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I can’t say enough about Heather Saunders.  She’s simply amazing.  I truly believe in chemistry with your wedding vendors and as soon as I met Heather in her quaint little Royal Oak, Mich., studio I KNEW she was the ONE.  It was like knowing which wedding dress was THE ONE when you tried it on!  She just FIT! 

She is incredibly talented.  Geniune.  Fun.  And we LOVE LOVE LOVE her.    

Here’s the My Detroit Wedding sneak peek she posted on her bloggity blog.  see more on her blog. They’re prettier there too!

More to come soon.  Thank you HS!  We love them!  <sigh>

My Detrot Wedding Sneak Peek
 Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_BK1

Heather Saunders_BK2

Heather Saunders_BK3

Heather Saunders_BK4

Heather Saunders_BK5

Heather Saunders_BK6

Heather Saunders_BK7

Heather Saunders_BK8

Heather Saunders_BK9

Heather Saunders_BK10

Heather Saunders Photography is BAD ASS_11


Want to see something beautiful? Want to see a pair of wedding shoes that will make you green with envy, yet sigh with happiness?  Want to see the most stunning and vibrant wedding pic’s ever?  This is just a glimpse.  You have to see more…

I had to take pause (from basking in my own wedding glory) to share another Detroit wedding with you… Heather Saunders photographed this wedding in July 2009.  Heather’s simply amazing, isn’t she? Ah. I. Love. Her.

Augustina and Michael’s wedding was the first at the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit (most of you know it as the State Theatre) on Woodward Avenue, across from Comerica Park.  

The colors are rich.  The venue ornate.  The bride is breathtaking. The details are just so.  If this doesn’t say old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what does.

Oh, and recognize those shoes

Go see more.
Images courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding3

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding1

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding2

Heather Saunders_Fillmore Wedding4
Curious to know more about the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit?  Look out for my Fillmore Venue Overview post in the coming days! 

We got a little blog love from our photographer Heather Saunders!  Check out her blog to see some more of our Detroit engagement pics…  Heather makes it so easy when you don’t like the camera.  Thanks, Lady!

For as much as I HATE being in front of a camera…. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my engagement pictures.  Thank you Heather for being you!  You made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, you took some amazing shots and I love my urban pics.  You’re awesome!  I love how they tell about the day rather than showing us looking at the camera!

For our engagement pic session my Bug and I headed down to Greektown on a snowy Sunday morning.  Here’s some of my urban favs!

Me & My Guy: Lucky In Love

All Images Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography




larose0341 larose090




Heather Saunder Photography.  Isn't this pic so artsy and urban?  I love it!  Thanks for the sneak peek Heather!

I love Heather my photographer.  She’s AWESOME!  So, the other day I started getting worried that my enagagment pic’s turned out horrible.  Not because I don’t have faith in Heather, but because I’ve been victimized by the camera for years.  (Meaning… I don’t view myself as very photogenic.  Oh, and I’ve been told others don’t either!  HA!  No joke!)

So, I emailed Heather on Friday… Here’s the email trail:


Hi Heather-

So, you have to tell me…  Are there any good ones?  Now I’m worried that I came out all googly-eyed, cause I’m a freakshow in pictures. And, I had the Jenny Granholm emerging on my face and when I took a look at myself after the shoot, I looked like a wreck!  (I sound crazy, don’t I? But I realize this!)

Just wondering…. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.  (I added the eek for drama!  It made me laugh!)



you are hilarious!  you looked beautiful!  now you girlies are very critcal of yourselves,…  but I think they turned out fabulous.  I should have them to you by weekends end!  For now, this is my FAVORITE!!!!!  xoxoxo  Let me know what you think.

And, I love the pic she sent.  And, my mom loves the pic she sent!  It’s so artsy.  You better believe this bad boy will be hanging in my living room!  And, Heather is right, all of us brides take issue with somthing that others don’t ever really see!  Why?  Cause, we’re all our worst critics! 

Heather Saunder Photography.  Isn't this pic so artsy and urban?  I love it!  Thanks for the sneak peek Heather!

Source: Heather Saunder Photography. Isn't this pic so artsy and urban? I love it! Thanks for the sneak peek Heather!

 Heather Saunders Photography

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