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Yep.  This is pure genius.  Love their style.  And, liking that this is out of the box. (Kicking self for not coming across this sooner.)

Love, Love, Love it.
Source: Justin Pocta Photography


Nope.  I’m no good at embossing.  This craft is going to take some time to master… As you can see, overall, it looks messy.  And I think my ladybug was teetering into the land of the cheesy.  See below.  <blush>  So, I think I’ll be sticking to the “Save this Date” in the vintage border idea.

Mood: Super excited and ambitious

I got three stamps to play with…img_3486

After several attempts, this was the best I got.
Mood: Discouraged

Ok,  I like the Bug.  But, not for the std envelope.  Looks cheesy.  But, may incorporate it elsewhere.
Mood: Feeling like a dork about the bug…img_3488

All I need is some time to perfect this craft! I want to be proud… but today’s not that day!img_3498

While perusing the web for some ideas to spruce-up the envelopes for our save-the-dates,  (stds aren’t done yet, but when I’ve got the final proof, I’ll give you a peek.)   I came across this on Wedding Bee.   Love it.  LOVE it.  Mrs. Eggplant even gives you a step-by-step process! 

Mrs. Eggplant’s Card Crafting: Just a Few Snippetsw87249802



Looks easy, right?

So, I stopped by Michaels and checked-out their rubber stamps and embossing supplies.  I picked up black and plum embossing powder, an embossing heat gun, embossing ink and pad, some spot paint and brushes and three rubber stamps.   Cost = more than I wanted to spend ($50 with a 40 percent coupon).  But, I had nothing to start with.

We’ll see if I like the embossing method or the printed border method…

So, last night we went to my mom’s house for dinner… and she surprised me with a mock-up of the DIY rose ice cubes.   I should have taken a picture, but honestly, I was too busy taking pics of the food to show my brothers what they missed! (they live in Dallas and Napa)  And, by the time I thought of a picture, they were half-melted.

But, this is what we learned:

  • The ice cubes were cloudy so we either need to boil the water twice or get distilled water.
  • The small ice cubes completely melt in about 30 minutes (is it worth the effort?  won’t last past the cocktail hour?)
  • We need a bigger ice tray or some other tray, so we have larger cubes (also, bigger ones’ll last longer!)
  • Fiance suggested round cubes…. that would look cool.  (We’re thinking of freezing them in water ballons, but would that work? You’ll find out)

Any other suggestions to make this bad boys last longer or come out differently?

img_3414We’re actually using red or purple roses, but my mom had yellow on hand!


The ice cube tray has such small cubes! 

Thanks to Vintage Glam Weddings, I came across this romantic DIY detail…  And you better believe I’ll be incorporating these icy beauty’s into the wedding for an intimate and romantic feel.

Vintage Glam Weddings (This is a Jonathan Fong creation.)

I’m thinking of putting them in some sort of glass bowl or vase on each bar.    And, to keep the ice cold, I was thinking about getting some frozen marble slabs (you know the ones that keep ice chilled) to set them on.  Can you just imagine the look with some votives around it?  Who knows what I’ll come up with!  Any ideas?

And, I have to tell you, I came across Vintage Glam Weddings and immediately fell in love – and my mom is hooked too.

How fun, my mom, my BM’s and I will make ice cubes with roses and purple lisianthus’.   Thanks Vintage Glam!

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