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Ann Arbor News photo by Alan Warren

Source: Ann Arbor News photo by Alan Warren

So, this is done and over with… and surprisingly enough, I had a GREAT time!  My fabulous photographer Heather Saunders met my fiance and I at Greektown Casino on Sunday morning for a romp-around town to capture some great snowy Detroit pics. 

We had originally planned to do this Saturday, but that snow storm blew through and the session was a wash!  Seriously, I was dreading this… I hate pictures.  But, Heather is so easy to work with and she made me feel so comfortable. (Another confirmation that I’m sooo happy I booked Heather!) And, I have to give Kenny credit because he put me at ease.  I swear, that man is such a ham in front of the camera!

The session started off in Greektown, taking shots in some doorways, against some brick walls and of course on Monroe Street.  Then we hopped on the People Mover to get some urban pics around the city.  To end the session, we headed over near St. Andrews Hall and got some shots with graffiti covered brick.   I should have pics in the next coming weeks.  I’m curious to see how they came out!  I will post when I can.

SERIOUSLY – If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, I strongly encourage scheduling an engagement pic session with your photographer. For me, the session eased my anxiety about having a camera around on the BIG DAY.

And kudos to Heather! Later this month and early next, she’ll have her work featured in five bridal magazines!  I’ll find out which ones and slap them on the blog!


We finally nailed this down.  And while I absolutely love my photographer Heather Saunders, I’m no ham when it comes to the camera. (I’m sure I would be if the outcome was different!)  I’ve kind of been dragging my feet about it.  But in lieu of the work-related events I have throughout January, we had to do this soon if we want to use one of the professional shots for our save-the-date. 

I even tried to nix the engagement session and have it re-allocated to something else, like prints.  But Heather made a good argument –  The engagement session is a dry-run of the wedding.   This is an opportunity for us to get comfortable with each other and to see how we work together.  Basically, the engagement session should ease my anxiety!  It makes sense right?  The last thing I’d want is to feel this same kind of anxiety about pics on my wedding day.  I’m sure I’ll have other things to worry about!

We booked her in September and originally wanted an October or November session, but we cancelled the session because I wasn’t ready.  I always overthink what to wear, how to do my hair and all that, and then I don’t like the outcome of the whole look!  And in pictures, I never look like me.  Even my friends and family say I don’t look like myself in a still shot…   My fiance, on the other hand, is very photogenic.  Come to think of it – his whole family is photogenic!   

Anyway, the fiance and I will head downtown for a Detroit-inspired engagement session.  I’ll save the details for after the session!

Heather will do her magic!  I know when I see out engagement photos, I’ll be relieved!

Check out Heather’s blog of recent weddings she shot.  She’s awesome!

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