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Photographer: Heather Saunders Photography
Royal Oak, Mich.
Grade: A+++++++++++++++++

Heather Saunders is an angel behind the lense.  She has a sense and a way about her that brings the beauty out of you. It makes for breathtaking photos. Most every image she takes is artwork. Really. No lie. No exaggeration.  She is the artist. And she has this innate ability to paint the most beautiful picture of your wedding day. 

When it came to choosing a photographer, I knew I wanted to have chemistry with the person behind the camera. I’m not so comfortable in front of the lense.  I’m just not. So, I wanted to find someone who could make  me feel at ease. I wanted to be natural, relaxed and not even worry that a camera was there. Now, I didn’t have to worry about my husband because he’s the biggest ham any camera has seen. He’s a natural in front of the lense!   (To read my previous posts about my thoughts on wedding photography, click here and here)

Anyway, when I first saw Heather Saunders’ image online, I knew. JUST KNEW. She was the one. I checked out her site and was as smitten as a could get! When I called her and talked to her, she was so very humble as I GUSHED about her work that I knew I would like this lady!  From the moment I met her we gabbed like old school mates.  She’s easy to be around. 

Heather was exactly what I was looking for in a photographer and in a person I wanted to share my day with. (If you think about it, all your vendors share your day – they help MAKE your day. You have to TRUST them.) And, Heather’s photography also was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want formal. Staged. Stiff. Traditional. Typical.  Heather is anything but all that! She’s edgy, sylish, relaxed. It’s amazing what she can do!     

We LOVE our wedding pictures.  LOVE them.  The canvas wraps we ordered are impeccable.  Everything she does is perfection. We couldn’t be happier with her.  And, we’ll NEVER stray from her. EVER. 

You must ring her. Check her out.  See for yourself.  And, tell her I sent you over for a chat!

To see more My Detroit Wedding pictures from Heather Saunders, click here.

Heather Saunders Photography


You’ve got to get your hands on this month’s edition of Hour Detroit Magazine.  It’s got some great bridal articles for us Metro Detroit brides /   One of the article’s is about nuptial hindsite and takes a look at what 10 Metro Detroit couples would have done differently on their wedding day.  Seriously, you hear it all the time… what people would change if they could go back.  My mom said she wishes they had more pictures!  And my sister-in-law wishes they had hired a videographer…   

And, there’s this great article about Michigan honeymoon destinations, which includes a favorite locale of mine… Chateau Chantel on Old Mission Pennisula in Traverse City.  It’s simply beautiful and a perfect honeymoon destination!  And, I have to make mention that the images of the urban wedding they featured, were taken by my photographer Heather Saunders.  Click here to get a sneek peak of the urban pics. She’s awesome!      

Anyway, there’s tons more in the February issue…  If you see one, grab it –  It’s worth the read!

Hour Detroit) The Cover of February's edition of Hour Detroit Magazine

Ann Arbor News photo by Alan Warren

Source: Ann Arbor News photo by Alan Warren

So, this is done and over with… and surprisingly enough, I had a GREAT time!  My fabulous photographer Heather Saunders met my fiance and I at Greektown Casino on Sunday morning for a romp-around town to capture some great snowy Detroit pics. 

We had originally planned to do this Saturday, but that snow storm blew through and the session was a wash!  Seriously, I was dreading this… I hate pictures.  But, Heather is so easy to work with and she made me feel so comfortable. (Another confirmation that I’m sooo happy I booked Heather!) And, I have to give Kenny credit because he put me at ease.  I swear, that man is such a ham in front of the camera!

The session started off in Greektown, taking shots in some doorways, against some brick walls and of course on Monroe Street.  Then we hopped on the People Mover to get some urban pics around the city.  To end the session, we headed over near St. Andrews Hall and got some shots with graffiti covered brick.   I should have pics in the next coming weeks.  I’m curious to see how they came out!  I will post when I can.

SERIOUSLY – If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, I strongly encourage scheduling an engagement pic session with your photographer. For me, the session eased my anxiety about having a camera around on the BIG DAY.

And kudos to Heather! Later this month and early next, she’ll have her work featured in five bridal magazines!  I’ll find out which ones and slap them on the blog! - This is a Heather Saunders original.

This is a Heather Saunders original

I was perusing my photographer Heather Saunders blog today, and I came across this image.  I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I love the symbolism of the bride and groom’s wedding ring each on their own pear – making the perfect pair!  Another thing I love about incorporating pears, is that my grandma who passed away several years ago, loved pears. 

Isn’t Heather fabulous?  Check out her website and blog.  While she’s stationed here in Michigan, she travels across the U.S. and beyond to capture your nuptials and other special events.

We finally nailed this down.  And while I absolutely love my photographer Heather Saunders, I’m no ham when it comes to the camera. (I’m sure I would be if the outcome was different!)  I’ve kind of been dragging my feet about it.  But in lieu of the work-related events I have throughout January, we had to do this soon if we want to use one of the professional shots for our save-the-date. 

