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Videographer: Two Penny Productions
Livonia, Mich.
Grade: A+++++++++++++++++++++

I’ve fallen madly in love with Two Penny Productions. Not only are they most creative videographers you’ll find in the Metro Detroit area, they are truly phenomenal to work with. They’re good people. And, they’re one of the best wedding decisions I made.    

Ok, we’ve all seen wedding videos before.  And so many of them are LAME. Painfully lame. But, from the moment I saw Two Penny’s wedding highlight videos, I knew they were the ones. I didn’t even meet them – I just called and asked where I should send my deposit check. Ssrly. No joke. We didn’t meet them until 10 days before the weeding. Crazy, I know. Just watch their videos and you’ll understand why. 

I love their style, love their creativity and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my video! They captured so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. They have talent.  

And what they did with our video is they made it into a documentary. They had us  meet up with them after the wedding to talk on camera about some of the events surrounding the wedding and then the actual day itself.  And then they made it into this beautifully emotional and FUN documentary. So, when we got our dvd, it had our 2-minute highlight (see below), the 25-minute documentary, the entire ceremony, much of the reception and video bloopers.  It was like something you rent from the video store where you can choose your selection.  Completely impressed. amazed. crazed with excitment.  Wow. 

Our Wedding Highlight



There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to watch your own wedding. It’s magical. People tell you about the ceremony, but actually seeing it is completely different.  It’s like being 6-years-old again and waking up on Christmas morning.  It’s that kind of excitement. Two Penny made our wedding video into digital artwork.  REALLY. Truly amazing. Breathtaking. <sigh> 

And to think I almost didn’t book a videographer… (read about that here and here)  

Honestly, I think a wedding videographer is more important than upgrading the bar. More important than upgrading the meal.  If you don’t have the budget for a videographer, I would seriously consider WHAT can be downsized, nixed, hacked, chopped, WHATEVER, so you can get someone to capture your day. 

And, all I can say is you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Two Penny.  I think they’re the best money can buy. 

Rob, Hyun. I love you.  You are incredibly talented individuals.

Two Penny Productions


<sigh>  Adam of Two Penny has married… (a gorgeous gal, no less!)

Please watch.  I love the editing.  I love the song.  I love everything.    

It has this older, nostalgic feel to it.  It makes me wish I was there.  Watch.  I promise you’ll like. Or sigh.  Or smile. Or something…

Congratulations Adam & Andrea.  Cheers to a beautiful day and a beautiful start to a marriage!

Adam & his beautiful wife, Andrea

Here’s a little sneek peek of our Detroit Wedding video.  Two Penny Productions.  They’re amazing!!  Their work is breathtaking.  This little video snippet took my breath away!

This was waiting for my husband and I when we came back from the honeymoon. 

Who would have thought we’d see something so quickly after the wedding?  Nice little gift, isn’t it!

Thank you Rob and Hyun. 

Two Penny Productions: Bridgette and Kenny

UPDATE: I can’t stop watching this.  And, I literally throw my head down on my keyboard and cry remembering how beautiful the day was! - This is a Heather Saunders original.

This is a Heather Saunders original

I was perusing my photographer Heather Saunders blog today, and I came across this image.  I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I love the symbolism of the bride and groom’s wedding ring each on their own pear – making the perfect pair!  Another thing I love about incorporating pears, is that my grandma who passed away several years ago, loved pears. 

Isn’t Heather fabulous?  Check out her website and blog.  While she’s stationed here in Michigan, she travels across the U.S. and beyond to capture your nuptials and other special events.

I have to preface this post by saying I was not at all interested in having a wedding videographer.  If you look at the pricing out there, it’s easy to suffer from sticker shock.  And, if you look at the finished work of those vendors who guarantee a fantastic deal, you see just how lame videographer’s can be.  (Ok, this is not an absolute truth here! There are some gifted and up-and-coming videographers who charge reasonably.  They were just booked.)  To forego this seemingly unneccessary cost, we thought we’d recruit Kenny’s best friend’s wife to video the ceremony and the best man/maid of honor speeches. 

Basically, Kenny and I were professional videographer nay-sayers.  But my mom, on the otherhand, was not.  Every day, she’d weave-in her key messages of the importance of having a videographer capture the big day.  No matter what the conversation!  Talk about the art of persuasion or maybe the saturation of messaging, but she broke me… she beat me down with her videography campaign.  (Not to mention, my parents are giving us a generous chunk of change and they have some say in where it goes.)

Two Penny Productions

Two Penny Productions

Anyway, I begrudgingly jumped on the bandwagon and started looking at videographers.  I started with the extremely reasonably priced vendors, but I wasn’t at all impressed with their sample videos.  Not that I wanted a full production with a cinematography director and all that, but I didn’t want it to be the epitomy of lame either.  This is when I come to the realization:  All prices are negotiable – especially for those vendors who run their own businesses.    

So, I made tons of phone calls.  It was time to wheel and deal and get the vendor I (ok – my mom-) wanted at the price we could afford.  

Top three picks and why:
Castle Video Productions – This by far is the best deal out there! This finished product is amazing and you can’t beat the price.  This is a woman-run show and she really has this videography thing nailed down.  It’s no where near lame.  It’s elegant, eloquent and you feel like you’re there.  You get a superior quality product for a reasonable price.    However, she books 18-24 months in advance.  I almost spiraled into a depression when I found out she was booked.  She did recommend Tri-foot Productions and Two Penny Productions.  

Two Penny Productions – All I will say is you HAVE  to visit their site and check out their videos.  The second I navigated onto the site, I didn’t care about any other call backs.  (And by this time, I left several messages with several vendors.)  Until I saw their work, I always connotated a videographer with the word lame.  This started back in highschool.  But I must say, these people are really good at what they do.  And, you work with them with crafting a theme.  I was sold right away, but their price was more than what we wanted to pay.  But, after talking with them, we negotiated an awesome deal.  (It’s a really, really good price!)  So, we booked them! Oh, and this was the one vendor my mom wanted.  Everyone is happy, especially the mom! 

Tri-Foot Productions – Another great deal in the making.  Check them out.  Their getting a lot of buzz on the Detroit message board.  If I wasn’t able to negotiate with Two Penny, I would’ve booked Tri-Foot.  Now this is an up-and-coming videographer.  Their reasonably priced and you get a great video.   

I called several other vendors and I’ll post their info on my vendor details page soon.

All of the above vendors send two people to video the wedding.  Oh, and when you’re shopping around for videographers, make sure they include several copies of the dvd and the raw video footage in the package price.  Some vendors charge more for that.

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