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Yesterday, we married.  It was the most beautiful and spiritual experience. 

I awoke early on my wedding day.  I watched the sunrise over the Detroit River.  I smiled.  I cried tears of joy.  I was happy.  Content.  Never more sure of anything.  

Not nervous.  Not queasy.  Not worried.  Thought of nothing other than the man I would see at the end of a beautiful red-carpeted aisle.

Before friends, family and God, we vowed to love each other till death do us part.  It was the most beautiful moment of my life.  And, not surprisingly, I fell in love with the man all over again.

Although the day flew by in a heart beat, we savored every moment.


So, I found myself crying at my desk today.  Yes.  I was at work.  No. I wasn’t bawling, sobbing or thrashing about.  Just tears. 

As a general rule.  I don’t EVER cry at work.  That’s not to say I haven’t cried in the parking lot here or there.  And, sometimes I felt the sniffles coming on and fought them.  Yeah. Crying in the workplace is a big, fat NO-NO.

But, there I was.  Looking out my window, wiping away tears.  Feeling hurt. Anger. And well, let’s be honest, self pity! 

So, I’m frustrated with a vendor.  And a friend can’t make it to the shower.  And, I can’t find something to wear to the shower.  And I miss my girls from outta town.  And, the list of stupid, (in the scheme of things) insignificant things go on.  But, is that enough to cry about?  Ssrly? 

NO.   And, after re-reading that I had cried about that stuff makes me feel selfish and, well.  I feel like a MORON. 

I have it so good.  Sometime you need to write how you feel to see that it’s not as bad as you think.  

Thanks for reading.  You all keep me sane.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m going outta my mind.  These wedding invitations have driven me into disturbia.

Poor Bug.  Please give him a knowing look and hand him a beer when you see him. 

On a sane note, these invitations will go out tomorrow.  There is an end to the madness!  I’ll tell you my lessons learned (and my so called trials and tribulations) when they’re off my hands! 


Well, I’ve been working on invitations for the last couple weeks.  And, I planned to adhere the masterpeice (the main invitation my friend Michelle brought to life) on a piece of gorgeous black linen cardstock.

So… in preparation to bust-a-move on  these invites… I pre-cut the black linen cardstock during my lunch break last week Tuesday. Well tonight, while I was at Kinkos talking to them about the print job, I realized that I had cut the background piece about a 1/4 inch short.  So.  Basically.  The invitation and the background are exactly the same length.  If I could have reared my own ugly head and cut its throat, I would have!   

What a waste of time cutting those things.  A waste of money on paper.  If I had voiced the obsenities going through my head I woulda been thrown in jail.  

On the drive home all I could think of was:

GRRR… Snarl… SNAP.   

And, that wasn’t the half of it.   I’ll tell you about my print debacle tomorrow.  Too bitter about the paper to divulge tonight.

Grrr.  Snarl.  Snap.

I’m tired.  I’m bitter.  It’s ugly.


I know I’ve been away.  I’ve actually been on a new workout plan.  It’s called the Miyagi workout from the movie The Karate Kid

For the last four days, I’ve been working my abs, arms and thighs with Miyagi’s “paint” workout.  Remember when Miyagi tells Daniel to paint the fence?  I’ve been painting my Great Room.  Muding holes, sanding and painting.  Painting the ceiling was a great ab workout.  Ssrly, I may have to repaint every ceiling in the house.  I’ll have washboard abs by the wedding!  No joke.  I asked Bug to bouce a quarter off them earlier.  He was impressed.

Speaking of Bug, currently he’s busy cleaning up my mess.  Which is why I’m blogging right now.  I just tripped over something and spilt paint all over our white carpet.  I wish I could say it was white paint, but it’s like a tawny brownish  color.   Not good. 

Anyway, I plan to blog wedding love later. 

Uh, Oh.  I gotta go.

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