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I love these!   And, I can’t wait to taste one!  Mmm.  So pretty and so delicious-looking. 

I really wanted to incorporate lady bugs into our wedding day. ( I call my guy Bug –  Short for Love Bug.)  And, I also know that if I don’t do it right, I’ll be crossing a fine line into the land of the tacky.  So, it needs to be subtle…  When I came across John and Kira’s artisean choclates last December, I knew that I had to have these!  

So, I put my order in earlier this week and I should get them the week of the wedding.  Lakes Cakes is going to hide these little bugs underneath the flowers on my cake.   So, you’ll have to have a keen eye to spot them.   I’ll just be happy knowing they’re there!

John and Kira’s Boutique Love Bugs
John and Kiras Love Bug chocolates

The cake – it’ll be stark white with red, purple and fuchsia-colored flowers
Martha Stewart Cake Old Time Favorite


It’s no secret – at least not any more – that my nickname for my finace is “Bug.”  It’s short for Love Bug.  I know, I know, how corny, right?  But, it stuck.  And now, I’m his Lady and he’s my Bug.  That’s our story. 

In planning our wedding, we really want it to reflect who we are and what’s special to us.  And while we won’t be having a lady bug-themed wedding, our color pallete resembles that of a lady bug .   Well, look what I came across tonight on the Brides GuideJohn and Kira’s Lady bug chocolate favors!  Aren’t they adorable?!

John and Kira's gourmet and artisean chocolates.

John and Kira's gourmet and artisean chocolates.

The favors - and you can choose the ribbon color.

The packaged favors - and you can choose the ribbon color and the font. The come in boxes of two or four.


Price = Ouch!   They are $5.50 a box for a 2 peice box.  The larger quantity you purchase, the more the price drops.  If you purchase 200 boxes or more, it comes down to $5 per box. 

For us, this far surpasses the wedding favor budget – but – I have a brilliant idea to incorporate just a few of these on our big day!  I’m thinking on the cake! 

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