I even tried to nix the engagement session and have it re-allocated to something else, like prints.  But Heather made a good argument –  The engagement session is a dry-run of the wedding.   This is an opportunity for us to get comfortable with each other and to see how we work together.  Basically, the engagement session should ease my anxiety!  It makes sense right?  The last thing I’d want is to feel this same kind of anxiety about pics on my wedding day.  I’m sure I’ll have other things to worry about!

We booked her in September and originally wanted an October or November session, but we cancelled the session because I wasn’t ready.  I always overthink what to wear, how to do my hair and all that, and then I don’t like the outcome of the whole look!  And in pictures, I never look like me.  Even my friends and family say I don’t look like myself in a still shot…   My fiance, on the other hand, is very photogenic.  Come to think of it – his whole family is photogenic!   

Anyway, the fiance and I will head downtown for a Detroit-inspired engagement session.  I’ll save the details for after the session!

Heather will do her magic!  I know when I see out engagement photos, I’ll be relieved!

Check out Heather’s blog of recent weddings she shot.  She’s awesome!

In my opinion, a photographer is the most important vendor choice for your wedding.  You can pick a perfect place, but who cares if the food is perfectly cooked?  Ten years down the road, while you may remember if the food was good, you’ll definitely remember if you chose the right photographer.  (And, yes, I’m praying my food is perfect too!)  It’s the photographer’s job to capture every intimate moment… and the traditional one’s too.  Pictures are the things you can show your children and your grandchildren down the line.   

Let’s just say, this is one area where I wanted to splurge… but Kenny didn’t.  And he’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I think this is something he won’t agree with me on until after the wedding.  But, by then, it would be too late… So, I guess you can say, I got a bit creative.   Actually – I’ll spell it out what I did.  He’s paying the price we agreed upon and I’m making up the difference.

I started scouting out photographers in mid-August.  One thing you don’t really think about is that this person will literally be in your face on your wedding day.  I don’t mean that they’ll be intrusive during your intimate moments, but they’ll be there asking you to do this or that.  Yeah – They really are part of your day, so there has to be a little bit of chemistry with you, your fiance and your photographer.  It makes sense, right? (The last thing I wanted was some squirrely photographer who made me feel weird on my wedding day!) 

So, you’ll never guess where I went to look for potential Detroit photographers?  The… who woulda thought since I’m now obsessed with the site!  They have a ton of Detroit-area photographers to choose from.   And, I looked at every single site, through all of their sample wedding images, their pricing and services.  I started to differentiate the cookie-cutter photographers from the true artists.  The ones who I define as artists are the ones who evoke emotion – They not only capture the moment, but they capture the feeling.  (And, I was not PMSing when getting all teary-eyed over some strangers wedding pictures!)


I think it’s important to note, I was not looking for a traditional photographer.  I wanted someone modern, someone edgy and someone fun.  And, I wanted to stay away from those national-wide photographer vendors – I wanted someone who built their reputation themselves.  Here’s some photographers that matched my criteria:


Abbey Rose Photography – She is awesome.  Very edgy.  Very cool.  She was unavailable, but she did suggest Heather Saunders to me. 

Amanda Williams Photograghy – Her photography is stunning.  And, she has crazy-reasonable prices.  Seriously, I think I shed a tear when I found out she was booked for my wedding date.  (This is like a 13 months out!)  Check her out!  You might wanna book before you get engaged!  

Heather Saunders Photography – When I first saw her photography, I was blown away!  I had to have her as my photographer.  Initially, I didn’t look at her site on the Knot, because she had like a million dollar signs next to her name.  (Ok, maybe it was three $$$)  But, she is an artist.  And she WILL be so worth it.  Meeting with her cinched the deal.  I cut my deposit check and was on my way! 

Mike Greer Photography – My brother actually used him for his wedding photography in September of 2007.  He’s very creative and very edgy.  Very impressive, but his photographs don’t have the same emotion behind them as an Abbey or Heather. 

Sam Sarkis Photography – Ah, Sam.  The images on Sam’s website are a mix between traditional and edgy.  He actually has four other photographers who shoot wedding for him as well.  When I met with him, he showed my his work which leans on the more traditional side.  But, I did take a look at his associate Kathy’s wedding album.  Now she has some cool images. 

Wally Spice Photography – Wally is great. She and her daughter make up the Wally Spice duo.  She is very urban and captures some great Detroit city wedding images.  I was really impressed with her and she’s really easy to talk with on the phone.  Not as creative as a Heather, but still hits it outta the park.  

All the above photographers have two photographers shoot the wedding. 

Yeah, Heather Saunders is going to ROCK!  Kenny and I have our engagement session next month, so I’ll post the images when I get them back!  Stay tuned!

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