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I really wanted a romantic and intimate feel to our wedding.  Which meant, I wanted lots and lots of candles…  

For colors… We kept it simple and opted for a black and white scheme with deep burgandy, purple and fuchsia accents.  I knew what I wanted from the very beginning, I just couldn’t find a picture of what I wanted.  I was hoping… I was really hoping it would turn out the way I had imagined in my mind.

When we first walked in the room, I remember thinking it was so beautiful. Really.  Breathtakingly beautful.  But, after that moment when you take it all in, it’s not about the room.  It’s about the people… and then your swept away in all the joy of the evening.   

Well, I’ve been pining to see some pictures of the ballroom before the reception began…  And my DOC Erika had these to share…  Thank you Erika!  See more here

My Black & White Wedding by Candelight

GR_Headtable shot



Hey, hey!  Look what Detroit Katie shared with me.   Katie came across these hand-painted toasting flutes on Etsy.  The glasses are 9 inches tall with black stem and base.  And, they feature a delicate, detailed damask design .

Do you like?  I do.  These are marvelous!  Thanks Katie for passing along the find.

Damask Hand-painted Toasting Flutes

Esty damask toasting flutes

More, or less, this is our black and white look.  Ok, nix those big, white candelabras and insert modest centerpieces with deep red, purple and fushia flowers.  Ditch the satin.  Oh, and tie a black sash around a more rounded chair, and it’s almost it!  Not sure if that’s confetti on the table or flower petals, but nix that too!  We’re doing black linens, white charger plates, black napkins, and white envelopes in a menu-folded napkin.  If you can find a better pic, please send to me!

I was perusing the pics I previously posted on this here blog and thought – what was I thinking?  I guess what I saw in my head was not what I actually saw in the picture.  But, this is better.  Do you agree?


Look at this.  LOVE it! 


So, I’ve been looking for invitations.  We want simple.  Nothing frilly, nothing over-the-top.  We want something classic and something that serves its purpose.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a wedding inviation and having to sort through, what seems like a million pieces of paper.  Sometimes I find it overwhelming.  So, we’re going with a simple black and white.  And, I’m going to make them myself.  I may not be crafty with embossing, but I can definitely whip something up on the computer.   I’ll order envelopes online, get the invites printed and cut at Kinkos and save myself a couple hundred bucks. 

I came across these on Invitation Consultants

Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions where I can get super inexpensive invites, let me know.  I’m open to checking them out!

I’m liking how simple this is.  I’d toss the white ribbon and get a deep burgandy or deep purple. 

 I like the shape of this.  Not liking the polka dot ribbon or the design of the black slip jacket.

 I like this one too. 

<Sigh> This is perfect.  I love everything about it.  And, yes.  I’m obsessed with black and white as of late.


For months, I’ve been looking for black and white reception images that were similar to what we were thinking.  And finally, after much stalking here they are. 

We were struggling between black table runners or a 60″ square black overlay over the 72″ round.  And after seeing the room and the bold earth tones – we booked Greektown Hotel Casino while it was still undergoing construction- the tables definitely need a more bold look to pull off our black/white theme.   We’re using a deep red (or even burgandy) and a deep purple as accent colors for a dramatic look.  We’ll carry this out with the flowers/centerpieces.  (Mom might be making the overlays to cut cost… and we’ll craigslist those bad boys later.)

I love this look – though I prefer all white chair covers and black sashes.

Finally, here’s an example of the purple and red flowers against black.  We’re using roses and lisianthus’. 

Chair sash tie – Twisted to look like a tuxedo bowtie.  ( I don’t know what’s this is called, do you?)

Look at these damask table runners.. they can be all yours for $100.  She’ll even ship them to you.  She’s got 13 of these babies!

Black White/Ivory Damask Table Runners -$12 (Lexington, Port Huron)

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Date: 2009-02-25, 2:17PM EST

These were made for my wedding reception 12″ x 72″ with a zig-zag hem (see photo) rectangle shape with OUT the tasseled ends. It is a medium weight canvas material with black bold Essence Onyx print. Everyone LOVED these!! This sale is for an *individual runner but I will sell the whole lot of 13 for $100 plus shipping.

Sounds weird doesn’t it?  But those are our colors.  We’re going with a classic black and white wedding theme with red and purple accents.  The  bridesmaids will surely wear black dresses.  And, I’m thinking red roses, purple flowers and some greens for the centerpieces… White linens, black runners… and some other dazzling ideas…

I’m working on an inspiration board to slap up on this here blog!  If you’ve got some great ideas – send them to me!  I had no idea how time consuming those boards are!

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