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A couple weeks ago I called a linen vendor to ask about different types of linen.  And it really irked me when I asked about poly/cotton blends and she said “All my linens are quality linens.  And I would never carry polyester blends.  This is for a wedding, right?” 

For real?  Are you trying to make me feel like a loser for asking about poly blends?  I say, get over yourself Linen Lady.  That’s not a feel good call.  Needless to say, I haven’t called her back. 

Just a little clarity here – It doesn’t take taffeta, satin or lamore to dramatically change the look of your wedding.  Color dramatically changes the look of your wedding. 

And really, are any of your guests going to notice?  No.  They’re going to see the overall effect.

So, if you want to use a poly blend linen, do it.  If you have the budget for more elaborate linens and that’s what you want, go for it.  Do with what you’re comfortable with.  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices.  There are far better things to worry about.

Yeah, what of it?Source


I love crinkle tafetta and pintuck.   Who knew that I’d fall in love with fabric?  And, I even like a bustled chaircover.  I’m not the foo-foo girlie type, but the chair covers I saw over at Candlelite Linens and More were beautiful.  Wow. 

And, I have a secret desire to have black chivari chairs make an appearance at our wedding.   But, that’s just an impossible idea!  Well, it’s possible, but budget-minded Bridgette won’t have it (that’s my inner reality check persona). 

Slowly but surely making linen decisions!

Black Chivari Chairs

Burgandy Pintuck

Black Crinkle Tafetta 

Burgandy Crinkle Tafetta 

I am ditching the 60×60″ black overlay that would look like this.  Too much hassle cause the size is too hard to find,  but more importantly it’s really not the elegant look I want.  I want something more like this, minus the chivari chairs.  (That would so blow the budget!)  And the 84s are more cost-effective if you can believe that?

Thanks Erika for your candid remarks.  I’m a stubborn woman, so I can’t be persuaded easily, but I completely agree that this look is unfinished.  Ladies, you could’ve said something to me when you saw the pics below! Sheesh.

So, now I’m going with a 84×84″ black overlays that will cover the entire table top.  I want a classic and eleglant black and white look with a pop of color from the flower centerpieces.

I booked my Day of Wedding Coordinator (DOC)!!  I’m super excited to tell you about her too.  But first, I’ll tell you why I think I need her…

I thought I could do it all.  And, well I can. (so, I think, right?)  When I coordinated my mom’s 50th surprise birthday party (which I held at the fabulous Big Rock Chophouse, where I worked at the time) I was so busy making sure everything was going smoothly.  To this day I only remember bits and pieces of the night. (I do, however, remember the end of the night when my brother attempted to find his way back into the parking lot and mistook the sidewalk for the entrance.  He launched the car right into the valet drop off.  It smoked and everything!  After that, he was known to management as the Curb Crawler.  Don’t worry, folks, I took the keys and drove him home. What he was doing in the car, we still don’t know.  He claims he was pulling it up front.)

Anyway, I know me.  And if I don’t <reluctantly> hand the reigns over to someone… I will worry about , well EVERYTHING!  And, I don’t want to do that on my wedding day.  Bug doesn’t want me to either.   

But, I don’t want to PAY someone for something I’m capable of doing myself, either…  But, I will because I found the perfect person for the job at an ultra reasonable price.  I even booked her right on the spot!

Erika from Eco-Posh Events.  I like that she has an opinion, she tells you what she thinks and she’s easy to talk with.  She’s eco-friendly, too!   Oh, and she’s also one of my linen vendors and will be coordinating with my other linen vendors.  More importantly, I have complete faith and trust in her.  I’m already making some linen tweaks…  And, honestly, I already feel relieved. 

Even Bug is pleased with the price.  And she’ll be worth every cent and MORE.  

Check her out.   She’s cool as hell. 

To me, peace of mind is priceless.Source

I’m stalking out linen vendors this week and I’m meeting with a few… So far, these three have pretty amazing and competitive pricing.  Not only was I incredibly happy with the prices, but they were all wonderful to talk to on the phone. 

The Linen Closet LLC: Anita is super cool.  And, she’ll come to your venue and do table mock-ups.  She’ll rent, deliver and install chair sashes for $1 per chair.  15″ wide table runners for $5 each.   Thought those prices were pretty good.  I’m meeting with her at my venue sometime this week or next to take a look at different fabrics and all that. 

Eco-Posh Events:  I talked with Erika on Friday and I can’t wait to meet her this week!  They offer chair sashes for $0.50 per chair and it’s a flat $35 delivery and set-up fee. (DAMN!)  Her linens are very reasonably priced.  More to come on Eco Posh later this week.  Wonder if they do backdrops? 

Candlelite Linens and More: Miss Rita is so incredibly nice!  She even emailed me pics of the different colors and fabrics she has!  And, she has the BEST priced linens.  132″ pintuck for $14 each, crushed taffeta for $12… Seriously, good prices.  And, she responded to my emails on both Saturday and Sunday.  I also meet with her later this week…

Am I missing any others out there who can compete with these prices?  If so, I’ll happily stalk them out!  I’m a bride on a budget!

Here’s a little glimpse of the table skirt that’s availble to use.  See the shine?  Am I crazy to notice these details?  Seriously?  I drive myself mad sometimes.  But it’s really shiny, isn’t it?  Yes. I’m Mad Hatter mad.

Poly Table Skirt

I like this look.  I have a thing about being able to see the base of a table.  This hourglass linen effect takes care of that issue.  Just toss a 132″ round over a hightop/cabaret table and either tie it with a sash at the table top base for a tailored fit or in the middle for an hourglass effect.  Dramatic, isn’t it?

I’m thinking white on white or black on black.  Monochromatic.  Maybe not.  I don’t know. 

This is my fav.  I like it tied closer to the table top.

Not my style (patterns), but it’s more an hourglass shape.  I like that there’s an overlay.


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