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Florist: Michele Nonis
Warren, Mich.
Grade: A

You know, I think this woman is wonderful.  She truly cares about the integrity of her work.  And, she has confidence in her ability.  It’s easy to have faith in her – And, that is so incredibly important when you’re choosing your wedding vendors. Having faith in the people you choose to make your wedding everything you imagine it to be.  If you try and micro manage you’ll drive yourself Mad Hatter mad!  Michele will tell you that too!

Michele Nonis is very competitve with her pricing – I mean a jaw-dropping good deal.  I met with four florists and called around to others, so I know how good we got it.  She’s able to charge these lower prices because she works out of her home and doesn’t have the overhead of a storefront – and I think she likes to be able to give people what they want for an affordable price. 

A week before the wedding, I found out that our recepetion venue didn’t have votives other than these (when they had told us they had two other kinds), and Michele was able to take care of that in a snap of a finger.  No worries.  So easy. 

I have to tell you, I loved all the flowers.  Absolutely loved them.  The bouquets were BEAUTIFUL.  Really, they were breathtaking.  In all honesty, since I’m brutally honest – the boutineers weren’t my favorite of the bunch, but they were still classy.  (Sorry MN.)  

Now that I got that one little criticism out of the way, I want to tell you when I walked into the ballroom, it was as beautiful and romantic as I hoped it would be.  She had decorated the headtable beautifully with flower petals and votives of various sizes with floating candles.  It literally made my heart skip a beat when we walked in.  It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

And the flowers on each the guest tables were stunning!  Loved the colors, loved the flowers, the candles, EVERYTHING. 

Michele took the image I had in my head and she brought it to life.  And, many of our guests commented on how intimate and romantic the room was.  It was perfect.  Thanks Michele!

So, if you’re looking for a extremely talented florist who charges a reasonable price, give Michele a call.  She is amazing.  And wonderful to work with too! 

Contact: Michele Nonis at 586.776.1201


Michele Nonis is an incredible Metro Detroit florist.  I felt compelled to write about Ms. Nonis because you can’t find her in the yellow pages and she doesn’t have a website.  All of her business is generated by word of mouth. 

Interestingly enough, when you do meet with her to discuss your wedding, she doesn’t have a portfolio of her work.  But, her work has been featured in several wedding magazines and she’s done hundreds of wedding throughout the years.   And, not only is she a talented florist who’s not afraid to tell you her opinion, she’s has jaw-dropping good prices.  I’m still wowed.  WOW! 

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for a wonderful florist, Michele should be on the list of florists to check out.  She works out of her Warren, Mich., home and delivers flowers all over Metro Detroit.   Like me, some of you are probably wondering how she does it by herself?  And, can she take on multiple weddings in one weekend?  And, what if she gets sick… will she come through?  No worries.   She has assistants who help her and ensure timely deliveries.  

Contact: Michele Nonis at 586.776.1201

Here’s some of her recent work.  If you’d like to submit your Michele Nonis wedding images, please do!  I need some good pics of centerpieces…

Amanda from Vintage Glam BlogImage Credit: Jessica Johnston

Detroit Knottie Meglet22Dryzga

DryzgaAren’t the pics beautiful?  Image Credits: The Shooting Gallery

Detroit Bride Melissa Gravesflowers-4

cake-3Note: Unbeknownst to the bride, the hall provided the fake green and white flowers on the table.  Source: Melissa Graves

Back in January I went on a hunt for a local florist who could provide an amazingly beautiful product for an incredible price.  Some of you might recall this post, where I vowed to find a florist who could provide me with everything I wanted for half the flower budget than the industry standard… which is $1450.  

So, I was looking for the following – plus set-up and deliver – for $750:  15 flower centerpieces * loose flowers for headtable * 1 bridal bouquet 1 toss bouquet* 8 boutonnieres * 3 junior boutonnieres * 2 coursages for mom’s * 2 ceremony flower arrangements * unity candle flower arrangement * rose petals to fill 2  flower girl baskets * cake flowers * and blooms for the bridesmaids hair! 

Well, I did find the perfect florist… and though we’re paying just a wee bit more than $750, I couldn’t be happier with our decision.  Don’t get me wrong.  You CAN get everything I mentioned for $750, but we’re choosing to go with the person we better connected with.  (Makes sense to me!)


I want to give you the rundown on my top finds for incredibly talented and reasonably priced Metro Detroit florists.  I was looking for someone who either worked out of their home or owned a local small business.  I wasn’t at all interested in booking a national or regional florist chain.  Why?  Because the overhead alone would so blow our budget.  And, besides, we wanted someone local and typically, those who work out of their home charge less.  I did a shout out on the Knot Detroit Message board and the ladies gave me three fabulous recommendations:

1. Michele Nonis – Michele is awesome.  She works out of her home in Warren, Mich.  She knows what’s she’s doing and has incredible confidence in her work.  She’s not afraid to tell you her opinion – even if it differs from yours – and she’s cool as a cucumber.  All her business is generated by word-of-mouth.  And, this woman is booked solid.  To us, that alone speaks volumes.  After she mapped out my vision and we listed everything out, she busted out her calculator and told us the cost.  It was a jaw-dropping surprise.  It was unbelievably reasonable.  Wow.  She’s crazy good.  So, we booked her.  I’ll share pics of her work soon.   
Contact: 586-776-1201

2. Lynn Jovic of Clever Bumble Bee Creations – Lynn is wonderful and will work with any budget!  She definitely could’ve met our $750 budget.  The wonderful thing about Lynn is that she’s flexible and will help you find creative ways to have beautiful floral arrangements that will fit your budget!  If you’re thinking of DIY flowers but don’t want the hassle, Lynn can do it for just a wee bit more than the DIY price!  Click here to check out Lynn’s work. 
Contact: 586-215-6676

3. Katie of Courtyard Flowers – Katie, the owner of Courtyard Flowers in Mt. Clemens, Mich.  is absolutely amazing.  What I really liked about her is that she understood your vision without you really having to explain it to her.  And, for the flower illiterate, such as myself, this quality of hers is a godsend.   She knows her stuff.  Unfortunately, she was out of my price range.  BUT, my price range was $750-1100.  You can definitely  get I wanted for under $2K.  Ssrly, I pouted when my budget-minded innerself said no.    
Contact: 586-468-7730

Anyways, there you have it.  Sorry it took me four months to post.  I’m such the slacker.  Good luck and I hope this helps with your wedding plans!

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