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Image: Heather Saunders Photography

Pipe & Drape: Colonial Events
Troy, Mich.
Grade: A+

This crew is SOLID.  Like the stalker I am, I called around to other Metro Detroit places that rent pipe and drape and Colonial Events beat out all the prices. 

I didn’t even think of renting pipe and drape for the wedding reception.  Well, not until we actually saw the ballroom set up for a wedding in the same way ours would be set.  The story is – we booked our reception at the Greektown Casino-Hotel before the hotel was complete.  So, we never actually saw the ballroom – we only saw schematics of the ballroom.  It was a jaw dropping deal – and we liked the atmosphere of a casino wedding in the 24-hour buzz of the Greektown corridor, so we booked.  

What the ballroom looks like without a backdrop.

I have to tell you, when we saw the ballroom when it was finished in February 2009, I wasn’t at all impressed – it was blah in comparison to their stunning lobby and plush bistro.  Then, a couple weeks later, Greektown had their first wedding reception and I popped-in to take some pics.  It wasn’t until I saw this (left) picture when I realized that I needed some sort of backdrop to cover the doors and the exit sign.  This look just didn’t go with my intimate and romantic idea I had in my mind for our wedding… 

Well, Greektown’s event coordinator at the time quoted me some prices on a backdrop their in-house A/V crew could put up and said to call then closer to the wedding.  But when I called them a couple months before the wedding to confirm, there was a rather large discrepancy with the price.  

Long story short, I found Colonial Events and we booked white pipe and drape and had four uplights with purple gels for one bad arse out-the-door price.  (TIP: I called my photographer to see which color backdrops and lights would photo best.) 

Ssrly, it completely, COMPLETELY changed the atmosphere of the room.  It was so intimate and romantic.  They helped make a blah room breathtaking. 

LOVE THEM.  They were easy to work with and we had NO issues at all with them!  Check out a previous post I wrote about them.  While our backdrop was fairly simple, they do all kinds of creative and beautiful pipe and drape solutions. 

 Colonial Events: 248-589-3544 

Here’s the ballroom WITH a backdrop.  Big difference, right?Courtesy of Heather Saunders


If you’ve been following for awhile, then you know I was considering a backdrop for the bridal party headtable. 

Ssrly.  Never.  Would we ever consider getting a backdrop if not for the current backdrop Greektown Casino Hotel offers, which we think is Fu-Go.  See below.   This is the only place we can put our 24 ft headtable (Bug, didn’t really want a captains table, so that’s out.). 

This is it. We’re not liking it.


The thing was, we booked Greektown Casino Hotel before we even saw the ballroom.  (The hotel wasn’t built yet.)  So, when we did, see the room we realized we wanted something to cover that wall up.  Not to mention, the room was a little monochromatic blah color in need of something drastic.

So, here I was looking for a backdrop on the tiniest sliver of a budget.  I called several companies and got quotes that were WAY out of my piddly price range.  Then, I started calling those places back to see how much it would be if I installed it myself!  Can you imagine me doing this the morning of the wedding?  Ha.  Zilla Monster, where?

Originally, I was looking for a black backdrop, but after talking with my photographer she suggested we get a lighter backdrop with some uplighting.  She’s the expert.  I listened.  Woudn’t ya know?  White backdrops were much less expensive. 

So, I circled back and got quotes.  I was looking for a backdrop that was H16 ft x L24 ft with uplighting for a spectacular, jaw-dropping price.  And, can you believe it?  We found it.

Two words.  Colonial Events.  They’re an events company located in Troy, Mich.  Love them.  Love Todd.  Love that they can help a budget-teer out!  And, they’re putting that bad boy up themselves.  They can transform anything…

Want or need pipe and drape for an affordable, won’t-kill-your-budget price.  Call them.  Talk to Todd and tell them Bridgette sent you.  Go on, check them out.  They do some cool things.

Colonial Events


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