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I know many of you got engaged over the holiday’s!  Congratulations!

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Check out this article on extreme marriage proposals from  It’s really amazing what some guys will orchestrate when asking their girl to be their wife.  And what’s even more interesting is the fact there are companies that assist in these extreme engagements! I think some of these tactics are a little extreme – but hey we all love to tell a great story.  But I think to plan an extravagent engagement in part to trump how your friends got engaged is plain stupid.  A marriage proposal, and a wedding is not about competition, it’s about spending the rest of your life with someone.   But I guess some of us (myself included) perpetuate this train of thought because when ever we hear that someone got engaged, we always ask two things 1) how did he do it? 2) what’s the ring look like?   Am I right?


BAM! Kenny dropped the rock on Untersburg mountain on the border of Austria and Germany.

Remember the movie The Sound of Music?  You know the opening scene where Julie Andrews is running along the hillside?  Yep, that’s where my guy dropped the rock.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t on the hillside, but it was close enough!  It was actually on the top of Untersburg – the highest moutaintop, in Salzburg, Austria. 

Anyway, this past summer Kenny’s family went on a family trip to his mom’s hometown – which happened to be across a rather large pond called the Atlantic Ocean.  It was an important trip for the family because they hadn’t all been on a family vaca since the early 90s, and it also marked the 69th birthday of Kenny’s Uncle Horsti (an amazing man I’m so happy to have met!) and his dad’s 60th b-day (a man I’m so happy to have in my life).  More importantly, the trip served as a homage to pay tribute to Omi – Kenny’s beloved grandmother who passed earlier the summer before.

Kenny really wanted me to come along on trip, and at first it didn’t look like it’d work out.  But then, it happened.  I got the time off and before you know it, Kenny had booked me a flight.  And, to be honest, I was a bit nervous tagging along on because I was the only +1 on the itinerary.  But – it was amazing – I had such a wonderful time! And, while I didn’t speak German, I didn’t need to to communicate with the fiance’s non-English speaking relatives.  Happiness and enthusiasm speaks for you.  I’ll never be able to explain it.  It was pretty cool.  

The day Kenny proposed wasn’t the day he was supposed to propose. (It was moved up a day due to the weather forecast. ) The family had planned a trip to Golling, a small, quaint town outside of Salzburg.   We were surrounded by the Austrian alps and exploring the small town by horse carriage.  The day was absolutely perfect… until we left Golling.  We were travelling back to Salzburg on this narrow one lane road – by this time, we had traded the horse carriage in for a minivan.   It just so happened this teenaged girl on a moped (who happened to be drinking) was coming straight at us and hit us.  Thankfully, she was ok.  But, the minivan had some damage so we thought it best to call the police.  

The Beer Garden in the middle of nowhere...

The Beer Garden in the middle of nowhere...

Well, it seems if you’re in a small village in Austria, you have to wait a rather long time for the local police to arrive.  Fortunately for us, this beautiful bier garten just happened to be right across the street from the accident.  It literally was in the middle of no where!   I was so content there.  But everyone else seemed so concerned about getting to this mountain before the tours closed.  At the time, I’d rather sit in a bier garten than hike up a mountain!

But ,eventually the police finally showed up, an accident report was filed and we were on our way towards Untersburg.   

So we finally make it to this mountain and we’re on our way up – which happened to be by cable car.  Kenny started to get really nervous.  Naturally, I attributed it to the height.  We were ascending 6,500 ft in the air via cable… I figured he was worried about the cable snapping and all of us plummeting to the ground below. 

We finally get to the part of the mountain where the cable car drops off and there was another bier garten!    Usually, Kenny and the family would stop to partake in a refreshing beverage and take in the view.  Instead the entire lot of us start hiking our way towards the top, which I thought was strange because his dad and uncle didn’t want to hike to the summit.   Well, when we got this this opening in between the mountains, we stopped to take pictures.  Kenny said it was his favorite place in Austria and it was important for me to see it.  We were taking all these posed pictures and I wanted a goofy shot.  So I said ” Let’s do something crazy!”  Kenny said ok and got down on one knee!  I was so confused.  I had no idea what he was doing.  Even after 3 1/2 years I was stunned, speechless – and I forgot to say YES!  I thought I was so much cooler than that.  Apparently, I’m not!   But, I did say YES when his dad asked me what’s it gonna be!

Funny thing was, after he proposed we continued hiking up the summit!  And when we finally did reach the top, a thunderstorm rolled in and we literally had to run back down.  But, we did make it down to the bier garten, watched the storm and celebrated our engagement! 

I’ll never forget that day. 

Do you have a good story?  I’d lve to hear it… leave a comment!

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