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Cast your vote ladies.   I’m thinking of choosing several dresses from the Watters & Watters line for my ladies to pink from.  What to you think?  You think they can all be mixed and matched?  I think I’m switching it up to long dresses… Goin’ for the old Hollywood glam look.

**Also, Bridesmaids, please let me know what you think… Just leave a comment!  You know me – BRUTAL HONESTY works best!**

Seriously, what do you think… and I’m not just talking to my girls!  All opinions wanted and needed!  I love 1, 2 and 3…





I came across this on one of my new favorite blogs We Met in a Bar…  I love this idea.   Black should be fairly easy to find.  I wouldn’t even mind a white top. 

Frustration turned into inspiration.  (Sigh) Though, I still need some assistance… Any thoughts on this look?

Cool…I’m liken this look.

Source: We Met in a Bar via The Brides Cafe

I thought I found the one – and for a reasonable price.  But when I tried it on (my ladies are all over the map), I felt like it could potentially be a walking disaster.   And, it may need a lot of alterations – which I’d like to avoid…

What I’d like is to find a trumpet skirt – knee length or tea length and a variety of tops for the lovely ladies to choose from.  Seriously, what’s the deal?

Maybe I should just peruse for separates at a Nordstrom or Macy’s?

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?  Please help me.  

This was the dress I tried on by Impressions Bridal…
What I like about this is that they can choose what style top they want.  But I LOVE the trumpet skirt... This is my FAV. Imagine it in black!

Back to the bridesmaid dresses – I think it’s important to mention that of the five ladies standing up in my wedding, only one (ONE!!) lives here in Michigan.  One lives on the West coast near San Fran, the other on the East coast in Brooklyn, one in Ohio and the other in Windsor, Ontario! (And, Windsor is really just across the Detroit River, so not too far…) 

So, it’s not as though we can all get together and try them on how they look!  I know I’m not the only bride to have this challenge and I know everything will work out in the end!

I love the shape and look of this Nicole Miller gown! I wish I could find something similar in black! (Source:

What’s with bridesmaid dresses and how come some of them are so stinking ugly?!  Come on, not everyone is looking for a frilly little number that makes you look like a cupcake?  Oh, and furthermore, what’s with the anorexic girls modeling these dresses?  (I’d like to feed the Jim Hjelm model a burger!) 

My girls are real women with curves!  My one girlfriend said it best, “a size zero is the closest to a nobody as you’ll ever get and she’s definitely a somebody!”  (No offense to you size zero’s out there!) 

Can you tell I’m frustrated? Seriously, I wish you could just google “matte taffeta dress with ruched bodice” and an infinite number of gorgeous dresses would suddenly appear.  But, apparently, it doesn’t work that way.  So, I say GRRR.  I’ve looked at literally hundreds of dresses online and countless l’il numbers at the store.  I know what I want, I’m just not finding it.  So, I’m screaming for some help! 

What I’m looking for is something that looks like a full length Nicole Miller for a Davids Bridal price.  I want stretch taffetta – matte or irridescent – with a ruched bodice.

Here’s the numbers that I’m looking at…


So far, I have one BM who love #4 and another who loves the #7.  I need to find some middle ground!

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