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I really wanted a romantic and intimate feel to our wedding.  Which meant, I wanted lots and lots of candles…  

For colors… We kept it simple and opted for a black and white scheme with deep burgandy, purple and fuchsia accents.  I knew what I wanted from the very beginning, I just couldn’t find a picture of what I wanted.  I was hoping… I was really hoping it would turn out the way I had imagined in my mind.

When we first walked in the room, I remember thinking it was so beautiful. Really.  Breathtakingly beautful.  But, after that moment when you take it all in, it’s not about the room.  It’s about the people… and then your swept away in all the joy of the evening.   

Well, I’ve been pining to see some pictures of the ballroom before the reception began…  And my DOC Erika had these to share…  Thank you Erika!  See more here

My Black & White Wedding by Candelight

GR_Headtable shot



I like this first pic for a couple reasons.  1) She’s just a girl having fun. 2) The rich red and pinks of the bouquets look stunning against the black bridesmaid dresses.  I love the other two pics because those floral bouquets are breathtaking.

Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral StylistSource

Perfect bouquet.  Just my style.
Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral Stylist

I love the flowers for this wedding…absolutely stunning.  Click here for more.
Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral Stylist

I just had to share this… Look at this amazing inspiration board that Miss Jaime from It’s a Jaime Thing came up with for my color scheme.  It’s sexy and romantic, isn’t it?  And I love those red heels.  HOT!  If you haven’t already checked out her blog, she has some truly fabulous ideas to share.  Take a peek.


Inspiration Board: Timeless Black and White Fused With Passion from It’s a Jaime Thing 


Source: It's a Jaime Thing

 Thanks Jaime!  It’s breathtaking.

Here’s my first inspiration board.  This is a montage of what I imagine my wedding to be!  BTW – this is so much harder than it looks… Kudos to those other bloggers like Snippet and Ink, Style Me PrettyIt’s a Jaime Thing and others who make it look so easy! 


Photo credits starting at the top and going from left to right:

#1, 4 Garden Muse – Clematis,  #2 Tips.webdesign – Red Roses, #5 Knot For Life – Black Table Runner, #6 Celtic Weddings – Deep Red Rose, #7 In Photos – Purple Flowers (I don’t know that these are?),  #8 – Table Scatter Crystals, #9 Miss Weddings – White Chair Cover, Black Satin Sash,#10 Natures Wallpaper – Purple and Red Sunset (This was taken in lower Michigan!), #11 – Deep Purple Swirl, #12 Via Spiga – Black Patent Leather Peep Hole Heels, #13 John & Kira’s – Artisean Lady Bug Chocolates, #14 Macy’s – Suzi Chin Sleeveless with Sheer Black Neckline, #15 –Bliss Weddings  Purple Autumn Bouquet, #16 Variations – Black and White Wedding Theme  (Black monogram), #17 Bridal People – Black and White Invitations, #18 Flickr Bensonkuo – 2008 Luminato Festival, Ontario, Canada, #19 Bridal People – Diamond Shaped Tea Lights, #20 – Red Rose

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