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If you’re looking to do your own invitations, programs, seating chart, table numbers, etc., and you want to take them up a notch, you should consider purchasing a graphic.   Ssrly, no one will know you did it yourself.  Now, you’ll need some computer skills, but we’re not talking mad skills here.  If you can work in PowerPoint or another similar program, then you’ll be FINE. 

With my wedding, I was going for a more vintage, Old Hollywood feel for my invites and overall feel.  So, I was looking for a graphic that would bring this out.  My friend Michelle and I found this on graphic on Dreamstime.  Because I was using them for the invites, I purchased the larger and higher res image for about $15.00.

Dreamstime Graphic_scroll

You can crop the graphic and use different components.  I used and abused this cropped version.  

Let me tell you, I got my money’s worth from this thing!  I used it on my DYI invitations, programs, wedding favors, seating chart, table number and monogram.  I even had Shutterbooth incorporate in on our photo strip!         

If you’re not savy in one of these programs and have some time, take a free PowerPoint class at the community center… or take the Microsoft tutorial.  (And, if all else fails, email me with your questions.  I’m a PowerPoint maniac.)   

Here’s some pics of how we incorporated the Dreamstime graphic into the wedding.

Invitation and Ceremony program.



Seating chart and table numbers.Seating Chart Table number

Shutterbooth logo and wedding favorsShutterbooth Logo

NOTE: Admittedly, I take terrible pics.


Ok. <Deep breath>  Finally.  Finally. I can share with you… After weeks of working with my friend (the one who brought my idea to reality.  It’s all her, people! Thanks Dembek!) and hours and hours spent in the Novi Kinkos… here’s my vintage ticket wedding invitation. 

It came a long way from my jank powerpoint version, eh? 

Pic’s aren’t the highest of quality.  I’m no genius behind the digital cam!

What do you think?  You likes?  Talk to me. 

My Vintage Ticket Invitation
My Detroit Wedding Vintage Ticket Invite

And, here’s my RSVP card. 
And here’s the two inserts: Hotel Info & Framed Pic request


Wow.  I’m not complaining because life is Oh, So, Good!  But, last week – WHERE DID IT GO?  I’d like to have an actual chat with Last Week and tell it to slow down and back up!   

Our wedding budget is tapped.  Or, I should say, I’m done!  We’re content with our decisions on the money we’re spending on those things we think are most important.  Like the DJ, venues, photographer and other vendors.  So, what we have left are the invitations and other paper-related details.  And, invitations can be pricey.  The invitations I think are PERFECT cost $400 just for the invitation and envelopes.  Cut that in half and minus $75 is what I think it’ll cost to do it my dang self. 

And I did!  I did a jank job in PowerPoint… And, I must say, my kinko-printed mock-ups aren’t that bad.   I showed them to my friend who does graphics and she said we could start from scratch in photoshop.  But it could work.  We’re going to change-up some graphics and all that.

So, I priced-out some paper products online… For 100 envelopes (70 lb), 100 rsvp envelopes and black cardstock (which we’ll attach the invite to, to give it a finished look) it’ll cost me $50.  For the printing of the invites, rsvp cards and my hotel information cards, I’m thinking another $75.  Maybe less because it’s only black ink and some cuts.  My ticket-style invites include the reception info on the actual invite, which will cut costs and save a tree.  No need pay more to have an additional tree die to announce our reception location! 

Here’s my jank-o mock-up.  Can’t wait to show you the finished version.jank inviation2 

So, I’ve been looking for invitations.  We want simple.  Nothing frilly, nothing over-the-top.  We want something classic and something that serves its purpose.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a wedding inviation and having to sort through, what seems like a million pieces of paper.  Sometimes I find it overwhelming.  So, we’re going with a simple black and white.  And, I’m going to make them myself.  I may not be crafty with embossing, but I can definitely whip something up on the computer.   I’ll order envelopes online, get the invites printed and cut at Kinkos and save myself a couple hundred bucks. 

I came across these on Invitation Consultants

Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions where I can get super inexpensive invites, let me know.  I’m open to checking them out!

I’m liking how simple this is.  I’d toss the white ribbon and get a deep burgandy or deep purple. 

 I like the shape of this.  Not liking the polka dot ribbon or the design of the black slip jacket.

 I like this one too. 

I’ve been thinking about DIY invitations since the engagement.  Not only am I hoping to save some money, but I like the idea of designed and putting together my own invites – it seems more intimate.  Well, yesterday I reveived my girlfriend’s (who got engaged exactly one month before me) DIY wedding inviation in the mail!  I wanted to share…

This took about a day for her and a team of girlfriends to put together.

This took about a day for her and a team of girlfriends to put together.

I love the picture on the inside flap!

I love the picture on the inside flap!





Her and the fiance debated whether they should just buy invites or do it themselves.  They decided on the latter.  They ordered the silver card stock and envelopes from an invitation store and purchased the other suppliers at – where else – Michaels.  The invite design was inspired by one they saw at a store specializing in invitations.

On one side of the flap, they ask their guests to visit their website for additional  accomodation and registry informtion.  On the other flap is a great picture of the two of them!   They also chose to forego the traditional RSVP card and ask their guests to RSVP online.  I only wonder what those people will do who don’t have a computer?  I guess they’ll call!   I think its a great idea to save paper and lower the cost of the invite. (Great job CPF!)

Some great blogs/websites to keep an eye on for DIY invitations are:
Do It Yourself Inviations
DIY Bride
Wedding Bee
Nina’s Wedding Blog

Oh and a fellow Detroit bride Ms. 12K is also planning on DYI inviations.  Check her blog out to see what she comes up with.  She also lists some great tips and some great blogs to visit.

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