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Talk about a bad dress. While it's not a BM dress, this was my first homecoming dress.  I do NOT want my girls to look like this!

Talk about a bad dress. This was me at my first homecoming. Can you tell it's the early 90s? I don't want to do THIS to my girls!

Can you imagine being a bridesmaid in the 80s? The ruffles, the colors, the hair! Need I say more?  Just in the last 10 years, bridesmaid dresses have come a long way. But, even in 2008, there’s still some ugly dresses out there!  And I won’t have anything to do with them!   


I’ve been honored to be a bridesmaid three times in the last 10 years.  Whatever the bride wanted me to wear, I wore it.  No complaints.  No questions.  So maybe there was one time in particular I felt rather bashful in the dress.  (Peach cobbler comes to mind.  But we were just victims of the 90s.) 


There is this belief out there that brides choose ridiculous dresses for her bridesmaids because she doesn’t want them to look better than her on the Big Day.  While I don’t think any of my friends are that crazy (thank god!), I do believe it’s been done.  Aside from a manipulative bride, there are a lot of reasons why some BM’s hate the dress.  One obvious issue is that not all women look great in the same style dress. That’s a fact!  It just doesn’t happen!  One can look like a knockout and the other like a frump!  (Oh, the painful memories!) 


I want the women who are standing next to me on my wedding day, to look and feel beautiful.  I want them to be happy with the dress – from the cost of it to the cut of it.  And, I’d really like them to be able to wear it again!  In all honesty, I haven’t worn any of my BM dresses since their debut, and not because they’re not beautiful dresses, but because there hasn’t been an opportunity since.  (Perhaps you’d like to purchase one…)

I love this dress by Bill Levkoff! Source:

So, I’m going with black dresses.  It’s fitting, because I love black.  Black is perfect.  It’s simple, elegant and you can wear it to any kind of event.  No frills, no bows no pickups and no ball gown skirts.  No tulle, no crinoline, no velvet and no beaded fabric.  Something like this black taffeta dress by Bill Levkoff but a tad bit shorter with the hem right below the knees. (Originally, I nixed taffeta, but I’ve since come to my senses) It comes in various styles too.  (I’d really like to give BM’s options on a style and cut)  While it’s a little pricier that I’d like, I did find it for half-off online.  And, I know I could find a fabulous deal at a sample sale.    


Bridal Party Democracy

But, ultimately, it’s about consensus. I think it’s time to round up the troops and hit the bridal salons. Who knows, this dress might not make the cut!  But, then again, I’d rather have bridal party democracy than a dictatorship! 


But first thing is first, I still have a couple of BM’s to ask to be part of the big day!  I want it to be a face-to-face invite, preferably over a cocktail! 


Interesting BM sites:

With the advent of the internet and blogging, there’s a ton of sites dedicated to bridesmaids, from roles and responsibilities to tell-all’s and horror stories.  It’s really interesting.  Some former BM’s are very, very angry women.  Check out some of these tell-all websites:  


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