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rooster-tail2While I’ve decided not to shake my tail feather at the Roostertail in Detroit, I thought I’d give them another glance-over.  It is one of the coolest landing-spots for a Detroit wedding.  So, I called them up this afternoon and asked them if they were reducing their 2009 pricing.  The answer is no, but they’re willing to be more flexible with their off season pricing.  Apparently, the sour economy isn’t leaving a bad taste in their mouth since they’re booked with proms and weddings throughout 2009 and 2010.

Here’s the skinny on their peak and off-season pricing:

Peak season April 1 – Dec. 31
During peak seasons, the minimum amount you must spend on a Saturday night is $17,800.  How does that break down?  Basically, the minimum number of guests you must have on a Saturday is 200.  At $89 per plate, (includes standard meal, standard bar, cake cutting, champagne toast, linens, tax and gratuity) at 200 people it adds up to almost $18K.  Once you start customizing the package, your reception can easily exceed $20K.   Now, if you choose a Thursday, Friday or Sunday to throw your wedding soire, the price will drop, but not so significantly.

Off season Jan. 1 – March 31
During off seasons, there’s a little more flexibility.  The standard price per head is $69 and the Saturday night minimum can drop down to about 150.  This amounts to $10,350.  I’m sure there’s a little more wiggle room for negotiating a price drop… 

Pros: Located on the Detroit River, it’s a beautiful Detroit wedding spot that will surely impress your guests.  If you choose, and the space is available, you can opt to have an outdoor ceremony overlooking the river or on their back patio.  They have plenty of parking and security on site patrolling the lot.  Linens are included in the package and they offer a variety of colors.  Special events are all they do, so they have this wedding business down to a science.     

Cons: Price, price, price.  And the owner is a bit insensitive regarding the harsh Detroit econonic environment.  Click here to read about my personal experience. 




As the old saying goes - Where there is a roostertail, so must there be a cock.

As the old saying goes - Where there is a roostertail, so must there be a cock.

Holy Prom Night!  That’s what comes to mind when I think of our experience at the Rooster Tail.  Well, a stark white, Miami Vice suit comes to mind too.  

This past August, when I was perusing the for potential wedding reception/ceremony locations, I came across the Rooster Tail.  The pictures are awesome.  I could not wait to get someone on the phone and book my date.  When I spoke to “Tom” on the phone, he was absolutely fabulous!  He talked about wedding packages and how linens were included and on and on.  He told me to come on Thursday of that week, but not to come in before 8 p.m.  Then, he lowered his voice and told me he shouldn’t tell me this, but that TNT was filming a reality tv show.  Tom said to come in, grab a drink, if I wanted to be an extra I could (that was a NO. But, I did accept the drink offer…) and that we could tour the place and talk about details. 

I was really excited.  It was between Greektown and Rooster Tail and the latter would be a little more pricey, but we could swing it.  I told Kenny about it, showed him the pictures and he was in.  Since I had a work-related meeting in the “D” that night, he would just meet me there at 8 p.m.  

Driving up to the Rooster Tail, I was a little surprised that leading up to this gorgeous facility was this very narrow, one way street with some very interesting looking houses.  (Basically, the Detroit nay-sayers – yeah, I have some of those in the fam – would want a police escort to the facility).  Kenny and I pulled up and I could tell he’s not so impressed with the drive in, but once he caught site of the building and the river, I could see that he was still interested.  

When we walked in, I thought (we’ll call her Anne, cause I don’t wanna use her real name) Anne would meet us at the door, like Tom had mentioned.  When we walked in, the place was pure chaos with people wearing headsets and holding clip boards were bustling around the place.  There was a makeshift bar right at the front door and a table with a picked-through food spread in the hallway.  We told one of the tv crew people we had an appointment to talk about a wedding,… people looked confused and we looked and felt uncomfortable.  In any other situation, I would’ve bolted.  I don’t need that.  But I wanted to see the place… A couple minutes later, out emerges a disheveled looking Anne.  She said that she had NO IDEA that Tom had booked any appointments, but that she would be more than happy to show us around. 

She offered us a drink, and of course, we obliged!  She then proceeded to pour me a half a bottle of wine – seriously, no joke – and Kenny the largest screwdriver I’d ever seen.  Then she poured herself a generous cocktail.  Once we all had our drinks in hand, Anne was going to take us out to the patio to take a look at their ceremony location site.  As we’re walking through the room, some TV chick stopped Anne and told her we couldn’t be in there.  Anne was seriously pissed.  When we turned around, toward the front door to go up stairs and look at the one of the ballrooms, in comes another couple.  Apparently, they had talked to Tom and he gave them the same story.  And, poor Anne had not a clue!  Now I’m thinking, what the hell are these people doing?  Are you for real?

Anne pours another couple drinks for our new couple and takes us all upstairs to show us the room and to talk about wedding package options.  And, YES, this was an awkward situation.  The first question I asked the other bride-to-be was when she was planning on having her wedding.  The last thing I wanted to hear was that we were looking to book on the same date!    She was looking for an August date.  Phew!

Anyway, we’re all around this table looking at albums and talking wedding shop.  All the other bride girl could say was that she wanted a Starry Night wedding and that she had to have a Starry Night wedding.  As she was saying this, she was bouncing up and down on her chair.  I thought Kenny was going to kill her.  But Anne, was cool with that stiff drink she had, and she told Starry Night girl that the Starry Night theme was more of a Prom thing.  It could happen, but that was their specialty for proms… It was the most hilarous exchange we’d ever seen.  “Starry Night, Starry Night.” Bounce, Bounce. OMG!  Thank  God for the wine!  I wanted to toss this chick into the river! 

