!  They offer chair sashes for $0.50 per chair and it’s a flat $35 delivery and set-up fee. (DAMN!)  Her linens are very reasonably priced. 
Contact: 248.794.0254

Candlelite Linens and More: Miss Rita is so incredibly nice!  She even emailed me pics of the different colors and fabrics she has!  And, she has the BEST priced linens.  132″ pintuck for $14 each, crushed taffeta for $12… Seriously, good prices.  And, she reponded to my emails on both Saturday and Sunday.  
Contact: 586.443.1602



1. Michele Nonis – Michele is awesome.  She works out of her home in Warren, Mich.  She knows what’s she’s doing and has incredible confidence in her work.  She’s not afraid to tell you her opinion – even if it differs from yours – and she’s cool as a cucumber.  All her business is generated by word-of-mouth.  And, this woman is booked solid.  To us, that alone speaks volumes.  After she mapped out my vision and we listed everything out, she busted out her calculator and told us the cost.  It was a jaw-dropping surprise.  It was unbelievably reasonable.  Wow.  She’s crazy good.  So, we booked her.  I’ll share pics of her work soon.   
Contact: 586-776-1201

2. Lynn Jovic of Clever Bumble Bee Creations – Lynn is wonderful and will work with any budget!  She definitely could’ve met our $750 budget.  The wonderful thing about Lynn is that she’s flexible and will help you find creative ways to have beautiful floral arrangements that will fit your budget!  If you’re thinking of DIY flowers but don’t want the hassle, Lynn can do it for just a wee bit more than the DIY price!  Click here to check out Lynn’s work. 
Contact: 586-215-6676

3. Katie of Courtyard Flowers – Katie, the owner of Courtyard Flowers in Mt. Clemens, Mich.  is absolutely amazing.  What I really liked about her is that she understood your vision without you really having to explain it to her.  And, for the flower illiterate, such as myself, this quality of hers is a godsend.   She knows her stuff.  Unfortunately, she was out of my price range.  BUT, my price range was $750-1100.  You can definitely  get I wanted for under $2K.  Ssrly, I pouted when my budget-minded innerself said no.    
Contact: 586-468-7730


More to come on invitations, save-the-dates, bridal salons, etc.

Florist  vendors will be posted soon!