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As you know…this is not the most fun thing to do… but in this economic climate, you can’t afford NOT to negotiate.  With some of my vendors, I was a harsh negotiator, and with others I wasn’t.  I look back now and wish I would’ve had the talk.   

Just the other night my mom and I were chatting about negotiating and I think she said it best.  Here goes, in my mom’s wise words:

“To have the type of wedding you want – with all the extras – at the price you can live with requires negotiation and compromise.  You may want a cocktail hour with and an open bar and hors d’oeuvres, a champagne toast, a lavish sit-down dinner, a sweets table, a premuim bar, upgraded linens… and the list could keep on going.   All at a price you already have in mind.  (ME:  This is sooooo true, isn’t ladies!)

But, you have to be realistic about what will be included in your package.  You have to think: What can be subsituted, replaced, downgraded or eliminated?  Maybe it’s something you haven’t even considered?  If you’re a willing and reasonable negotiator who is willing to compromise, you will get everything you want… but just maybe didn’t consider before. 

You want hors d’oeuvres passed by a white-gloved server?  Maybe you could subsitute it with less expensive appetizers?  Or eliminate the servers and have the apps displayed on a table with a nice linen cloth and votives.  Skip that sweets table and keep a premium bar.  You see where I’m going with this?  Negotiate and be willing to compromise!”

I couldn’t have said it better!  Go mom.  I want to add that you don’t have to stick to a package.  Talk with your contact and see what can be changed to drop the price.  I guarentee you that if you make some changes, that price will drop. 

And this goes for all your vendors.  Negotiate and compromise and see what you can get.  Good luck!


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