Oh, and, Anne dropped the bomb that in order book, the minimum you had to spend was $18K.  That’s the STANDARD package with no upgrades!  WTF!  Kenny almost fell off his chair!    

Yes, it was a suit like this!  And, I'm pretty sure an identical shirt...

Yes, it was a suit like this! And, I'm pretty sure he had an idential shirt... And forget the badge, he was holding a cocktail.

Anyway, after the film crew finished taping, we were allowed to tour the main floor.  This is where we had a nice convo with Tom the owner – who just happened to be decked out in a white Miami Vice suit and a cocktail.  He started talking about how business was booming, despite the fact that Michigan was in a serious economic slump.  He said that he could still charge top dollar because most of the weddings at the Rooster Tail were destination weddings.  People would come from the East or West coast to have a Detroit wedding because they could get more for their dollar here.  And he said, the people who booked at the Rooster Tail were sports celebrities, etc.  Ok, Tom, I believe that one,… but, you were talkin’ to two Detroiters here on a budget.  Maybe it was the alcohol talking — or maybe it was just a sense of entitlement… I did like Anne though…

The end result: Kenny’s feathers were ruffled and he was not at all interested in the Rooster Tail.  And, I didn’t blame him.

Kenny and I decided we’re getting married in the “D.”  Why go anywhere when you have Detroit, right? 

Ok, honestly- Detroit wasn’t top of mind when we decided to have the wedding somewhere around here, in Metro Detroit.  I looked into a ton of places… Clarkston, Commerce, Birmingham, Troy, and the list goes on. Either I was overwhelmed by the price or underwhelmed by the banquet hall or location.  Or, all of our friends had already had their wedding there.  I wanted something new… something fresh.  And, I needed some place with WINDOWS.  I’ve been trapped in too many window-less conference rooms for work-related events.  Just can’t do it on my wedding day! 

Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham, Mich.  This place has the best food and service!

Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham, Mich. This place has the best food and service!

Some of the places we looked at were Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham, Mich.  They have a really beautiful banquet hall, called The Reserve.  The owner Norm LePaige went to Ecuador and bought silver place settings and silverware.  Simply gorgeous!  And, the Reserve has custom lighting to accent the theme of your wedding.  It’s really a top-notch place.  Vera Day-Rizer is wonderful to work with!  (Oh yeah – I put myself through college working at Big Rock… and here’s another little tidbit, my ex and I worked there together for almost four years.  Not someplace I think I want to get married.)  So, scratch The Reserve.  Also, it’s a little pricey, but if you can afford it, it’s a great place to say “I Do” and have a snazzy reception.  

Some other Metro Detroit Wedding Ceremony/Reception locations I looked at were:

The Pine Knob Mansion – Clarkston, Mich. – They offer both an indoor and outdoor venue (with windows).  Very beautiful!  They have a couple different locations for both the ceremony and reception.  I think this place would be perfect!  But, there was no where to go afterwards for an afterglow party.  I want my wedding to be a party.  It’s the first party Kenny and I are hosting as husband and wife and I want it to be a BLAST. 

Meadow Brook – Rochester Hills, Mich. – This place has history.  It’s beautiful, elegant and EXPENSIVE!  Since, Kenny and I paying for our wedding ourself, we have to be a little modest with reception prices.  But, if you can swing it, they offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception locations.  Also, it doesn’t have the atmosphere Kenny and I want.  We would rather have laid-back elegance, with a hint of debauchery.  (Yeah, we like to gamble and have a good time!) 

Wabeek Country Club's outdoor patio.  Makes for a great evening wedding.

Wabeek Country Club - This is the outdoor patio - At night it's gorgeous.

Wabeek Country Club – Bloomfield Hill, Mich. – This place is awesome!  But, our friends had their reception here a couple years ago.  They had an outdoor cocktail and passed appetizer hour.  It was impressive.  The wedding was well done.  Great flow to the evening.  The hall has windows overlooking the golf course and had an outdoor patio. 

The Rooster Tail – Detroit, Mich. – Ok, I was so excited to see this place.  It’s located right on the Detroit River, with Canada across the way, it’s a striking location.  They have floor-to-ceiling windows, a couple different outdoor ceremony locations and a beautiful fountain show.  They also have the custom lighting – but they offer a variety of table linens, as well.  I felt really good about checking this place out.  And, while I knew it would be a little pricey, I was convinced Kenny would LOVE it.  

Tom, Owner of the Roostertail.

Tom, Owner of the Roostertail.

But, let me tell you, our visit was a debacle!  And, Tom, the owner,  happened to ruffle my fiance’s tail feathers.  Way to go, Tom!  (Look for my Starry Night Debacle post later to read about the Rooster Tail incident!)  

I was starting to think that I needed to hire someone to scout locations for me, when my mom called me up and told me she had talked with someone over at Greektown Casino.  The new hotel is scheduled to open January 2009 and they were already booking events.  One of the first dates Kenny took me on, was to Greektown.  We had flaming cheese, lamb and then hit the casino.  It also happens to be the location of our first kiss!

After talking with my mom, I just knew Greektown was the ideal place for us to have our wedding reception!  How fun would that be?  The only question is: Do they have windows?

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